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10 Naphthalene Memories

Kelly and the other Angels stayed in foggy silence but also in alarm. Every pair of eyes in the room was glued to the stranger sitting on the small sofa. The woman seemed aware of the attention and her eyes remained for a brief few seconds on each ones face, before wandering to take in the rest of the room.

Kelly made the first move. Her hand moved slowly, after making sure the woman before her, followed her movement closely and would not be taken by surprise. At this point Kelly would have to do her best to take a non- aggressive stance. Her palm came down and shared a bit of its warmth with the awfully cold and pale wrist.

''Hey...'' She said in a low voice, trying again to make her talk. When there was no answer, she shook her head. ''Um... you know... ''
Josephine raised her hands in the air. ''Come on Kell... if she has nothing to say she better go... we have a case to solve here now, don't we? Call the cops and they can take her somewhere safe.''
Kelly stood confused for a bit. Her focus shifted from Jo to the sofa again. And what she saw there, the mute terror sculpted in the woman's features was something she would not very likely forget soon. She wondered how could fear give eyes such a unique glimmer. She closed her hand around her wrist reassuringly.
''She stays here Jo...'' Kelly kept herself from snorting. ''And these were Charlie's orders anyway.''Kelly, now feeling aggravated, ignored Jo's comments completely and turned her attention once again, back to the ''street lady''. ''So... would you to take a hot shower...?'' She tried, tentatively.
After taking over the office duties, Kelly had made a great effort of making the office feel at home, since she was there more than at her own home lately. She had a shower installed and a small refrigerator that hummed to keep her company late at nights. Kind of like a guardian spirit, she thought, with a wry touch of humour.

The kettle whistled impatiently, full of hot water for the coffee. Jo finally found her excuse to get up and put some distance between them, trying to ease the tension in the air. Kris, oblivious of everything, was keeping her eyes closer, seemingly zoning out.
''Well... look... um... I might have some clothes that might fit you... in the wardrobe.'' Her fingertips rubbed her hand slowly as she rose to her feet. She gestured with her open palm, still not sure if the woman understood her. ''Hang on.''
She moved to the closet where she and Kris kept an extra change of clothes, just in case, and so did any other Angel. She moved to the last drawer hesitantly. She opened it and took out a folded pair of jeans and a square checked shirt. The smell of naphthalene lingered in the room a bit longer than it took for Kris to frown and open her eyes. What she saw made her frown even deeper. She exchanged a silent look with Kelly, who mouthed ''Don't.'' and handed the clothes to the stranger.

She patted her shoulder and pointed to the bathroom door. ''There. Take your time. We will be waiting here.'' She handed her a towel. With a small push the ''street lady'' had been awkwardly shoved into the bathroom to warm herself up.
''And now its only us...'' Kelly announced grimly.
Kris got to her feet and lifted her finger to say something but Kelly stopped her. ''Please Kris. Not tonight. You two better just go home huh?''

''Are you trying to get rid of us?'' Kris lifted an eyebrow.
Kelly shook her head. ''I never said that. You both are tired. I really don't think she'll talk tonight. You two better catch some sleep. I will see what I can do with her and we will try again tomorrow. In the meanwhile...'' she lowered her voice. ''Keep an eye on her.'' she pointed her chin at Jo's back, who was currently trying to balance four cups of coffee in a tray.
''But why?''
''I - am not sure yet.'' She sighed, giving Kris a hooded look. ''There is so much I am really not sure of right now.''