As you looked around, you noticed something new about the atmosphere. The trees were shrouded with bright colorful lights and little bulbs hanging off the branches. You admired their glow, and poked a few as you walked passed them. Today was your first Christmas.

You had never ever seen anything else so radiant as these lights ever in your life time. You wondered if that little girl from years ago likes them, and you wonder if you may find her tonight. Your excitement grows as you see more lights turn on as the sun descends. You may just find that one special light in your world, yet, out of all these you see, you're not even sure if you can tell if she came or not.

You posted the notes again on different trees this time, hoping to find her. Sadly, all you find again are those silly teenagers wanting a good fright. You give them one alright. You sit in the little tunnel covered with moss and look around for the little girl. You see one pass by, but she didn't see you. She did not have black hair like the girl did, so you doubted it was her. After such a long time from not seeing her, you wonder if anything has changed about her. Emotionally, physically, and even mentally.

You hear a large car pull up to a red carped as a beautiful young teenager walked out. She looked so much like the little girl, yet more older and mature. She wore a beautiful shimmering blue dress with a white coat, just like you remember. You get out of your hiding spot and spy on her through the trees. She didn't even notice you. She was too busy signing pieces of paper—what if she finds a note tonight?! You thoughts immediately trailed off the subject and you put a note on the tree next to her. She looked over and read it. You wrote, "Come and find me." The nicest most friendliest phrase you could think of. She stared at it for a while and smiled, disregarding the note. Your extra limbs droop down to the ground sadly, and you drag them across the grass as you slowly walk away.

She had forgotten all those times she said she would never forget until she died, and you remembered that. When you watched her read the note, the same smile on her face was equivalent to the one given to you the night before she disappeared from your life. Well then, goodbye to that light, hello to the darkness that you had not yet experienced.