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Rick: Somehow I don't think it will be a happy ending.

Shane: When is it ever?

Sophia: Oh snap!

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Birthday Gone Wrong

Clementine awoke the next morning, being nudged by something. She yawned and sat up to see Duck smiling at her with a present in his hand, his outstretched stump poking her shoulder. "Duck?" She asked, sleepily.

Duck nodded and held out her present. "Happy birthday, Clem." She stared blankly at him for a few minutes before her eyes widened.

"It's my birthday?" She asked, excitedly, taking the present from his hand. A conformational nod was all it took from Duck for her to rip the paper off the present like a walker into it's latest meal.

She held up the silver locket, gasping slightly in surprise. Duck sighed in relief once a big smile spread on her face, it's a good thing he didn't screw up. He tended to do that.

She hugged the slightly bigger boy tightly. "Thanks Duck, I love it." Though he bushed greatly, he smiled at her happiness. It was good that it could still be found at this time.

He hugged back after sussing that she wouldn't let go until he did, despite him not really wanting to let go himself. "No problem."

Rally, who was still in the driver's carriage, woke with a start when he heard the little ding and the flashing of the light that signals that the train was almost out of gas. "How the?" He asked himself, getting up. "I thought this thing had plenty of fuel."

He opened the door and went to the engine compartment. Once he opened it, everything appeared fine. Everything was in working order.

Once that was checked he noticed a certain smell...fuel.

He glanced over the side of the train and, to his horror, discovered that one of the fuel pumps had a hole in it. "I thought I..." He was about to say to himself, before seeing the arrow wedged in there.

"Those fucking bandits!" He exclaimed, punching the railings in fustration. "I better tell Rick!" He reacted quickly, running to the second car where the little birthday party was taking place.

It was quite peaceful in the party for Clementine. They didn't have a lot in terms of entertainment, but it was enough to keep the birthday girl happy. She also learned of the new relationship established between Lee and Carly, which she was also happy about.

Everything was going quite well, until Rally broke the news.

"AH HELL!" Daryl cursed, punching the wall in fustration. "Denise gave his life to ge' tha' fuel, now y'all sayin' it's gone!" Rally nodded, timidly. He was afraid of this reaction, considering that they hadn't seen any civilization for a while.

"We'll probably make it another mile before we run out..." Lee mentioned, laying out the map. " we'll at least make it here...I hope."

"Woodbury?" Rick asked, looking at the picture on the map in contemplation. "Maybe...It's worth a shot..."

"No! Don' go to Woodbury!" They heard a static-like voice say. They all turned to Rally, who turned up the radio.

"Tha' you, Merle?" Daryl asked, surprised his brother was talking to them again.

"Nah, it's tha fuckin' tooth fairy! Who do ya thin' it is?" Rick sighed, running a hand through his hair. At least Carl had taken the rest of the kids to play cards...probably go fish.

"Why shouldn't we go to Woodbury, Merle?" Rick asked, trying to get to the bottom of this.

"Cop boy there? Goo', then listen up! I'm still a little sore abou' tha handcuffs, bu' I'll le' tha' go for now. Woodbury is populated. It has people, run by this man who calls himself the governor."

"Sounds like they got what we're looking for then." Shane mentioned, confused. "If it's got people it's obviously got protection. Sounds like we could benefit from there assistance too."

"You're no' getting' it, are ya. Tha governor ain' gonna help ya. He'll kill ya! Tha's wha' he does. He only looks ou' for his people. Once he kills ya, he'll take ya supplies and leave you're bodies for walkers!"

"Why would he do that?" Kenny asked, even more confused.

"Cause he don' wan' more mouths ta feed. Trus' me, he can' be trusted." With that, the signal went off and Merle wasn't there anymore. The group all looked at each other uneasily.

The tension was broken, however, well T-Dog cleared his throat. "Well, as strange as it sounds, I believe Merle."

"I do too." Daryl added. "He wouldn't have warned us for nothing...This governor sounds like a whack job..."

"But where else are we going to get fuel?" Shane asked, posing the question on everyone's mind. "We can't just abandon this train! It's the safest and fastest route we've got to California!"

"There's a prison near the area too...right next to the tracks...well a little ways through the forest, but it should be good enough to hold out until we can repair the fuel pump..." Lee mentioned, studying the map a little more closely.

"Alright...Rick announced. "Then that's..."

Suddenly the side of the train carriage exploded, causing everyone to stumble over and Rally, who was standing quite close to where the explosion occurred, to fall to the ground.

Rick grunted, hearing a loud ringing in his ears, and scanned the area. The kids were all in the corner, Duck and Carl holding their arms out protectively in front of the three girls. He spotted Doc checking on Rally and Glen, who had both got knocked out by the blast. He saw Lee helping Kenny to his feet, Lily by his side. Carly was with Lori and Carol, heading to the five children.

T-Dog was with Charlotte, taking cover behind a piece of wood shrapnel from the blast. Daryl was shooting a glock 17 pistol out of the new hole in the side of the carriage.

Shane stumbled over to him, yelling at him to do something, but he couldn't hear anything at this point in time. "RICK! RICK!" Shane screamed, grabbing onto his arm. Rick's senses suddenly found themselves and he was able to get to his feet.

"SHANE THE WEAPONS!" Shane nodded, knowing what his friend was getting at.

The two got down, noticing the enemy now firing back. Bullet holes started to get plugged into what remained of the wall. "PRONE! NOW!" Shane nodded, finally able to use their police training again, and started to crawl on the floor towards the door to the other car.

"I NEED HELP! RALLY'S BEEN HIT!" Doc cried out, noticing blood starting to pour out of the man's side, a big piece of wood jutting out of it. Glen awoke after a brief coma and quickly sprang to the doctor's aid. "KEEP PRESSURE ON HIS WOUND, I'LL TRY TO STOP THE BLEEDING!"

Glen clasped his hands over the mechanic's wound, desperate to keep him alive. Doc put his fingers to the side of his neck, checking for a pulse...


With regret, Doc looked at Glen. The Korean nodded sadly, and pulled a knife from his pocket, plunging it into the man's eye, making sure he won't come back. "RALLY'S GONE!" Charlotte gasped in shock. Then her eyes hardened and she leapt from cover and opened the door to the car, allowing Rick and Shane to pass through.

The three soon entered and grabbed all the biggest guns they could find and the riot shield as well. Shane held the riot shield out, keeping the bullets off of them as they threw the guns to everyone.

T-Dog grabbed the AK-47 that was thrown to him and stood up from cover, firing off a couple of shots into the forests. Unfortunately, the group were only shooting blindly into the woods, they had no way of knowing where the enemy were.

"THOSE FUCKING BANDITS DON'T LET UP!" Kenny yelled out, standing up to fire out a couple of shots from his weapon, before getting down as more bullets flew his way.

"THESE GUYS ARE TOO ORGANISED TO BE BANDITS!" Shane called back, a couple more shots hitting his shield. "THIS IS A LIKE GOD-DAMN ARMY!"

"THA WOODBURY ARMY!" They heard Merle shout out of the radio that now lies on Glen's belt. Suddenly another explosion rang out and the whole train lurched onto it's side, a few people stumbling...

...Clementine falling out.

"CLEMENTINE!" Duck cried, grabbing hold of the girl's hand, before realising that he wasn't holding anything and they both fell out.

"NO!" Lee and Kenny screamed in horror when the two kids they cared about more than anything else both fell down the hillside forest. Suddenly, the train lurched again, causing others to hold onto each other.

Lori saw Carl, Sophia and Eliza huddled together in the corner, Carl watching the area Duck and Clementine fell in horror, when she saw a flash in the trees...

...a gun scope.

Reacting quickly, she threw herself into the bullets line of fire. About a second later a blistering pain shot through her chest. Carl looked up and into his mother's eyes, the realisation of what had happened dawning on him.

She smiled one last time, before she fell. "MOM!" Rick heard Carl and saw his wife, the women he loves more than any other...


"LORI!" He cried in anguish. Shane, too heard, and looked to the brunette in sorrow. His eyes then hardened and he ran to Rick.

"RICK! RICK! WE NEED TO GET OFF THIS TRAIN!" Another bullet hit his shield, and he cursed, seeing the man break down. Shit! "EVERYONE! TO THE SUPPLY CAR! GRAB ANYTHING YOU CAN! GO!" Shane picked his best friend up, him being to blank to do anything, and half dragged him into the car, everyone following.

T-Dog did too, then a pain shot through his arm. "Ah! I'M HIT!" T-Dog cried, clutching his arm in pain. Daryl grabbed him and helped him into the car.

Everyone, once in the car, grabbed a pack except T-Dog who was getting his wound wrapped up by Doc quickly and started to get food, water, ammo and anything they could.

Lee, Rick and Kenny were almost walkers while doing so though, as if any will to survive was gone. Carl was trying his best to hold it together, Sophia was helping him pack because anything he picked up he dropped a second later.

Shane looked to his best friend and sighed, clenching his eyes shut, and walking over to him. "Rick! Rick what do we do?!" Rick looked back, blankly, and muttered the two words he hoped not to hear...

"You decide."

Shane was about to curse out loud before noticing the train slowing down and flatland ahead. "YES!" "Everyone jump! Roll once you land and get to your feet! If Lee's predictions are accurate, we'll find the prison after about a hundred yards!"

Everyone nodded and got ready, swinging what they could carry on their backs, T-Dog bracing himself for a rough landing. "One! Two! Three! GO!" The group jumped and rolled, as per instructed, then ran or limped in T-Dog's case into the forests, the trees now providing plenty of cover.

They all then heard a loud crash and looked back to see the train derail and crash into the tree line.

A few more meters in, they decided to stop so Doc can patch up T-Dog properly. Then Lee, Kenny, Rick and Carl broke down at their losses.

Shane looked at Rick and sighed. "Guy will need a break...Guess I'm in charge til he recovers...if he recovers..."

"Clementine...Clementine please wake up! Please!" Duck pleaded, his body covered in bruises and a few cuts. Clementine was in the same condition, but she had passed out too. Their clothes had rips and tears in them, but were still wearable at least.

Clementine's eyes opened and saw Duck, jolting awake she saw that they were in the forest, not the boxcar. "Then it wasn't a nightmare." "Are you okay? I can see cuts and bruises, but I can't tell for sure."

Clementine nodded, getting to her feet with help from the older boy. "We really...?"

"Afraid so...But at least we're alive. That's a start." Duck said, scanning the area. If his camp leader is as good as Duck knew he was, then they just have to follow lichen growth on the trees to get to a town or any building. "We got to find the others..."

"Yeah..." Clementine whimpered, clutching Duck's hand with both of hers. "Lee and your dad will be worried." Duck smiled, sadly at her before checking his blade. He was lucky he brought it but...

...that was all they had!

"C'mon Clementine. Let's go!" Duck said to her, trying to sound strong...but they were alone with no food, water, tent...just a knife and the clothes on their backs.

They were truly alone.

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