Biggest Fan: Part I

A/N: So this is my first NCIS: LA fic and it's a two shot. I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I'm an engineer, not an English major.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Callen drawled from his desk in the bull pen.

"Hardy har har," Deeks rolled his eyes as he dropped into his usual seat.

"So how was the LAPD retreat?" Sam asked with a wide grin and Deeks wouldn't put it past the navy seal if he did know exactly what had happened on his department mandatory training.

"Oh it was a blast – sang kumbaya and held hands around a fire," he quipped back. "So where's Kens? They didn't let her go because her awesome partner was gone for a couple of weeks, did they?"

Sam and Callen shared a loaded look that immediately sent Deeks onto a nervous edge.

"What? Where is she? She wasn't hurt while I was gone, right? Guys?" Deeks voice was rising with each question.

"No, no, she's fine! Show a little faith," Callen assured him. "We were taking great care of her before you showed up."

Deeks gave them both a doubtful look.

"We're actually not allowed to tell you," Sam said, looking like he wished he could. "She threatened to maim us if we mentioned her latest assignment to you."

"I won't tell!" Deeks was grinning now. It had to be a very embarrassing op if she'd made those threats to the other two agents. "Come on guys!"

"Mr. Deeks, I believe you left out some information on your last expense report," Hetty appeared behind Deeks and he jumped an inch out of his seat in response. Clearly his Hetty-dar needed some tuning again.

"Oh… yeah, sorry," Deeks accepted the file she offered with drooped shoulders. "You could tell me where my partner is, couldn't you, Hetty?"

"Nice try, Mr. Deeks," Hetty gave him a knowing look and smile that sent a chill down his spine.

Knowing he wasn't going to win this argument, Deeks opened the folder as the other two agents moved onto their paperwork too. He was halfway through his file when he saw the sticky note.

Golden Masquerade, 9:00pm Tonight

Deeks fought the grin that was itching to spread across his face. Hetty to the rescue.

*Later that night*

Deeks had to park three blocks away from the club Hetty had secretly sent him to and it even took a little of an old cover's persuasion to get past the door without having to wait in the ridiculously long line. Once past the bouncers he shrugged off his leather jacket to drop off and stepped into the crowd, his eyes on high alert for his partner. The pulsing of the music and the sweat of the moving bodies rising and falling together was a heady mix when combined with the smell of alcohol and after much debate Deeks thought that it wouldn't hurt to have a drink while he searched for his partner. He knew Sam and Callen were just outside waiting in a van in case trouble arose and he was technically off. Once he got to the bar he placed an order for a glass of whiskey on the rocks and he avoided the gazes of several women who stared longingly at him and continued his search for Kensi. He had just finished his drink when he caught his first glimpse of her and he performed a classic double take.

Swiping a hand under his mouth to check for drool, his eyes stayed glued to the brunette dancing along the length of a long pole in nothing more than the shortest dark blue shorts known to man and a torn LAPD t-shirt that covered little more than her breasts and some of her shoulders. To top the entire ensemble off, she was wearing knee high 'fuck me' boots with fish net stockings and a classic cop hat that held most of her hair up with long tendrils of reddish brown hair trailing down in random spots.

He shouldn't be here. Damn his own persistence and unthinking decision to follow Hetty's note. How was he going to ever look at her again without thinking of her in that? He needed to leave and fast, before she notices that he's here. Setting his glass down and paying his tab, Deeks begins to slip through the crowd to escape but of course he can't help the occasional glances up at his partner and on his second glance her eyes are caught in his and he knows she's going to make him pay for being here. After he watches her execute a perfect twirl around the pole with her legs wide and her eyes never leaving his, she begins to stalk toward him through the crowd until either by her design or the crowds', her body is pressed to his and her lips brush against ear.

"What are you doing here?" Her voice is just a whisper in his ear, but her lips linger and he can't fight the shiver of need that travels through his body.

"Uh… Hetty…" he manages to mumble. The crowd surges some and his body presses in more tightly against her and his hands move to grip her hips to keep them from falling all together.

"Hmmmmm," Kensi hums softly into his ear, relishing the feel of his body pressed against her mostly bare one. Hadn't she spent countless nights with this very scenario playing through her mind. Usually they were alone and in one of their bedrooms, but at the moment she could settle for this.

"So what are you supposed to be doing?" Deeks managed to ask as his thumbs made small circles on the bare skin of her hips.

"The job is already done," Kensi said barely loud enough for him to hear. "I just thought it would look funny if I left my shift early."

The real question Deeks wanted to ask was why she hadn't killed him for how close they were and where his hands currently were, but on the off chance that she hadn't realized it already, he wasn't about to bring it up. "So how long do you have to stay to keep your cover safe?"

"Mmmm, not too much longer," Kensi sighed, letting the woman in her loose to feel what he was doing to her. It has been awhile since anyone has touched her in this way and it was Deeks, her best friend and secret fantasy. "Why? You fixing to take me home with you?" She rolled her body up his to emphasize the message her body wanted his to know.

A soft hiss broke through Deeks' teeth and he forced his mind to unappetizing thoughts to keep his second brain in check, but she was testing him.

"Dance with me," she whispered huskily into his ear, letting her left hand rest on his very lower back and the other hand around his waist.

"Fern, I'm not so sure this is great idea," Deeks finally managed to speak.

"Come on, Deeks, live a little," Kensi purred, helping guide his hips to a sultry sway to the beat of the current song.

Focusing as much as possible on baseball and his latest gun stats while they moved together to the song in hopes that he wouldn't have physical proof pressing into her that would make her run screaming the other direction or knee him in the crown jewels.

"Relax, partner, I won't bite…" Kensi chuckled. "Hard…"

Deeks swallowed hard as his mouth dried and forced his mind back into focus. He needed to turn the tables on her and soon. To start he would drop his right hand to her ass and he gave it a light squeeze to pull her closer.

Kensi bit down hard on her lip to keep from moaning out loud and she also had to quell the urge to knee him. It was a habit after all.

"Someone is being naughty," Deeks growled low into her ear and Kensi couldn't help but smirk. If it weren't for the husky tone in his voice, this would be her Deeks.

"Look who's talking," Kensi purred into his ear before nipping at the soft lobe and causing his breath to audibly hitch.

"God, Kens…" Deeks voice was strained and a testament to his precarious hold on his self-control. "Call the dogs off."

Kensi's brain stalled for a moment before she pulled back and lifted a finger to her ear-com. "Guys, I'm good. See you back at Ops tomorrow."

They must've answered an affirmative to her request because her eyes locked with his and he read everything he needed to in her mismatched eyes. Without waiting another second he took her hand in his and started pulling her off toward the entrance to the club. The task was more difficult than Deeks had hoped and they got ushered toward the edge of the club, but still many feet from their destination. A low growl of frustration escaped Deeks' mouth before he was being forcibly shoved against the wall so that he faced the rest of the club and then her lips were on his and her body pressed tight to keep him against the wall. When his brain finally began functioning again, he twisted her around and lifted her just high enough so that she was now pinned to the brick wall by his hips. A small whoosh of air left her lungs and into his mouth as the inferno built and they both fought to consume the other. Kensi let her hands roam the expanse of his back, wishing more than anything that they were without clothes so she could feel his bare skin. And speaking of skin… Deeks' hand on the bottom of her upper thigh that was currently helping keep her up was doing all sorts of crazy things to her libido. His other hand was currently tangled in her brown locks and guiding her face as close as possible to his.

Minutes had probably passed and the fire between them only built after Kensi thought it should have peeked already. She now felt something very hard pressing right against her center and lower stomach and God, did it make her feel a million more times alive than any other adrenaline-induced moment she'd experienced in her life.

"Hey! You two gotta go somewhere else if you're gonna do that," a bouncer had made his way to them and broke them from their moment.

Kensi normally would've blushed, but honestly she couldn't think past finding a way and place to continue their dance if they couldn't here.

"Fine," Kensi said firmly and took her partner's hand after he let her down and forcefully pulled him to the exit and finally out into the fresh air. The slight chill to the air seemed to clear their heads some and they exchanged a sheepish look, letting their hands drop to their sides. "Did that really just happen?"

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