Chapter Seven

As I have mentioned ealier, I grew up in a village full of vikings. However, I don't believe I mentioned that my village was called Handsomeville. Look at my face and you'll see where it got its name.

My two wonderful parents grew up together in Handsomeville. And I believe you owe them both a huge debt of gratitude. My father proposed to my mother, they were married, and here I am. The world would be a much worse place than it is now without me, wouldn't it?

My father taught me many great things, such as how to exercise effectively. He was (and is, I should say,) strong, buff, and a professional viking, just like I am now. Starting from his early youth, he participated in many sea battles and village raids, and is considered in Handsomeville to be the stuff of legends. But he's not as legendary as me.

Everyone says I look just like my viking mother. I have the exact same skin tone, eye color, and hair color as her. So, as you can imagine, my mother is extremely gorgeous. However, as good-looking as she is, she's not as gorgeous as I am. No one really is.

I have a cousin named Faetal. She too grew up in Handsomeville. She and her family lived down by the river in the more remote part of our village. She's an Amazonian by birth. That always confuses me; if we're related, and she's an Amazon, then why am I a viking? (And a strikingly handsome one, at that.)

Faetal and I were great friends, and we still are. I just wish that she wasn't so fond of the village river. She, her mother, and her father loved to go on river raft rides, and always insisted that I joined them. I hate rafting! Rivers are full of water, and water messes up my beautiful, gorgeous hair!

Faetal's currently in Defender School, training to be a Defender just like me. I hate to disappoint her, but no one is as great a Defender as I am. No one can beat perfection.