Fly on the Wall

An outtake from Her Daughter

Standing on the corner of Main and Willow, Bella shifted restlessly from foot to foot. When Carlisle called her to say he wanted to meet, she was scared at first. The attempted kidnapping had been a disaster and she'd refused to pay the boys their money after they returned the rental van damaged. Bella wasn't going to have them hurt Alice. She just wanted to get her away from Carlisle so he could see he was meant to be with her. But perhaps he'd finally come to his senses and realized he needed a real woman to take care of his needs.

Bella had dressed to impress, her feet encased in black stilettos, making her legs go on for miles. Her short red dress was backless, and she'd piled her hair up so her neck was exposed. She thought she looked damn good, and she was ready for anything.

Edward watched from the stairwell of his building as Bella waited for a man who would never arrive. His car was ready, idling in the underground garage, but he was enjoying the sight before him too much to be worried about schedules. When Carlisle had called him, asking for his help, Edward had immediately agreed.

A decade earlier, his first meeting with Dr. Carlisle Cullen had been life changing. For years, Edward worried his sexual preferences were wrong. Disgusting. The girls he'd approached had run screaming from his bedroom. But Carlisle gave him books to read and held his hand as he finally discovered what he really was.

A dominant.

The first time he went into a sex shop and held a paddle in his hand had been euphoric. And Carlisle had been right there beside him. There was nothing he wouldn't do for Carlisle. But as he watched the woman he had been sent to seduce and destroy, he was suddenly thinking about more than just a favored owed.

He was hungry for the innocent lamb standing at the corner.


Bella jumped when the elegant black car pulled up on the side of the street. The windows were tinted, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't see inside. Just as she started to back away, the front window slid down an inch and a melodic voice echoed through the dark night.

"Carlisle asked me to pick you up."

Bella should have been petrified. She should have run back into one of the restaurants that lined Main Street. But even though it went against everything she'd ever been taught, Bella reached for the door handle and slipped into the back seat. No lights flashed on as she entered, and as soon as her door was closed, the car took off into the night.

After numerous twists and turns, the car finally stilled, the engine slowly dying. The silence was deafening as Bella waited for something to happen. Her hands fumbled with the hem of her dress as she sat patiently. A yelp tore free from her lips when the door was suddenly ripped open. A hand wrapped in black leather extended into the opening.


Bella's fingers trembled as she grasped the proffered hand. As the door slammed shut behind her, she had no idea she'd just left her old life behind.


Edward had purposefully left the garage lights off, knowing the darkness would disorient Bella. He could feel her hands getting sweaty, the wetness slipping against the leather of his gloves. Keeping her hand in his, he walked swiftly into his home. He knew exactly where everything was without the benefit of light and maneuvered them down toward the basement. As the heavy wood door slammed shut behind them, Bella started to drag her feet.

"Where is Carlisle?" she whimpered, putting her hand out to try and halt their forward motion. Edward didn't slow as he continued down the stairs. He expected her to put up a fight. Any normal woman would.

"You will speak when I give you permission," Edward growled, his patience growing thin. "And I do not remember giving you permission."

As Edward anticipated, her tears started soon after, and by the time they had stopped outside the playroom door, Bella was hysterical.

"Why are you doing this?" she wailed, fear making her nauseous. She knew it had been wrong to try to kidnap Alice, but for Carlisle to have handed her over to a maniac was beyond belief. Edward snarled as he gently pushed Bella against the door. His hand wrapped softly around her throat, loving the way her pulse hammered against his fingers.

"You are here to be my plaything for the evening. If you behave, I promise you will experience pleasure beyond your wildest imagination. But if you decide you want to make things difficult, I will turn your ass so red, you won't be able to sit down for a month. It is your choice."

Bella's sobbing breaths were the only sound as she struggled to calm herself. The latent power in the man standing before her proved he would and could do exactly what he'd promised. It took a few minutes, but Bella was able to get herself under control.

"I'll behave," she whimpered. Edward released her throat and grabbed her hand once more as he turned and opened the playroom door. As it swung open, the rich scent of lavender and beeswax calmed him as it always did. Flicking a switch by the door, the room was illuminated with soft light. Bella allowed herself to be guided over to a black padded bench. She was pushed down by strong hands on her shoulder and only then did she chance looking up at her captor.

The man standing over her was a dichotomy of contradictions. His elegant nose was pierced with thick steel. Intricate tattoos covered his throat and jaw. Steel ran through his lip and eyebrow as well, and his hair was pushed up into a Mohawk. Black leather covered his long, lean legs and his broad torso was wrapped in soft black cotton.

"Are you finished?" Edward teased, feeling himself swell in his leathers as her eyes raked over him. He was used to being looked at by women, usually in disgust. But Bella's gaze was alarmingly arousing. She liked what she saw when she looked at him. Bella flushed a beautiful shade of pink and dropped her eyes to the ground.

Perfect, Edward thought as he left her sitting there and walked over to the tall armoire by the door and grabbed a silk scarf from a drawer.

"From now on, I am the one in charge of your senses. We will start by taking away your sight," Edward said softly as he walked back to Bella. She trembled as he moved behind her, resting his hands on her shoulders. "Are you ready?"

Bella nodded without hesitation.



"Ah!" Bella squealed as the soft tongues of the flogger rained down on her flesh. After the man had covered her eyes with the scarf, he made her stand as he slowly stripped her dress off, leaving her in just a pair of tiny panties and her heels. He then made her walk across the room, the cool air caressing her skin, leaving behind goosebumps. She was now standing against a rough concrete wall, her arms chained above her head with cold steel.

"I've already told you to be quiet once. If I have to tell you again, I'll gag you," Edward snapped, his raging arousal coming out as frustration. He shouldn't be surprised she was having a hard time following directions. It was obvious she wasn't a trained submissive, but she possessed all the signs and traits of one. He was hoping after his favor for Carlisle was done, he might be able to keep the girl.

"If you can keep your mouth shut, I'll let you have a taste of what I can give you," Edward cooed as he lifted the flogger once more. He loved watching the tails wrap across her flesh, the rabbit fur stroked her just like his fingers were dying to. Edward watched her struggle to get herself into a place where she could control herself as he set the flogger down. By the time he turned back to her, the change in her was remarkable. Her face was free of the stress he'd seen just seconds before. Her breathing was easy and the tension in her frame had disappeared.

Edward tried to ignore the trembling in his fingers as he reached out to touch her, but he couldn't. As he slipped his hands across the fine flesh of her belly, he felt as if his entire life was changing.

From that moment on, nothing would be the same.


Bella had no idea how she managed to stay silent as the man slid his fingers into her panties. His teasing touches had wandered across her breasts and belly before they finally moved to where she was soaked.

For him.

She knew it wasn't the bite of the flogger or the grip of the cuffs that were making her so desperate for stimulation. It was the man in charge. Even though she couldn't see him, his image was there behind her blinded eyes. Those piercing eyes and full lips, she could almost picture what he would look like as he touched her.

"You will not come without permission," he growled, his voice in her ear making her jump. Bella knew she should be embarrassed or ashamed as he slipped her panties down her thighs, but all she felt was relief.

"Oh baby, you are one fine piece of ass," Edward sighed, watching her closely to see how she reacted to the humiliating remark. From the way her nipples puckered and her pussy wept, she enjoyed being ridiculed. He would have to remember that. "Now, my pet, you may come when I tell you."

Bella bit her lip to keep from screaming as he roughly slid three fingers inside her. It had been months since the fumbling fingering Carlisle had given her in the club bathroom, and she had faked that orgasm. She'd never come from anything beside her own fingers or her trusty vibrator. But as his long, thick digits curled and twisted inside her, she felt an orgasm approaching fast.

"Hold it," Edward whispered, his lips moving against her cheek. His tongue came out, tracing over the curve of her jaw. "You can do it. And just think of how much better it will feel because you've pleased me."

Bella was going to snap. No matter how tight she clenched her muscles or tried to distract herself, she was going to come and he would be disappointed. Just as she resigned herself to the inevitable, he said the magic words.

"Come, pet."


As Edward watched Bella ride out her release, two things were clear. One, she had never experienced an orgasm she hadn't given herself. And two, there was no way in hell he'd be able to give her up.

Moving quickly, Edward released her limp form from the cuffs and carried her over to the bed he had set up in the corner. Her breathing was deep and even as she lay spread atop the satin sheets. But Edward still had to do what he'd promised Carlisle. So, he let her rest for a moment as he set up the camera and readied the whipping bench. By the time he'd set the paddle and camera remote next to the bench, his cock was painfully hard in his leathers. He needed a release, but it felt wrong to ask it of Bella before he'd done what he had been asked. Once those pictures were saved on his hard drive, then he would see if she wanted to please him.

"Up, pet," Edward ordered, trying to keep his voice firm. Bella sat up quickly, her eyes still covered with the fabric. She was disoriented for a moment before everything came crashing down on her.

She lifted her face upward, somehow knowing exactly where he was standing in the room. She didn't question the way her body reacted to his presence, she just accepted it. Remembering his order, Bella slowly slid to the edge of the bed and stood. She felt vulnerable, standing naked in front of him, but at the same time relieved. He would take care of her, she knew that instinctively.

"I'm going to take the blindfold off now, but you are still to remain silent," he said, his nimble fingers working to release the scarf. Bella blinked several times and the room came into focus again. Though she wanted to look at the objects scattered around, her eyes locked on the man.

"That's a good little pet," he cooed as he dropped the scrap of silk to the floor and sat down on the padded bench. "I am going to have you bend yourself over my knee, slut."

Bella was surprised at how easy it was to obey as she slid her bare body across his leather-covered lap. His hands moved up and down her spine, nails scratching at her sensitive skin.

"You broke the rules and need to be punished," he rasped, his hand shaking as he reached for the paddle. Suddenly, with her stretched out and trusting across his lap, he detested Carlisle for even asking this of him. But a promise was a promise.

The paddle made no sound as it arced down toward her ass, but the smack of leather against flesh was loud in the room. As was Bella's cry of surprise and pain.

"Silence!" he snarled. The next three strikes were gentler and directed more toward her thighs than her ass, but they still hurt. Bella could taste blood as she bit her lip, trying to stay quiet as the hits just kept coming. She must have done something horrible to deserve this, she thought as she squirmed. The man wouldn't punish her without good reason.

"Ten," Edward sighed, relieved to have finished his duty. Bella's ass was pink and he could smell her tears, but she had stayed quiet and still. He'd had veteran submissives across his lap who hadn't been able to take his paddle. He kept one hand on her back to ground her as he tossed the paddle to the side and hit the stop button on the remote. The little red light on the camera blinked off and Edward's promise to Carlisle was complete.

Now…now it was time to see if the woman lying naked across his lap would be the answer to his prayers.


"I'm a dominant."

The words hung heavy in the air as Bella sat on the bed, wrapped in a silk robe. He had smoothed a peppermint-scented balm on her abused flesh and then helped her stand. Though she could see and sense the tension in him, his hands had been gentle. And now he was before her, telling her things she'd only ever read about.

"You get off on hurting people?" Bella asked, her voice hoarse from disuse. The man sighed and shook his head, running both his hands along the shaved sides of his head.

"I get off on being a leader. I get off on watching someone release her inhibitions and follow explicit directions without hesitation. I get off on being trusted for even the littlest decision," he explained calmly. His eyes were intense as he looked down at her, and though she should be frightened of his appearance and proclivities, she was not.

"Why me?" she whispered, wondering if he had a harem of women somewhere in the house just waiting to serve him. The thought made her nauseous. She wanted to be the one to take care of the blatant erection pushing against the leather of his pants.

"I was doing a friend a favor. But then…then I saw you and it became more," he said vehemently, moving so he was kneeling before her. As she looked down at him, it felt wrong to have him at her feet. She should be kneeling at his feet.

"What do you want?"

Edward hesitated, he knew what he wanted, but was afraid if he told her she might run. But he'd promised himself he would be honest with her, no matter what.

"I want you to be my pet. I want to care for you, for all of your needs. I want you to sleep at the foot of my bed, ready to serve me at the drop of a hat. I want you chained to my side. You'd be a slave to my desires. I want to own you."

Bella couldn't speak. She knew what she should say. She should demand that he release her. She should walk away and never think of him again. She should…

Though there were a million thing she should do, there was nothing she could do but accept.

"Yes," she sighed, feeling as if a lifetime of fear had just melted away. Edward stared at her in shock.


Bella giggled at his dumbstruck expression.

"If you thought I'd say no, why did you ask?"

"I never imagined you would agree. And to be honest, I hadn't wanted to get my hopes up," Edward admitted. With a deep breath, he pushed to his feet, towering over her. "There are things we need to discuss and arrangements to be made, but right now, I want you to express your gratitude."

Bella couldn't take her eyes off of his strong hands as they worked at the lacing of his pants. The leather parted, giving her a glimpse of his flat lower abdomen and the tip of his cock. Her mouth watered. Taking his shaft in his hand, Edward swiped the leaky head across her lips, loving the way his cum looked painted across her face.

"Kiss it," he snarled, waiting with bated breath as she met his eyes. Her lips pursed into a perfect pucker as she leaned forward and gently worshiped his cock. Her lids flickered closed as she savored him.

"Oh shit," he moaned, "I'm going to fuck your face now. You better hold on tight." With his hands gripped tightly in her hair, he pushed into the heat of her mouth, feeling the scrape of her teeth against his sensitive shaft. She gagged every time he thrust deeply, but he could see the pleasure in her tear-filled eyes. She was enjoying every minute.

"Swallow," Edward ordered as he started to come down her throat. The motion of her throat moving around him made him wonder how soon he would be ready to take her again. Bella let his cock fall from her open mouth, keeping her expression blank.

"You are everything I'd hoped you'd be."


"You can take it, you said you could," Edward cooed as he gently thrust forward. Bella's teeth bit into the rubber gag in her mouth as she tried to breathe through the pain. They had been working on her fears and hesitations for a few weeks now, and she finally thought she was ready for more. But as her Master pushed forward into her virgin ass, she knew she had been wrong.

"Nope, it's too late now. You wanted this…begged for this. My pet said she could take it, now take it," Edward growled when she tried to move forward. He wrapped his hand in her hair and moved his hips to follow her. When she'd approached him, in her most respectful tone of course, and asked if they could try to move forward with her training, he warned her. But she had been adamant she was ready. The snot and tears on her face were proof she had been wrong.

Hating to see her suffer, even if she'd brought it on herself, Edward released the masterful hold he had on himself and looked down at his cock moving inside her. Her back was a perfect arch from the pull of the ropes on her arms above her, and her ass cheeks bounced with his every thrust. He came in less than a minute.

"Now perhaps you will trust your Master when he says you're not ready," Edward panted as he eased his cock from her abused hole. She nodded her head, whimpering around the gag. He released her hands and carried her into the attached bathroom, setting her in the tub. She didn't look at him as he started the water and removed her gag.

"Are you sore?" he questioned, his hands gentle as they ran through her hair. In their bathroom, she had absolute freedom to speak, not that she did it often.

"If I am, I deserve it," she sulked. Edward grabbed her by the hair and roughly pulled her head up so she was looking at him.

"Are. You. Sore?" he snarled. She nodded her head, tears once more filling her eyes. She was disappointing him left and right. It wouldn't surprise her if he made her leave. As if he could sense the tenor of her thoughts, Edward pulled her into his arms, ignoring the water that sloshed over the side of the tub.

"It is my fault. I should never have allowed you to influence the direction of the scene. I knew you weren't ready. But perhaps now you will trust me when I suggest we wait," he sighed. She nuzzled against him, her head resting on the colorful designs that covered his flesh.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. Edward took a deep breath and waited a moment to make sure his voice would be free of the tears that clouded his vision. He'd never had a slave who affected him so deeply.

"Everything is fine, pet."


"The chain is to make sure you don't venture more than three feet from me at all times. You will keep your eyes down unless you're given permission. You speak to no one. You do not need to worry about anything except pleasing me. If I ask you to drop to your knees and suck my cock, you will do so because you know it is what I desire. You will not worry about what others think of you. I am your only concern."

Bella felt her pussy weep as Edward closed the cuff around her wrist. She knew her Master would protect her and keep her safe. And to be able to worry about nothing was strangely liberating.

The trip to the drug store was exciting. She made sure to always have slack on the chain, if only because she didn't want to be far from her Master. When she felt him stop and heard a familiar voice call his name, she could feel herself starting to get upset, but a well timed pull on the chain that joined them had her centered once more. She listened halfheartedly to the conversation between Carlisle and her Master, but knew if there was something she needed to know, Master would tell her.

Though she knew it was wrong, when she heard Carlisle confirm that Alice might be pregnant, she had to do something.

"Do you have something to say, pet?" Edward snarled, the undercurrent of disappointment evident in his words. Breaking several of their unspoken rules, Bella leaned up and asked permission to speak. His gruff nod was all the approval she received.

"I'm so happy for both of you," Bella whispered, keeping her eyes on the ground. After the words were spoken she retreated back into her Master's side and stayed silent. She knew there would be a punishment coming her way, but it would be worth it.

She'd had to make things right.


"Fuck, you look amazing," Edward growled as he finished tightening the last rope. Bella was kneeling on top of the padded table, her head resting on the soft surface. Her arms were pulled tightly above her head and tied down to the legs of the bench with soft ropes. Edward had looped the rope around her thighs, pulling them apart so she was wide open for his pleasure.

And for hers.

Wearing nothing but a smile and his ink, Edward walked around his bound pet. In the last seven months they had experienced an unfathomable amount of pleasure. With every orgasm, Edward felt himself falling harder for his pet. She was no longer just a vessel for his ecstasy; she was the person who held his heart.

And the ring he'd had specially made was waiting for her.

He'd only hoped she'd say yes.

As Edward's pet, Bella was irrevocably linked to him. She would say yes because he'd ask it of her. But she would also say yes because she no longer knew what life was without him leading her.

He was the man she loved, the Master she worshiped and the leader she revered.

And she knew without a doubt they would live happily ever after.

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