You heard a little girl said. She seemed as if she were looking for you. You peek from the side of the tree you were standing behind, afraid of scaring the poor little girl, for she was your only friend.


She yelled yet again, with a bit of worry in her voice. You exposed yourself more as she smiled at you, hugging you at first sight. You were used to this action, and the extra limbs on your body immediately hugged back, stroking the girl's long flowing black hair. She looked up at you and smiled, "Where were you? Why were you hiding? There's no need to be afraid!" You look down at the ground, embarrassed with yourself. She stroked your arm and disregarded her question,

"It's okay, Slendy." She said.

'Slendy' was a nickname she made up for you when she first encountered you. Just remember frightening this one innocent little girl broke your heart. You never wanted to be like this, but because of the world's fear, you came to be. The only way to get your message across was to frighten people to the death. Your job was relatively easy, but you had hunters coming out looking for you to destroy you. Yet, this one girl understood your innocence. The moon shone brightly in the sky, which enhanced the little girl's dimpled cheeks.

"I wish I could stay with you forever."

She would say, giving you one final hug before she went home, never telling anyone about your 'secret friendship'.

"I'll keep our friendship a secret forever. Not until I die!"

She would say confidently in her cute little toddler voice. You would give her one last goodbye and she would be on her way. But today, you never see that girl. You miss her, and leave little notes for her every night, hoping she would find them. The truth was, the little girl had to move away. Out of state, to where she wouldn't be able to reach you. Your passion for humans has slightly faded away, but eating from people's fears have never gone away. You wait for her every night, and scare off anyone who dares to remove the notes spread throughout the forest.

You never forgive

And you never forget

That one young girl

Who brightened your world.