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Flip a three sided coin, pick one of us

Kelly stared once more at the warehouse in front of them.

''What's taking Kris so long?'' Sabrina's voice was becoming impatient.

Kelly rubbed her temples. Maybe undercover work didn't go that well. Damn Kris was really taking her time though. She hoped she was okay. Sabrina tapped her fingers in the wheel once more. Kelly was starting to find that annoying.

''Can you PLEASE stop this?''

''Mmm...'' Sabrina muttered something else between her teeth. Kelly managed to make out the words ''Charlie'' and ''Fuck''.

She frowned.

The car phone rung and both their hands shot out to grab it. Kelly gave her place to Sabrina, and the tall girl answered.

''Sabrina Duncan.''

''It's Charlie Angel. What is going on there?''

''Nothing yet Charlie. I am worried about Kris though. If she doesn't come out in twenty minutes we are going in.''

''No you're not Angel.'' Charlies voice was matter-of-fact.

Sabrina licked her lips in frustration.''But Charlie...!'' Kelly leaned on to hear the conversation.

''It is a no Angel. This is a very dangerous case you should've already pulled out, but you insisted. You will call the police in ten minutes.''

Sabrina took a look at the warehouse again. Little puffs of dark smoke were leaking out the front gate.

''Oh God!'' she gasped.

''What is it Angel?!''

''Charlie we have to go in now!''

''Sabrina, I did not want to tell this to you but I am the one who pays and you have to learn to follow orders!''

It was Kelly's turn to gasp now. She had never heard Charlie take that tone with any of them before. She heard Sabrina grind her teeth. And then, out of the sudden slam the receiver down and open the drivers door.

She took of her blazer and sunk it into the knee deep rain water in a small pit. She drew her weapon and headed to the warehouse with long strides. A couple of feet before the front gate, and Kelly had already covered half the distance, deciding to follow her friends lead.

Sabrina turned around and raised the dripping clothe in her hands.

''Tell Charlie he can 'fire' me when we get home!'' she shouted and pushed the gate open.

It did not take much force. The old wood was already weakened by the fire. Sabrina looked inside the building. She could hear Kris' voice somewhere she was sure. She pushed a surprised Kelly back and broke into a run, until her friend lost her amidst the flames. Kelly did not dare move deeper inside. Instead she stayed close to the door trying to stay away from the burning beams.

A few moments later she could clearly make out Sabrina's taller outline, holding a weary Kri's slender frame. Somehow she made out the clear sound of the car phone ringing, and a distant siren blasting. She grinned with joy as both her friends made it closer to clean air. Yes this surely was Kris' characteristic cough. Like a Chihuahua, she thought and laughed, opening her hands to hug her.

She stopped stunned as a beam creaked and started its falling arc from the crumbling celeing. Along with it tumbled the taller figure. Kris' was shoved away, into Kelly's open hands. Sabrina's outline was now clear again.

It only took a second for the brunnete to light up like a torch. Kelly heard her desperate cry of pain as she spun around herself, in a dance like motion, trying to stop the flames from crawling up her body. And for just an instant... it seemed almost beautifull in Kelly's hazed state.

And then the building tumbled, swallowing Sabrina eternally, trapped withing its flames, leaving Kelly on the ground, her arms tight around Kris, still shivering, wearing Sabrina's soaked blazer.