A/N Well this is my first Bravid drabble! I have another multi chapter prompt in mind that is a little angsty...but I would rather write it after season 1 or something idk haha. But since Ryan Murphy is the master of continuity (insert sarcasm here) and there aren't a lot of Bravid fics on here...I figured I'd write this one. It is a continuation of Bryan calling his mom after they assumedly have been estranged...idk what their relationship was supposed to be like because Ryan dropped this plotline as fast as he made Glee the Finchel Show. Um...on that note...enjoy...it's just a little drabble on Bryan wanting to be there as a parent for their baby because of his parental issues lol.

And I have obviously never written Bryan and David before and I have only known these characters for like two months (or like 2 years if we call them Klaine) so forgive me if its awk.

Bryan watched David leave the living room, and then thought to himself. Pushing his hesitation aside, he reached for his iPhone. He dialed the hardly used number on and held his breath as he raised the phone up to his ear.

After a few rings, Bryan's mother answered very blatany, "Hello?"

Bryan started to tear up at the sound of her voice by default. He didn't know why, but he didn't stop himself.

As a result, his voice came out a little broken up, "Hey mom it's me..."

The line was silent for a few seconds before his mom spoke up.

"Bryan! I-I can't believe I'm hearing from you right now..." She finished with a laugh, but it was so tense that it just made Bryan more nervous.

"Um...yeah mom. Look are you busy right now? Because I know it's late and uh-"

Making things even more awkward, Bryan's mom cut him off saying - "No! Well...I was just about to go to bed but I guess that could wait - if this is something important."

Bryan gulped, taken aback that his mom would rather go to sleep than talk to her estranged son.

He quickly responded, "Oh no. No nothing important mom...just the same old stuff. Your son writing, producing, and directing a popular TV show etc...nothing new."

Bryan's mom replied, "Oh honey that's great! I never seem to catch it...but there's always next season right?"

Bryan, aggravated by his mother's careless response, replied, "Yeah. Absolutely mom. You know what is also not important? David and I are-"

Bryan stopped himself and thought whether he really wanted to tell his mother about the baby right now. He wasn't exactly in the best mood about her after this discussion. And he doubted that she would miraculously come back into his life anytime soon- regardless of a baby.

Bryan's mom, listening to silence, said, "Bryan? You still there?"

Bryan took a deep breath and sighed into the phone. "Yup. Still here."

His mom answered back, "You were saying something about David-"

"He's great mom. Just great. Yeah things are going really well...but that's all..."

"Oh well great honey! Look I know we haven't talked and I haven't called but things have just been so hectic lately! I'd love to stay on the line but with work tomorr-"

"I understand mom. It's totally a-okay. Um...I lov-"

"Bye Bryan!"

The line died and Bryan stared at the screen in frustration. He threw the phone down on the couch. And rubbed his tearing eyes frantically. He wasn't going to let David see him like this. He got up from the couch and walked to the bedroom, leaving his phone on the couch.

This is just Chapter 1! There will def be one more chapter but I am just too lazy to write it all right now haha. I hope you like it...its just a little drabble to get me started on writing fanfiction for this show:) REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW and thanks for reading! New chapter should be up within the next day or so...