Wes woke in the midnight hours, encompassed in a sheen of sweat and legs tangled in the sheets. There was a sniffle and heavy exhale beside him. Travis rolled over, draped only in the soft moonlight that filtered in through the shades. Wes turned onto his side to get a better view of his partner before he covered his lower half with the blanket. In the moonlight, Wes leaned close and could see Travis' long eyelashes. He could count them if he wanted. Travis' lips were parted slightly, and he was as relaxed as only sleep could give.

The smell of sex clung to the sheet, but, for once, Wes could only revel in it. He remembered the way Travis' hand roamed up his sides, how his lips followed. He could feel his neck grow warm at the memory.

Travis snuffled again and turned onto his stomach, moving close enough to touch his partner in the process. Wes watched the muscles move beneath the smooth skin.

"Faker." Wes whispered.

"Pervert." Travis shot back with a hint of a smile. He opened his eyes and pillowed his head with his arms. "How long have you been up?"

"Just a few minutes. There's still a few hours 'til we have to go up. You should go back to sleep."

Travis hummed to show he heard, and his eyes drifted close. "I can still feel you looking at me." He cracked an eye open. "Can't sleep?"

"Not really. Besides, who can sleep with your snoring?" Wes grinned.

"I don't snore." Travis turned onto his side to wrap an arm around the blonde and drew him close. He pressed their foreheads together and inhaled slowly. "Close your eyes."

Wes did as he was told, breathing in his partner's scent. Every breath of Travis was a breath of the outside, of a mingling of masculinity and sweetness, of freshness and sweat. Wes felt Travis' fingertips trail lightly up his side, his arm and shoulder, and run through the short strands of his hair. He ran his thumb over Wes' nose to trace the curve of his lip.

The brunet hummed softly. "How do I love you? Let me count the ways."

Wes' eyes flew open. "Cheat." He cried with a short laugh.

"Hush." Travis ordered with a smile before he closed the other's eyes with his hand. "Where was I?"

"Ripping off Elizabeth Browning." Wes replied.

"Oh, yeah." Travis said, his voice low and soothing. "Nothing wrong with a little help in an opener." He placed a gentle kiss on the blonde's forehead. "Let's see…I love the way you light up when you smile. I love the way you look when you think really hard."

Wes snorted but pressed a little closer.

"I love the way you feel, right here next to me, and the sound of my name from your lips even when you're mad. I love those ridiculous suits. I love taking you out those ridiculous suits. I love your stubbornness and your courage."

Travis paused and looked to see his partner's face slack with sleep, lips parted slightly and a soft snore coming forth. The brunet smiled.

"I love you, every breath, smile, and tear." Travis whispered before he let himself drift off to sleep.