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Ruki watched her closely from the window as she walked blindly past him and turned the corner to reach the glass door. A waiter greeted her politely and she exchanged words with him enquiring as to whether or not a young man had arrived yet. Before the waiter was able to answer, however, she caught the vocalist's eye over his shoulder and her mouth formed a small 'o' with happy surprise to see him already waiting. A moment later, the waiter had guided her towards him. Ruki stood, only momentarily, to greet her politely and ask her to sit down with him. When she did, he took his seat once more.

"God, Ruki…" The girl murmured, "I almost thought I'd had the wrong place, this is such a beautiful restaurant."

"I know." The vocalist smirked, "I saw you walk by."

"That's embarrassing!" She whined quietly to avoid irritating other customers, Ruki just snickered.

"It's a pleasure to be able to speak with you while neither of us are in a rush, though." He commented lightly, taking in her appearance at depth while she agreed.

Her hair, usually pulled up into a loose and messy blonde knot was now needle straight and shoulder length, thin points at the end suggesting that it was stylishly layered specifically for straighter hairstyles. Around her pale neck she wore a single silver necklace with a single heart-shaped charm hanging from it. Ruki pondered about the meaning of the necklace; it was a common thing for girls with boyfriends to be wearing things like that, but he didn't dare ask yet lest the discussion should make things awkward. She was wearing a simple black tube top and a sheer blouse in the same colourless toning over the top, buttoned all the way up to the collar. Her skirt, waist high, was also black and reasonably tight fitting. The lack of colour accentuated all of the colour in her flesh, though. Her icy blue eyes, the yellowy-white tint to her blonde hair, the faint blush from the cool weather outside, the pale pink of her lips…

Ruki, realizing he had been staring, pulled his eyes away from her for a moment while she answered him. "I agree," She said, "I think it's funny that you asked me out tonight though."

"Funny?" The vocalist smirked, "How?"

"Just—the way that we saw each other by chance, and then we kept bumping into each other…"

"That's only because you decided to get a job at the coffee shop five minutes away from my company's building." Ruki retorted.

"Oh!" Reila chimed, "I'm sorry, I just make things so inconvenient."

"Completely inconvenient." The blonde male chuckled as the girl smiled in response. She glanced down, wringing her fingers together on top of the soft, peach coloured table cloth – and that was when Ruki noticed it.

The thin, white line of risen flesh visible on her forearm to about the middle of the way down… he didn't glance back at it once his eyes had flickered back up to her face to listen to her speak, but he knew what he'd seen. He was sure that he'd seen it. A short vision of the past tried to creep into the edges of his mind but he immediately blocked it out by turning his attention to the waitress who was approaching them.

"Cassis Orange, please." He smiled when she enquired as to what beverage he would be requesting this evening.

"The same for me, please." Reila added. Ruki grinned. Usually, he was scolded by his bandmates whenever he ordered any kind of alcohol in front of them because he didn't necessarily like it. They called a Cassis Orange a girly drink – but Ruki much preferred it over the bitter concoctions that they would all request.

"Tell me about yourself." The blonde vocalist smiled lightly across the table at the small woman once the waitress had tottered off. "You know all about my band, my tastes in drink…" He trailed off. "Tell me about yourself."

"There isn't a lot to tell." Reila began to protest shyly, but the stare that Ruki shot at her urged her to express herself further. With a roll of her eyes, she continued, "I sell overpriced coffee. I live in my sister's apartment. I like clothes… I'm just like most girls, really."

"And… what kinds of music are you into?" Ruki smirked. He was waiting for her to say pop music, but her answer somehow didn't surprise him.

"I like rock n' roll, I guess. Guns N' Roses. The Sex Pistols." She shrugged, "Call me old fashioned, they were my broody teenage years."

"Huh." Ruki nodded. "I like you already."

"You like my musical preference." The girl corrected, just as their drinks arrived.

The evening was comfortable, Ruki felt. Friendly. They chatted for what felt like the shortest few moments about themselves and their lives, Ruki telling stories about the band before they finally broke through to the surface of the music industry and Reila describing the life she lived before travelling across the globe to Japan. All too soon, it was over, and Ruki found himself outside of the restaurant with the blonde girl walking along beside him with her arms folded in an attempt to shut out the evening chill.

"Why oh why did you not bring a jacket?" The vocalist sighed, taking his own leather outwear off and gracefully flinging it over her shoulders. "There, now it's like a real date." He smirked.

"You're doing everything right." The blue eyed girl giggled, sliding her arms into the sleeves and tugging the jacket around herself tightly despite it being somewhat stiff and at least two sizes too big for her small frame. "Taking me out somewhere fancy, paying for my meal, giving me your jacket…"

Ruki raised an arm and merely rubbed the back of his neck as he laughed lightly, unsure of how to respond as they continued to walk through the neon-lit food district. "Well," The vocalist said from behind a small smile, "yeah." He finished, lamely.

He'd had a good time with her, but now he was unsure of how to behave. Should he ask her out again once they reached her apartment? What could he do? Did he want to go out with her again?

Somewhere in his mind, Ruki heard a little voice urging him to do it.

The apartment block which Reila lived in, shared with her older sister, wasn't the grandest sight he'd witnessed however, he realized that it was only a short distance from his own building, and as he climbed the three steps that led to the lobby, he decided that he would like to see her again.

She lived locally, she was fun, and she was pretty. To Ruki, those were three things he decided he might have an interest in. "Ne," He murmured once they slipped through into the warmth of the foyer, "I had a great time with you."

"Me too! You've really made my evening so wonderful, thank you so much, Ruki."

"Aah," Ruki smiled, ducking his head slightly, "I think we should see each other again."

"Y-you do?" The blonde beamed, "I think so too, it would be – yeah, please, let's go out again." She smiled, nodding as she folded his jacket over her arm. "A-ano, I mean, I'd love to go out with you again."

"Well – how about Saturday?" Ruki asked, suddenly aware of the tautness of his jaw as he raised the suggestion. He hated the way that he got so nervous. He knew that he didn't need to be since he and Reila had established some form of friendship long ago, before they'd even been alone together for the evening. That early morning in the snow – that had been the first time a stranger had ever talked to him as a friend, and that was the first time Ruki had counted him feeling as though they shared a bond. The nervousness, however, remained.

Reila held out his jacket to him with both hands for him to take it and tilted her head to the side slightly, "Saturday night?"


"I can do Saturday night." The blonde nodded, bright smile still in place.

"I'll – I'll talk to you about it later in the week." Ruki grinned, "Thank you for your company."

"Honestly – no – thank you."

A short pause prompted Ruki to step closer to the blonde girl and hug her lightly, despite it not exactly being appropriate. She was foreign, however, and the vocalist just hoped that she wouldn't know that it was a fairly bold movement. As he moved away, he felt the soft press of lips against his cheek and he smiled shyly as they parted. "I should probably get going." He said as he raised a hand and waved it slightly, "Ja ne." He smirked.

"Yeah, see you around." She replied, watching him turn and leave the building. He threw a small smile over his shoulder once he was through the glass doors, receiving another blinding grin and a wave in response.

It wasn't until he got home that Ruki was able to stop his jaw from holding itself so tightly. The nerves left him the moment his head hit the pillow and he tumbled into an exhausted sleep. One thought crossed his mind before he really fell asleep, though. Where had that scar come from?

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