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Falling Inside The Black Pt. 3

He slowly opened his eyes as he woke up. His whole body ached, and he tentatively sat up, rubbing his sore parts and stretching the kinks and stiffness out.

"Hey Kendall." James whispered from the other side of the room. "Couldn't sleep either, huh?"

"Hey James." Kendall whispered back, then yawned. "What time is it?"

"Almost eleven." James answered. "Your mom went home to look after Katie for the night. They'll both be here in the morning."

"Cool." Kendall whispered. He stood from the plastic chair and stretched long upward, before sitting back down with a sigh.

"Did you hear about that construction site?" James asked. "The one near that field. Apparently they hit a water pipe. They got fired for carelessness."

Kendall scoffed lightly. "That explains the water."

James chuckled lightly. "Yeah. Jerks. Chief Nolan got to do the honors of handing them their fine."

"Good for him." Kendall said proudly. "After what their mistake put us through. . .I only wish their punishment was higher." He sighed, letting his gaze drift.

"Yeah." James said softly, then followed Kendall's sad stare to the hospital bed. Logan lay still and pale, his lips a slightly duller shade of blue it was when he was first brought in to the hospital. James mimicked Kendall's sigh. "He's fine." He whispered, trying to convince Kendall, and himself.

Kendall sighed. "I know." He whispered. "It's just. . .Hard to believe that sometimes. He hasn't woken up since the field, and he's really pale. I'm just. . .Worried."

"Me too." James whispered.

"But he's gonna be fine." Carlos cut in as he woke, stretching himself from the plastic chair. "The doctors said he was going to be fine. . .Right?"

"Yeah Carlos." James said softly as he wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Even though he's really sick, the doctors gave him stuff to help him get better. He's gonna be just fine."

"Then why hasn't he woken up yet?" Carlos whispered softly to himself.

Kendall and James sighed. "We don't know Carlos." Kendall whispered. "But he will. He's strong. He'll wake up."

Carlos stared at the bed sadly. "Please wake up Logie." He whispered softly.

Everything ached as his mind regained consciousness. His head and leg hurt something fierce and his whole body felt like there was a ton of bricks laying on every inch of him.

In his leg however, the metaphorical bricks felt like they were spiked with long daggers that were continually stabbing it painfully. A small, weak and groggy groan escaped his lips.

Slowly he cracked open his eyes. His vision was blurred for a bit. It took blinking repeatedly and shaking his aching head a little to clear the haze, but finally they started to focus.

The first thing Logan noticed when he opened his eyes was the tube in his nose, running to machines around the bed. There he noticed the heart monitor beeping steadily. Then he looked around the room.

What Logan saw as he looked around the room, was James to his right, sleeping awkwardly in a chair. His elbow was propped up on the arm of the chair and his hand held his head up. Beside him, Carlos was curled up in his chair, his head resting on James' shoulder.

To Logan's left was Kendall. His legs were propped up on the bed, his arms laying across his torso. All of them were sleeping quietly. Logan smiled at the sight. His friends had surrounded him, creating a safe barrier.

Logan tried shifting on the bed, but the action irritated his leg and a small grunt of pain escaped his lips, then turned into a coughing fit, irritating his sore throat.

"Logan?" Kendall shot up in his chair and leaned over Logan worriedly. "Whoa whoa whoa, calm down buddy."

Through Logan's harsh coughing, he could feel someone slip their hand under his back and turn him on his side, then rub circles on his back.

"Easy Logan." James said as he rubbed Logan's back. "Just breathe."

Finally Logan's coughing settled, and he breathed heavily as James set him on his back again. Then Kendall lifted his head gently.

"Here." Carlos said, handing Kendall a glass of water.

Kendall held it to Logan's lips, helping him drink. "Slowly Logan. Nice and easy."

Logan drank the water and Kendall set the cup on the bedside table, then gently lowered Logan back down on the bed.

"Better?" Kendall asked.

Logan nodded. "Thanks." He croaked out, his voice raspy and hoarse.

All three of his friends' worried and scared faces and posture visibly relaxed with a collective sigh. They all sat back down silently.

"You had us worried for a while." James said quietly. "Nice to see you awake." He offered a small smile.

"How long was I out?" Logan rasped.

The boys sent worried looks at each other, increasing Logan's own worry.

"Guys?" Logan asked.

"Look,". Kendall said. "All that matters is that you're awake now, and you're okay."

Logan frowned. "How long?" He croaked more forcefully.

They all dropped their gazes to their hands.

Finally Carlos sighed. "A week." He said quietly.

"What?" Logan breathed in shock. He started to sit up again, his diminutive strength only allowing him an inch off the bed. His heart rate increased, the monitor beeping rapidly.

Kendall quickly laid his hands on Logan's shoulders gently, pushing him back down. "Whoa there Logan. Just calm down. Take it easy."

Logan had no strength to fight Kendall, so he was pushed back down to the bed. Though his heart never slowed. His breathing was harsh and shallow, bordering on hyperventilation.

"Logan, you have to calm down." James said urgently. "You'll only make it worse."

"Easy Logan." Carlos said smoothly. "Just calm down. We're right here."

Slowly, Logan's breathing slowed, along with his heart and the monitor. He laid on the bed and closed his eyes, focusing on slowing his breathing.

"You okay?" Kendall asked after a minute.

Logan opened his eyes and thought for a bit, before shaking his head. "No." He mumbled. "I was asleep for a week. How does someone sleep for a whole week?" He asked bitterly. Then he sighed. "What happened to me?"

The guys sat back down with sighs. "After you were pulled out of that hole,". Kendall started. "You. . .You weren't breathing."

"Chief Nolan. . ." James picked up. "He had to use CPR on you."

"When you finally came to. . ." Carlos began. "You weren't responding to us. They had to rush you to the hospital."

"Aside from your broken leg,". Kendall began. "You caught moderate hypothermia. The doctors said that if you were in that water for five more minutes. . ." He trailed off.

"We would've lost you." James whispered hauntedly.

Logan looked at all of their solemn faces with sympathetic eyes.

"The doctors rushed you into the emergency room the second you were brought in." Carlos said sadly. "They gave you medicine to help with the hypothermia, and wrapped you in blankets and stuff. It was. . .Scary. . .Not knowing what was happening to you."

James laid a hand on Carlos' shoulder before turning back to Logan. "We waited for three hours before anyone told us what was happening. The hypothermia. . .It was so close to taking you, even after everything the doctors did."

"But you pulled through." Kendall said firmly. "You fought it. You came back to us. But it left you exhausted." He shrugged with a sigh. "So you slept."

"For a week." Carlos muttered.

Logan blinked at the information, trying to process it all. "Wow." He breathed.

James chuckled lightly. "Yeah. Tell me about it." He ran a hand through his hair.

Logan dropped his gaze to his hands on his stomach. "I'm sorry I put you guys through all that." He said quietly.

"It's not your fault Logan." Kendall said as he laid a hand on Logan's shoulder. "We're just glad you're okay, and awake now." He offered a small smile.

Logan smiled lightly back. "Me too." He said softly.

"We missed you." Carlos said softly.

Logan smiled at Carlos. "I missed you guys too." He motioned Carlos closer.

Carlos climbed onto the bed and gently laid his head on Logan's shoulder, wrapping an arm around his stomach lightly. "I'm glad you're okay Logie." Carlos whispered, closing his eyes.

Logan weakly hugged Carlos close to him. "Me too 'Los." He whispered to an already sleeping Carlos, snoring softly.

Kendall and James smiled. "That's the best he's slept all week." James whispered.

Logan smiled then motioned them closer as well. Kendall and James climbed onto the bed, laying at the bottom where they would fit, but close enough to each other and Logan and Carlos for comfort. In seconds they were all sleeping soundly, soft smiles on their faces.

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