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Prologue - ?
Pairing: Ruki x Reila (GazettE inspired)
Language; suggestive themes; eventual character death; triggers.
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Remember, remember the fifth of November.

Ruki really didn't like the rain. He made sure that everybody knew about it too, as he posted a Tweet describing just how he felt about the gloomy skies overhead and the fat, glistening raindrops that slid down the window pane, marring the city skyline that could be seen from their towering hotel room.

Behind him, he could hear Reita and Kai debating something trivial while Aoi and Uruha smirked and muttered comments to one another about said debate. At least their moods were somewhat brighter than the little vocalist's.

"Oi, Ruki, chicken or barbecue?" The blonde bassist called. Ruki shot a questioning glance over his shoulder. Ah, the monthly noodle debate.

"Chicken." He answered, tone blunt, before he turned to glare out of the window once more. They should have known by now. They shouldn't have had to ask. He heard Kai sigh as he gave up for the nth time this year and the small, victorious 'woop' from Reita.

Something brushed his shoulder lightly at that minute, and Ruki was forced to whirl around at the sudden contact. When he looked up, he realised that it had been Uruha who had disturbed him from his angsting. He raised a thin, dark eyebrow at the taller guitarist.

"What's the matter with you?" Uruha asked, his soft tone not quite fitting his deep voice. But then again, what part of Uruha did fit his deep voice exactly?

"Rain." Ruki responded, turning away. "It puts me in a bad mood."

"Why?" The guitarist asked quietly, leaning against the window-ledge with ease and looking out at the vast urban sprawl of the monster city. He couldn't imagine that it was the greyness that dulled the vocalist's spirits and he wasn't exactly outside in it.

Ruki just gave his older friend a blank look, thin lines of black from last night's makeup filling the slight creases underneath his tired eyes. But there, in the usually warm stare of his long-time friend, Uruha noticed a sadness. It wasn't like when he got emotional on stage or in recording, it was like some terrible ghost had placed itself behind the golden irises and left the small man speechless.

And then, out of nowhere and as quick as a shot, Ruki was out of the door and down the hall. Kai raised a brow at the tall guitarist, concerned. "Is he okay?"

"I just don't think Ru-kun wanted to play with Uruha." Aoi smirked, tone teasing.

Ignoring this comment, the guitarist shrugged, "He said... The rain puts him in a bad mood."

"Aa," Reita nodded. "He hates it."

"He just tweeted about how much he hates it, actually." Aoi grinned, eyes cast down upon his phone screen.

Kai smiled, "Do you ever get off of Twitter?"

"But why would I do that when I have so much to say~?" The guitarist sang, leaning back into the mattress and, Kai supposed, tweeting the conversation that they'd just had.

"What's the date?" The drummer asked after a pause. "Someone, tell me."

"It's the fifth of November." Uruha murmured.

Aoi's thumbs, flashing across the touchpad of his iPhone, froze. Reita quietly sank into the mattress beside the brunette, fingers sliding between his locks of still-damp hair. Kai closed his eyes, a sigh escaping his lips.

"Reila." Uruha breathed into the silence.

"Ten years..." The blonde bassist whispered.

"Shit." Aoi muttered, sitting up.

Kai stood from his sitting position on the mahogany desk against the wall. "I'm going to find Ruki."




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