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Bryan walked into the bedroom to see David sitting on top of the covers, apparently waiting for Bryan to join him.

"There you are, " he said.

Without saying a word, Bryan nodded and climbed into bed, not facing David, with his head tightly sunk into the pillow.

David peered over to look at Bryan, confused by his pout and attitude.

"Bry...you okay?"

Bryan quickly answered back, "Fine David." He didn't even look at him.

David playfully pushed on Bryan's shoulder and said, "Spill it."

Bryan moved closer to his side of the bed and said, "There's nothing to spill David let's just go to bed."

David sighed and naively assumed he knew what his partner was upset about.

"Look. Honey I know your fans of Sing are always on your back lately but..."

Bryan groaned, annoyed, and quickly moved from his position to sitting upright on the bed.

"It's not Sing David! It's- my mother."

David's smile quickly faded as he sat up next to Bryan, now knowing this was something serious.

"You were on the phone with her just now weren't you...," David said quietly.

Bryan simply said, "Yup!"

Noticing Bryan was trying to hold back delicate tears, David grabbed his hand and asked, "You wanna talk about it- her?"

Bryan sighed and shook his head. "No. No I don't want to talk about how she's always busy, never calls, never supports me, and doesn't even care we are having a baby!"

David raised an eyebrow and let go of Bryan's hand. "She said she didn't care?"

Bryan looked down at his pillow and replied, "Well I didn't exactly have the nerve to tell her..."

David gave Bryan a judgmental look.

"David it's not because I didn't want to. You and me having child together is going to be the proudest moment of my life - and I want everyone to know but -"

"Not your mother."

Bryan shrugged. "I was this close to telling her David. This close. And then she starting going on about how she was busy and she has work tomorrow and this and that...I just wasn't feeling very "baby announcement" with how she was talking to me."

David smiled, "You and your pride Bryan..."

Bryan got fed up and got off the bed. "This has absolutely nothing to do with my pride David! This woman, my own mother, has never been there for me and still isn't here for me to this day! Do you know how awful that feels? To have memories of your mom not wanting to go to your theatre performances or I don't know..."Math-a-thons". Out of all the great things that this pregnancy is bringing us - it brings me one thing that I hate. Fear. The fear that I can't be the best parent I want to be."

David saw Bryan start to tear up and reached for his hand, pulling him back towards the bed.

"Bryan Collins. Don't you ever dare think like that. Remember when we were went on our second date at that overrated restaurant? And you asked me if I would ever be interested in kids? What did I say to you..."

Bryan sniffled and rolled his eyes at David's sweet lecture. "You said...with the right guy."

David rubbed Bryan's hand and said, "Exactly. Now would I be having a baby with you if I didn't think you aren't going to be an amazing, out of this world Daddy? Absolutely not. Bryan just because your mother couldn't be the parent you wanted her to be doesn't mean it is going to rub off on you and our baby..."

Bryan nodded. "I love you for saying that. You know that right? But it's not just that...I lost her. Not just as a mother, but as a best friend. And you're more than my partner David. You're my best friend in this whole world. I don't want to lose another best friend. I don't want to lose you."

David looked Bryan in the eyes, touched by what he had said. "You are never going to lose me. Not now, not ever. And especially not when that baby comes."

Bryan smiled to himself. "Just do me one favor. Always be here...okay?"

David took Bryan's hand. "That's not a favor. That's a commitment I've already made."

With that, David kissed Bryan like he always did, and they went to bed. Somehow, Bryan was thankful he had made that call.

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