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Chapter 1 – Getting the kids ready

Let's see how our favorite Super family fairs out with the little ones when they meet up with the rest of the leaguers at the Hall of Justice for their traditional pre- Thanksgiving Potluck dinner.

Thursday November 15, 2012 – Pre Thanksgiving Dinner

It was decided that every year a week before Thanksgiving all of the Justice Legionnaires will meet together at the Hall of Justice and share a wonderful feast. After all The Justice Leagues were more than friends and colleagues, they were like family too. Not only do they fight crimes together but when there's a down time (rare occasion) they reach out to each other to visit, hangout and confide with each other. The Hall of Justice is more than just a work place; it's considered a home away from home.

Metropolis, Kansas –

Diana: Clark can you check if the Baklava (a Greek pastry) is not about to burn? I'm trying to dress Lara now if she would only stop wriggling around, my little moon beam such a wittle twouble maker aren't you?

Diana is finishing with lil Lara's bath and she's trying to get the wriggly baby dried and dressed for tonight's occasion. Jon Jr. is bathed and dressed absolutely adorable; wearing a cute jean jumper with blue and white starred booties and a red and blue sweater with white logo saying "Mommy's lil Wonder". He is just the cutest thing. He has soft, curly black hair, ivory skin with plumped pink cheeks and blue/greyish eyes and two bottom teeth that looks like baby chiclettes. What's also cute about baby Jon is that like his handsome father he has the same stubborn curl that falls on his forehead. While lil Jon is in his walker hanging around with daddy in the living room waiting for his mom and twin sister, Diana is about to get a little surprise in the babies' room.

Diana turns her back for a quick moment to grab baby lotion and turns right back around to witness the following…

Diana: OH MY! You are floating already? Oh my gods, YES YOU ARE FLOATING! CLARK COME AND SEE!

In a flash Clark is in the babies' room witnessing the amazing phenomenon of his nine month old daughter floating and tumbling around in midair giggling and blowing raspberry and cooing at both her parents. Both Diana and Clark just looked at each other in utter amazement. Lara is happily making her baby noises. Lil Jon in his walker push walks his way into the baby room, curious to see why his parents are excited. As he enters the door way he sees his sister floating on top of the changer, he starts laughing and squealing in delight and Lara slowly tumbles her way to her brother (s-l-o-o-o-w float tumble) to give him a sloppy wet slobber of a kiss.

Clark: Soooo, this is a first! As he scratches his head and rub his chin, thinking. I didn't start to float until I was about 13 years old and she's only nine months.

Diana: I know this is just crazy! Most parents would be so excited with their babies rolling on their stomach or learning how to crawl. ha ha ha ha. Wow, what rush! I thought we would be dealing with this later on as they mature. I wonder if Jon can float as well.

Clark: Yeah, me too. It seems that these two are developing at a different rate. The only thing he has shown so far is super strength.

Diana: Yes I know, close call at the supermarket. Still feel kind of guilty about all those squeezed grapefruits that Jon was able to reach. (Diana shakes her head in amazement at Clark).

Last week it was Clark's turn to go food shopping and he took one of the twins with him to the supermarket. As he was bagging some of the veggies that were needed, Lil Jon facing the other direction in his stroller was able to reach out and grab grapefruits on a stand and squeezed the juice out of them. He kept grabbing, squeezing and dropping it on the floor. When Clark finally realized what was going on, there were at least eight completely destroyed grapefruits all around the stroller. Jon looks up at daddy with a semi-toothless smile. Clark's eye opened wide with surprise and quickly he did a scan of his surroundings, saw that he was alone in the isle, removed the remains of what was left of the poor fruit from Jon's hands and blurred out of the market baby and all. Of course noble Clark would've paid for the damages but what would be the explanation? (I'm actually laughing here picturing this)

Clark: HEHE (as he rubs the back of his head) yeah that was close. Come here tough guy (as he picks up Jon) let's go to the living room and leave our ladies to get ready.

Jon squeals happy and drooling on the Superman's hand.

Finally Diana dressed Lara in a jean jumper dress with a cute red booties and a red sweater with yellow logo saying "Daddy's super Princess". Lara is such an adorable plumped baby with wild curly black hair and lovely grey eyes. Her hair is long enough for two pig tails and she only has one tooth in the front.

Diana: Baklava?

Clark: Check.

Diana: Baby bag?

Clark: Check

Diana: Did we packed extra diapers, wipes and change of clothes?

Clark: Check, check and check (getting a little impatient). And extra milk and baby food and the playpen are already packed.

Diana: You are wonderful sweetheart! Such a super guy! (And she kind of baby talked to Clark) Who's my super guy? Yesh you are my super-duper guy! I wuv you vewy much my Super Wuper guy!

Clark just looks at her smiles but thinking to himself that he will make sure Diana goes out with her friends because she is in dire need of adult time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this first chapter. I am furiously working on the second one. And it should be out soon. Let's see what happens at The Hall of Justice. Please read and feel free to comment. Insights please.