Chapter 3 – At the dinner table

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice

As Zatanna conjures up spells to make the food appear magically and arranged them nicely on the dining room table.


Everything manifested perfectly on the table. She smiles as she tips her tall hat back. Arthur is bringing out the turkey at the end when everyone was settled in their seats.

Diana and Clark decided to feed the babies and put them down for a nap in their Kryptonian customed made portable playpen so that they can eat in peace. Dick and Alfred finally woke up from their nap. As Alfred reached out for his favorite toy, Batman, Maggie reached out to snatch it from him.





Alfred: No YOU no tell you daddy, I TELL MY DADDY!



Dick and Oliver were just standing there looking at their little ones go at it trying not to laugh at their dialect.

Oliver: Is it me or do they sound like Bizarro?!

Dick just shakes his head and laugh thinking about the comparison.

They decided it's best for these two future heroes to figure it out on their own just as long as there's no hitting involved. The thing about these two is that at one moment they can get at each other's throat and then the next they are playing fine as if nothing ever happen and just like that Maggie decided she lost interest of Alfred's toy when Dinah quickly handed her, her Wonder Woman doll. And then the kids were playing nice with each other.

The twins were finally sleeping in their playpen. Diana and Clark did a quick glance over at the babies before heading over to the table along with the rest of the leagues. Everyone sat down feasting their eyes on all the wonderful dishes set before them. Maggie and Alfred were placed in their high chairs near their parents. When Arthur finally shows up with the beautiful oven roasted turkey, everybody's mouth watered. The smell was incredible. Everything looked and smelled great. Bruce produced a bottle of wine that was gifted to him by the Queen of Thermyscira herself (grapes were feet stomped by the Amazons) as a token of appreciation for watching over her daughter, Princess Diana, when she first came to Man's World. He was saving it for when a special occasion arises and now that everyone was gathered.

Bruce: I figure now is a great time to open this baby, because Selina and I have great news to share.

Bruce and Selina looked at each other with a secret smile.

Selina and Bruce: WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

Everyone was happy and congratulations were in order, hugs and kisses went all around, followed by a toast. Right after, they were lead into a prayer by Oliver. And then everyone took turn to say their reasons to be grateful.

Clark: I'm grateful for you all. Throughout the years, you guys became a part of me and became an extension to my very small family in Kansas. And now my family is growing because my wonderful wife gave me two amazing children. I am no longer the Last son of Krypton. Thank you.

Everyone's eyes watered at his warm and meaningful speech.

Diana: I want to say thank you all for being there for me when I first came to Man's world, for guiding me and teaching me and showing me that this world have plenty to offer. (She looks at her husband)Clark I love you more than words can express and thank you for choosing me to be your wife and mother of our children.

They shared a warm and tender kiss.

Selina: I am so happy and grateful for the second chance you all given me despite my past. Especially to you Bruce for never giving up on me and chasing me down all over Gotham and NOW WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

Bruce: I am grateful for all my good friends who never judged me or held my dark moments against me. And to you Selina, for being my light and my hope. You have always been my light in that dark tunnel and I see that light glowing brighter every day. (As he places a hand on her small mound)

They embraced and kissed each other with deep love.

Barbara: I am so grateful and just so happy to see us here together even though we all have pretty busy lives, thankful for my caring and loving man, for our sweet and gentle boy and for wonderful memories.

Dick: I agree with my ginger, I am very happy and grateful that we are still around for another year and able to share laughs with great people. And to my Babs, you are so beautiful even more so with that baby bump.

Barbara blushed at that comment. Dick always has a way of making her blush like school girl.

Hal: I am grateful to be a part of this amazing team and family. Hopefully one day I will be lucky as you guys are with the little ones. (He quickly looks at Karen. She always his heart skip a beat)

Donna: I am grateful that my butt is not as big as Diana's. (She sticks her tongue out at her big sister) Everyone is laughing at the table.

Diana: I'm going to kick you back to kingdom's come! (Diana sneers at her)

Donna: Sorry it was getting too sentimental here….hehehehe. But I am grateful for both you and Clark finding each other and falling in love and giving me wonderful niece and nephew. You both also gave me hopes that I may find me a wonderful man and having family of my own.

The sisters embraced each other and Diana took advantage to pull Donna's hair quickly.

Donna: OUCH! (As she rubs the area)

Karen: I am grateful for all of you. Ever since Kal found me cryogenically frozen in deep space and after I woke up on Earth at first I felt very lonely and isolated. But you all made every effort to make me a part of this team and family. Thank you for that and I agree with Donna, hopefully I can be as lucky as Kal in finding my own perfect partner. (She looks at Hal with hope; she had always had a deep crush on him)

Dinah: I am grateful for my wonderful husband and my darling Maggie. You two made every day worth living. I am also grateful for being a part of you guys. We really are extra-ordinary family.

Oliver: I am happy and grateful for my golden girls and for this amazing life I am living and to my great comrades.

J'on: I am very grateful for all of you opening your home and heart to me. Even though I don't look like any of you and I can shape shift to look like a human, you all prefer to see the real me. I am also grateful to you Bruce and Kal for finding my niece, Megan, and extending that warmth to her as well. I wish she was here now, but next week she gets her break from school. I am looking forward to it.

Everyone's heart warmed for the Martian

Barry: I am just super happy to be here with the people I love and even happier to l have all my fingers intact! (He pokes fun at himself and everyone laughs with him)

Arthur: I am grateful for us to actually make it today and for this plan to fall through, grateful for one day with no world catastrophe as we can relax and enjoy this meal and great company.

Zatanna: Well I think everyone said it wonderfully. And I agree with you all. DIG IN EVERYONE!

She waves her wand and says a quick incantation.


All the lights dim and the all the candles that were placed on the table lit up. The atmosphere became warm and joyful. Everyone was talking, eating, laughing, sharing old stories, remember good times and great battles. The food was delicious and the wine divine. Barry was already working on his third helping. Hey the guy got to eat, burns food like nothing. Meanwhile Barbara and Selina are talking about her pregnancy and if she is feeling any symptoms and what to expect. Clark is teasing Bruce about no more sleep in his near future. Everyone is having a great time. Relaxing and enjoying the company until….


Everyone looks up at the direction that Maggie was pointing. Lo and behold BOTH lil Jon and Lara were floating like astronauts in space towards the table. Rotating on all axis as they float. And before anyone could react to what was happening, the babies reached the table and landed hard on the food in the middle. Lara landed on the mash potatoes and Jon landed on what was left of the turkey. There were mashed potatoes and gravy chunks flying all over as well as turkey bits on everyone's faces and hairs. Lara reached and dipped her hands in the macaroni and cheese and started to squish it between her fingers Maggie and Alfred were giggling at the sight of it all. The grown-ups just looked at the each other stunned for a moment and then burst out laughing hard!

Indeed they are a group of extra-ordinary people with wonderful gifts and abilities and "normal" is out the window.

As Clark wipes away mashed potatoes from his chest he looks at his old friend Bruce.

Clark: Still excited about fatherhood?

Bruce: Looking forward to it even more, my friend. Although unlike you I won't be having problems with flying babies. (They both laughed together)

Everyone just continued on with the festivities as if nothing happened just laughing and cooing with the babies. And then Clark gets up to clean up the twins.

Clark: Come here you two. Who's a messy wittle twoble maker? Who ish a messy wittle twoble makers? Yesh you two are, daddy's wittle mesh!

Until he realized what he just did and everyone looked at him shocked! Followed by more roars of laughter.


This concludes my story. Thank you for your comments and support. I really had fun writing this story, laughing as I pictured everything in my head.