Set after 1x20, when Veronica is secretly dating Logan but finds out that he had GHB at Shelly Pomroy's party and ditches the date she had planned with him.

No freaking way. She couldn't believe she trusted that jackass. She knew this was all too good to be true. Her and Logan? Logan actually being a sweet guy? Come on now. The worst night of her life, which she can't remember fully, is starting to come together in small pieces over time, and she finds herself wishing they were different pieces each time. She knows she could be just jumping to conclusions, and she probably shouldn't have ditched their first real date, just because of something one guy said, and she should talk to him and all that proper relationship junk, but then again, this wasn't a real relationship. Sneaking around behind closed doors and making out in cars at night isn't her idea of a proper relationship. But she also knows that if she talks to him right now, she won't be able to stay calm. Her emotions are way too out of control right now to sit down and talk to him. She was angry, sad, confused, and scared. She was crying. She needed to clear her head. To go for a walk or something, but she didn't want to be alone. But she never lets anyone see her cry. But she needed someone. But who could she call? So many 'buts' Veronica, just make up your mind, she thought. Wallace was busy with his new girlfriend, Georgia, and didn't want to annoy him with very vague details of her fling with Logan. She couldn't come out and say they were seeing each other, so there was no point in calling him because he would want to know what's going on. Her dad was out of the question too, considering he was out of town catching bail jumpers again. And since she's lacking in the friend department, there wasn't really anyone else to call.

Well there was one person she thought maybe she could call. Weevil. They weren't exactly friends. They just scratch each other's backs every once in a while. He definitely didn't consider her a friend, he thinks of her as a snobby 09er. It kind of hurts her feelings to be honest. Considering how she feels about all the 09ers now. With the exception of a few. She thought she's come a long way from her 09er days, but apparently not enough to befriend the leader of the PCH biker gang. She needed to let off some steam, and wanted someone to join her. So she figured she'd try Weevil anyways. Just call him Veronica, what's the big deal? The big deal was that he was her last hope right now. If he didn't answer her call or said no, then she would have to sit in her room and be alone with her thoughts. She didn't want that. She didn't want him rejecting her either. She pushed all that to back of her mind, and pulled out her cellphone and dialed Weevil's number.

"What do you need me to do this time V?" Weevil's voice pierced through the phone.

She had to pull her phone away from her ear, not expecting his voice to be so loud. She had been sitting in her car for a few hours now, and forgot how silent the street is that she was parked on.

"I uh, are you free right now?" Veronica answered, trying to make sure he couldn't hear the sadness in her voice.

"Veronica Mars, is this a booty call?" Weevil asked, presumably smirking.

"No, I could just use a… a friend." Veronica replied cautiously.

"Oh so we're friends now?" Weevil said in a voice that caught Veronica off guard.

Veronica didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say. The way he had said that made her regret calling him.

"Earth to Mars… Where are you? I'll meet you in five." Weevil said after she didn't say anything.

"I'm down the street from the Sac 'N Pack." Veronica finally spoke up.

"Ight V. I'll see you." Weevil said.

"Hey Weevil, thanks." She added before he could hang up.

"No problem." He said, and then hung up.

It was about five or six minutes before Veronica heard the roar of Weevil's motorcycle. He may be the leader of a bike gang, but he was punctual. Five minutes was enough time for her to compose herself. As far as Weevil's concerned, she's the tough PI in training who trouble seems to follow. And she certainly doesn't cry. Well, she just won't show him that side of her. Not yet at least. Weevil pulled up next to her car and she rolled down her window.

"Now what was so important that you needed me of all people?" Weevil asked while taking off his helmet.

"Well you're the only one I know with a motorcycle." Veronica said while leaning her arm partially out the window.

"Care to elaborate?" Weevil asked with a confused expression on his face.

"Today's been a rough day and I needed to clear my head and I thought a motorcycle ride with my favorite PCHer would do the trick." Veronica said, smirking.

Weevil thought for a minute on whether he should ask her what happened today that was so bad she came to him for comfort. If she didn't want to talk about it, that's fine, he didn't want to pry, but he was genuinely interested. So he decided to ask before agreeing to take her for a ride.

"You sure you don't want to just tell Weevil what happened?" He said in a goofy voice that made her smile.

Despite his ability to make her laugh with one question, when all she wanted to do was curl into a ball and listen to sad music, she sighed with a tad bit of disappointment. She thought he would understand the whole not wanting to talk about feelings thing. But she was glad he at least asked her.

"How 'bout this, you take me for a ride and I'll tell you about my day after, over some pizza." Veronica suggested, not really knowing if she had just asked him on a date or not.

"Oh I'll take you for a ride alright." Weevil said.

Veronica smiled and got out of her car and he tossed her his helmet. Maybe he didn't think the pizza thing was a date, maybe this won't be completely embarrassing, she thought. Until…

"And don't think I didn't notice you asking me on a date blondie." Weevil said in that voice that usually would make her a little uncomfortable, but it didn't this time.

"You wish." Veronica said, not knowing how to reply to his remark.

"Please, you know what being seen out and about with a feisty little blonde like yourself could do to my bad boy reputation?" Weevil said jokingly.

"Yeah well, I don't think me being seen with you could possibly do my reputation any harm." Veronica added while finally hopping onto the back of his bike.

"Certainly won't do no good." He said as he started up his bike.

Veronica didn't say anything back. She put on his helmet and held onto him. The last time she was on his bike she held onto the sides of him, but this time without thinking she wrapped her arms tight around his waist as they took off down the street.

What is V doing? Weevil noticed the change in placement of her arms. He immediately tensed up, but then as she tightened her grip a little, he relaxed. He liked the way her arms felt around him. As much as he wanted to think about why she suddenly felt the need to hold onto him like that, he had to pay attention to not crashing his bike. He didn't know where they were going, or where she wanted him to take her, but he didn't care. She needed someone and she chose him and he wanted to stay in this moment for a while, knowing that when whatever it is that's bothering her blows over or is fixed, he'll go back to just being the guy she gets to do her illegal dirty work. After riding around for what he guessed was almost an hour, he pulled into the lot of a local restaurant. Veronica used to come here with Duncan on double dates with Lilly and Logan. She hadn't been here much since then, but from what she remembers they have good pizza.

Neither of them said anything until they were in the restaurant and sitting in a booth.

"So you wanna tell me why you called me tonight?" Weevil finally asked.

"I think I'll be in more of a sharing mood after I eat some pizza." Veronica said smiling.

The two ordered a large pizza and Veronica ate most of it, to Weevil's surprise. For a tiny girl she sure knows how to eat. Veronica was a little embarrassed at the fact that she ate the majority of the pizza, but considering she hadn't really had anything to eat all day, she kind of expected herself to eat a lot.

"Okay now that you've eaten enough for the both of us; talk." Weevil demanded.

Veronica let out a huge sigh. Where to start, where to start? She tried to think of how to begin this. With what happened at the party a year ago, her secret relationship, or the thing that links the two.

"Brace yourself because it's kind of a long story, and I've never told anyone this before." Veronica warned.

Weevil looked nervous, but didn't object to her continuing.

"Last year I was at this party and I ended up getting drugged by someone and… raped." She paused, having never said that out loud.

Weevil felt his body fill with anger. Sure Veronica puts herself in places where she shouldn't be, but what could possibly possess someone to do that to her? He wanted to find whoever did this to her and kill them. Before he could say anything, she continued with the story.

"And to this day I have no idea who did it. But earlier today I found out that Logan Echolls had given a guy at the party GHB to give to his girlfriend." She paused again.

Weevil already hated Logan since day one, and now he was pretty sure there was nothing stopping him from giving that rich boy what he deserves.

"Before you jump to conclusions like I did, I don't know for sure if he's the one that gave it to me or if he's the one that… you know. I kind of doubt he did either of those." Veronica stated, trying to convince him and herself.

"Why are you protecting him?" Weevil asked, not trying to hide his anger.

"Because up until today, I was dating him. Secretly." She waited for him to start yelling or something. But he didn't.

"Boy V, you sure know how to pick em." Weevil said almost laughing.

"A few minutes ago you were flushed with anger, and now you're practically laughing?" Veronica said confused.

"You didn't come to me to beat nobody, you just wanted someone to listen, so it's the least I can do. And plus, you seem to think Logan's a good guy for whatever reason and I'm going to choose to believe you." Weevil stated.

"How come?" Veronica asked.

"Cause I like you Mars. You're hard to figure out, and I intend on figuring you out." Weevil said smirking at her.

Veronica smiled back at him. He liked her. Whether it was real or just part of their ongoing thing they do, she wasn't sure, but she liked it regardless. Before she realized how long they'd been staring at each other not saying anything, they were interrupted by and oh-so-familiar voice.

"You're kidding me right?" Logan said as he walked over to their table.

"Logan… I –" Veronica started to talk but didn't know what to say but she was cut off by Logan anyways.

"You ditch our date and dodge my calls so you can make googly eyes him?! What the hell is this? A date?" Logan was getting louder and angrier.

Veronica just looked at him. She still didn't know what to say to him. She can't just bring up the GHB and the party and what happened to her. She's done enough story telling for the night. She looked down at her empty plate and tried to hold back the tears she felt coming. She looked up at Weevil as they fell.

Weevil could tell seeing Logan before she figured everything out about that night hurt her. He instantly wanted to hug her. Seeing her cry because of that jackass changed something in him. He no longer wanted to kill Echolls, he wanted to protect her. At all costs. Especially because she's not the type of girl to let herself cry in front people. She didn't look like she was going to say anything to him anytime soon, so he thought he'd better say something, anything to get Logan to leave.

"Look man why don't you just get out of here. The lady here clearly doesn't want to see you right now." Weevil said as he stood up.

"You have nothing to do with this! She's my girlfriend!" Logan yelled in Weevil's face.

"The only thing that is keeping me from beating your ass right now, is her. So I think it's in your best interest to get the hell out of here before I change my mind." Weevil shouted back at him, getting closer to him.

Logan stepped back and looked at both of them and then put his hands up and said, "Whatever, I guess she isn't my girlfriend anymore."

Weevil sat down as Logan left. The look on Veronica's face made him realize that whatever it was that she and Echolls had, was more than just a secret fling. And that his declaration of its ending more than hurt her. He didn't really know what to do in this situation. An hour ago she was clinging onto him on his bike, and now she's crying over someone else. He thought he'd try humor to try and make her smile.

"Man, I'll never understand the hold that Echolls kid has on women. See, I'm another story. You get with me and you won't even remember who he is. Like I said to you a while ago, Weevil love you long time." He said as he nodded his head towards her and smiled.

She laughed. Thank god she laughed. It wasn't his best, but it worked. He knew she was content on being where she was so without saying anything he got up and walked over to the counter. She looked up confused, but smiled again when he saw him walking back with a pie in his hands.

"Here, eat some of this. You have quite the appetite, so I figured this might help." Weevil said while cutting her a slice of apple pie.

She couldn't help but smile. Who knew this side of him existed. She liked this Weevil, and she hoped he stayed.

"Girl are you gunna eat your food or you just gunna stare at me?" Weevil asked laughing.

"Right. Sorry. Thank you, for the pie, and what you did with Logan. I really appreciate it." Veronica said the sweetest voice she could muster up.

He nodded at her, and let her eat her food. And when she ate all but one piece of the pie, he looked at her and laughed a little.

"Are you trying to embarrass me?" Veronica asked trying to hide her smile.

"Embarrass you? What are you talking about now?" Weevil asked.

"I ate nearly a whole pizza and a whole pie. That's kind of an embarrassing thing to do in front of a guy you…" She slowly halted her sentence, not being ready for where she thought that sentence was headed. But of course he noticed where it was going and naturally didn't leave it alone.

"A guy you… what?" Weevil asked with a devilish smirk, knowing what she was going to say.

She looked up at him and half smiled, and then looked back down again.

"Ight fine, you don't have to answer that. But I think it's time we leave this place, where do you wanna go?" Weevil asked, hoping she wouldn't want to call it a night.

"Home." She answered, much to his disappointment.

"My dad's not home, we can watch chick flicks and eat popcorn!" She added with a lot fake enthusiasm.

Weevil immediately perked up when she said that, but tried not to show it.

"V there's no way you're still hungry, so if asking me over for popcorn and a movie is your way of trying to get a piece of Weevil, you could have just come out and said it." Weevil joked.

"Yeah yeah, let's just go." Veronica said laughing, while getting up and hitting him on the arm.

"Whatever you say Veronica Mars." Weevil added before getting up and following her to his bike.

This time she had him wear the helmet. He tried multiple times to get her to wear it, but he caved at her stubbornness. The both hopped on the bike and she wrapped her arms tight around his waist and rested her head on his back the whole way home.

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