I met her at a bar.

How many stories start that way?

She was pretty enough, although a bit thick for my tastes.

But man could she suck a cock.

I ended up fingering her in the bathroom and she thanked me by blowing me in the back of my car.

She put her number in my phone and I promptly forgot about her.

Until that day.

I hated grocery shopping.

I was tossing a carton of eggs into my basket when she ran into me.

Five foot nothing.

A hundred and nothing.

Big gray eyes.

I was hard.


Wha? I thought you were done Kitkat? I am. I wrote this for the first Drabble War in the beginning of the year but didn't LOVE it. So I just stuck it in a file.

Now...I'm gonna just put this out there.

A chapter a day.


100 some chapters.


Are you drunk KK?