According to Bethany's parents, all the clones died. But what if that wasn't true? This is my first fanfiction so I might have some mistakes. I would love any type of reveiw, good or bad.

Meredith hated her apartment. It was way to small for her, excluding her mom and soon-to-be baby brother. Her own room was only the size of three very small bathrooms. Meredith's bed was squished up against the wall, in the exact spot there just happened to be a really drafty window. There was a wooden desk ( Bethany called it a wooden stool ) and one of those old box TV sets on a stand in the other side of the room. She sighed. Did everything in her room have to be minature? Meredith rebelliously itched the red bumps on her legs as if she were trying to get her mom back for moving to this place. She lazily snatched the remote from underneath the folds of her covers and sat up. Having the chicken pox was nearly as bad as this apartment; but there was one good thing about it : it's temporary. She imeadiately flipped to the news, since it was the only interesting show on at 12:30. Meredith was listening to a fairly interesting story on an earthquake that had struck some foreign place she couldn't pronounce when two very serious men sitting by a glossy desk. " Just in, a girl has claimed to of been cloned." one said. His face dissolved into two boxes, and there stood two girls, completely identical. But Meredith didn't have anymore time to look, because she started to gasp.