True to his word the moment the nurse was done resetting and wrapping his hand, Iruka went down the hall to the operating room that had been pointed out to him earlier and simply stood there watching through the small window wondering if the girl would pull through. And if she did, would she ever be the same again? Or had that demon trap ruined her in more ways than one?

"I should have buried a kunai in the bastard's eye..." He said to himself as he saw the girl's eye lashes flutter open for a moment then close again.

Amazing- He thought as he watched the doctors administer pain killers and a sedative to keep her from waking again. All that pain and those drugs and she was fighting. Maybe her wounds weren't as bad as he had been led to believe.

Then again head wounds were tricky.

A wound could seem fine one minute but the next it could cost someone their life.

So he wasn't exactly holding out hope that her wound was less serious than he'd been led to believe. He saw her eyes flicker open again and look right at him and felt his heart stutter in his chest for a moment.

Dear god, could she sense him? Is that why she was fighting to stay awake? He wondered as the doctors increased the seditives pumping through her blood in an effort to put her back under.

If this continued they would accidentally kill her from an overdose, so he reluctantly moved away from the window so that she couldn't see him but he could still see her- and watched as the drugs finally won out and lulled her back to merciful oblivion.

Sighing he stood there for several minutes before catching one of the nurses and asking if she could keep tabs on the girl for him since he would be back in a few hours to see if her condition had changed. His hand was hurting and he needed to grab a few things from home, plus shower and get some flowers and a get well card. The nurse assured him that she would do as he asked.

Iruka smiled and wrote down some of his information since it was required of all shinobi passing through to prove that they were a part of the village and not spys, then handed the paper and pen back to the nurse and told her he'd be back in an hour or so.

The nurse then placed a special jutsu on the paper hiding his information so that he would have to write everything down again to match the original and prove to her that he was who he was before she could let him anywhere near the girl once she was in recovery.

Once outside of the hospital Iruka ducked around the side of the building out of the way and slid down the stone wall with his head bowed, his breaths ragged. Oh god- Was he having a panic attack? Jesus Christ, he was, wasn't he? He could tell from the way his airway suddenly seemed to close off, the shaking in his limbs as he curled into himself as black spots danced in his line of vision.

He was having a damn panic attack! Un-fucking-believable.

Why? Why had the girl- He didn't understand. His mind didn't seem to be able to process why she had walked into the demon trap when she could have simply turned a blind eye to it like most children her age would have. Yet she hadn't. Why? To save some little brat she probably didn't know... His head shot up suddenly, the back of his skull banging into the side of the building making him hiss and pull back a bit as it occurred to him that the child he'd met earlier that day at the school had seemed more perceptive than most.

Deceptively so.

Could it be that she had known about the trap being in the alley the whole time and had merely walked into it in order to trip it? Lord knew that the Hokage would flip out if he knew that a bunch of fools had placed demon traps all over the village. Having a mere child get severely injured would generate enough of a buzz throughout the village to have the culprits arrested and the traps dismantled.

Taking a shallow breath or two to relieve the burning in his lungs he let out a small puff as his lips curved up slightly in a grim smile and muttered, "Oh you are a clever one, aren't you kitsune?" The second the word 'kitsune' left his lips he slapped his hand over his mouth as his eyes widened a bit in horror.

Oh no, how could he liken that poor girl that monster? What could have possibly brought that demon to mind enough for him to do such a thing? Sure the child was clever- or at least she had given the impression of being clever before her head had been struck with an ax. Still that didn't explain why his mind had more or less dubbed her 'kitsune'.

After all, kitsune's were cursed beings. They had been ever since the attack on the village and would probably remain so forever.