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Prompt 1: Nick/Jess engagement party

Prompt 2: Nick/Jess wedding

Prompt 3: Jess/Nick baby

Prompt 4. Schmidt/Cece engagement

Prompt 5: Schmidt/Cece wedding

Prompt 6: Schmidt/Cece baby

Prompt 7: wedding between a child of Nick and a child of Schmidt's

Prompt 8: Meet the parents, Nick meets Jess' , Jess meets Nicks, or both you decide.

There are no rules, other then it being Nick/Jess,Cece/Schmidt,of course,lol, it can be any length or rating. And without further note, here's my next story.

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Miller Meets Day

Summary:Schmidt decides to throw the newly engaged Nick and Jess a surprise engagement party at Nicks bar/restaurant, much to Nick and Jess chagrin, with Nicks family meeting Jess' family for the first time. Nick/Jess Schmidt/Cece established, future fic, sequel to my one-shot "I wont give up". Rated T for suggestive/ adult themes.


Jess awoke, feeling the weight of an arm around her waist,she slowly turned her head to look at a sleeping Nick. She quickly looked at her hand , gazing at the shiny diamond on her finger, making sure that the previous night had been real. She then turned back to look at Nick, her fiancee , a big smile appeared on her face at the thought.

" I can feel you starring at me Jess." Nick said his eyes still closed.

"Sorry , I know it creeps you out, but you just look so cute when you're sleeping." Jess said in a baby voice.

"Cute, really come on Jess , you could have said handsome or rugged and you used cute. And with the baby voice." Nick said,his eyes opening,pretending to be annoyed ,but he couldn't help but smile at Jess, his fiancee Jess, his smile grew bigger at the thought.

"We should get up." Jess said but made no movement to get off the bed,instead she turned , her front completely facing Nicks.

"Or, we could stay in bed..." Nick said pulling her closer to him.

"Nick..." Jess said,but before she could protest his lips were already on hers, making her forget what she was gonna say. Instead her thoughts were focused on the way Nicks mouth devoured hers, the sweet yet passionate way he kissed her. Every kiss with him was much of the same, and each time she felt her heart melt.

"You win Miller, we'll stay in bed, but not too long,Ive got work." Jess said when they broke apart to get some air. Nick responded by pulling Jess even closer and recapturing her lips with his.

"Look who's finally up." Schmidt said when Jess and Nick walked into the kitchen, his arm around Jess' waist.

Nick just glared at Schmidt then headed over to the cabinet,grabbing a mug and pouring himself a cup of coffee. While Jess made herself a cup of tea ,and helped herself to the cooked breakfast of eggs and pancakes on the stove. Cece and Winston were also in the kitchen. Cece was eating a small plate of eggs,while Winston had a stack of pancakes on the plate in front of him.

"Lets see the ring Jess." Cece said calling her best friend over to inspect her engagement ring. She , Winston and Schmidt had been witnesses to Nicks impromptu proposal the night before,but had left them alone, after things had started to get steamy between the newly engaged couple.

"Nice, good job Nick." Cece said approving the design and size of the ring. Cece then turned to Jess, smiling at how happy her best friend looked, Jess was practically glowing with happiness.

"I can't believe you're getting married Jess!" Cece said excited.

"I know!" Jess said then the two jumped up and down while squealing.

"Why are they screaming, and how do I make it stop." Nick said putting his hands over his ears.

"We have to start planning, we have to find you a dress...figure out your color scheme..." Cece said talking a mile a minute.

"Yeah, I was thinking..." Jess began but Nick cut her off.

"Do not say polka dots, Jess,I know you love them, but there will be no polka dots at our wedding." Nick said.

Jess and Cece who had been in their own world chatting along details both turned to look at Nick glaring at him.

"If Jess, wants polka dots, she'll have polka dots, you have no say in this Nick." Cece said in her bossy voice.

"Its my wedding too, shouldn't I have a say!" Nick protested. And again the girls glared at him.

'I know you did not just say that." Cece said.

"Silly, silly Nick, come with me let me tell you a little something about women and weddings." Schmidt said pulling Nick away from the kitchen and the woman throwing daggers at him with their glaring eyes.

Winston laughed then followed his friends to the living room, chiming in now again as Schmidt explained that a wedding day was all about the bride and her wants and needs. The later, whose explanation promptly earned him a deposit into the douche jar.

After Schmidt set Nick straight, the roommates and Cece went about getting ready to start their work day. As Schmidt put on his tie an idea suddenly popped into his head,he should plan a engagement party for Nick and Jess. Knowing Nick he probably would object ,but if Schmidt made it a surprise, Nick would have no choice.

He'd probably have to enlist Cece's help in order to get Jess there. Then he thought that he should make it more than just the roommates and Cece , he should invite Jess' parents and Nicks mom too.

"This will be the ill-est engagement party ever, yo." Schmidt said to no one in particular. He then headed to work his mind going through all the ideas he had for the party.

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