Part II:

The heat and seduction seemed almost like a distant memory or dream, but one look of Deeks' darkening eyes and she knew it had really happened.

"Please tell me you're not going to pretend all that didn't happen," Deeks' voice was combination of worry and frustration and Kensi couldn't blame him. Even she knew her natural response would be to hide from all this. If they didn't take it any further than they could pretend it didn't happen. But she knew that wasn't right. Kisses like that didn't come along every day or with just any guy. She had allowed herself to be completely consumed by him and though it went against the normal grain for her to lose control at all, she wanted to lose it with him. She wanted to know what it would feel like to let go.

"No," she murmured, holding his gaze. "No more pretending."

A long sigh escaped Deeks and he closed the gap between them so that he could wrap his arms around her and hold her close. Maybe he should've been making out with her in response to her words, but the emotions her affirmation brought up in him were too hard to avoid at the moment.

"You've gotta be getting cold," Deeks murmured into her hair, remembering that she wasn't wearing much of anything at the moment.

"Just a bit," Kensi admitted, already dreading the moment when he'd pull away. The wicked combination of his body heat and scent were making her insides all fuzzy.

Deeks worked his keys from his pocket and then fit them into her palm.

"I had a drink so maybe you can drive us," he said softly.

"Okay," Kensi murmured back and she wondered where her wits have gone because Kensi from four hours ago would've had a smart comeback for that one. More than anything she just wanted this man in a bed and naked beneath her.

He slipped his fingers through hers and began pulling her to where he parked. Neither could help the stolen glances from their peripheral vision until they finally arrived at Deeks' car and they parted to climb in. Neither spoke as Kensi drove them to Deeks' place and that alone proved to Kensi just how monumental this transgression was going to be. If Deeks was quiet, then something big was gonna happen. When she finally pulled up to his house and parked the car they shared a loaded glance before Deeks finally spoke up.

"Did you want to come inside for a beer or maybe a coffee?" Deeks fights the urge to fidget in his seat and just hold her steady gaze.

"As long as you have something for me to change into," Kensi smiled, hoping to get her old less nervous partner back.

"You're sure you want out of that?" Deeks' gaze boldly roams over every curve her body presented him and Kensi has to fight off the all over body shiver his burning scrutiny is causing her. "That looks very comfortable."

Kensi rolls her eyes at him before gently shoving him in the shoulder and clambering out of the car. Fighting the residual blush she walked beside Deeks who led them up the short path to the front door and then inside.

"So which would you rather I grabbed first; coffee, beer, or a change of clothes?" Deeks asked as he began walking backwards in the general direction of both kitchen and bedroom.

Kensi only raised an eyebrow and fought the urge to roll her eyes as she crossed her arms over her front while grabbing the hem of her very short shirt and hoisting it up over her head to toss it onto the floor. Deeks' jaw dropped and Kensi chuckled softly when his eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

"So, uh, no bra then, huh?" Deeks' stammered, his eyes stuck on her bare torso and frozen in place.

Kensi just bit her lower lip and shook her head with a wicked grin. "Wanna know what else I'm not wearing?"

She saw his breath hitch in his chest as his eyes blazed darker to a shade of blue she'd never seen before now. He groaned her name softly as he remained motionless and the sound of it sent a long shiver down her spine that contrasted strongly with the heat now pooling low in her abdomen. She fought to control her breathing as her hands traveled down the center of her chest, to her stomach and then lower to the button of the jean shorts she was wearing. Her slightly shaking fingers fumbling at the button of her shorts was what finally broke Deeks from his state of stillness and he took three long steps to close the distance between them before swallowing her gasp with his lips as he tried to devour her whole.

Kensi dug her fingers into his shirt to keep standing as his lips moved expertly with her own and his hands burned a path of heat and gooseflesh across her back and sides. He held her so close that her chest was almost flat against him and she longed to feel that skin on skin contact that would no doubt be as perfect as this kiss now. The only way she could comprehend getting this point across to him was to mewl into his mouth and tug up on his shirt until he finally broke their kiss for the split second it took for them both to lift his shirt up and off. He felt deliciously hot with his naked chest pressed into hers and she let out a shuttering breath before they picked up as before. His hands now moved down to her backside where his fingertips dug into her flesh and massaged it, pulling her pelvis into his where his arousal was more than obvious. Fire erupted from within Kensi and she choked on a moan.

"Need," Kensi moaned. "More. Now."

And Deeks didn't have it in him at the moment to deny her anything. Gripping her backside, he hoisted her up so that her legs could wrap around his waist and her arms quickly wrapped around his neck to balance herself. Deeks walked them to his bedroom as Kensi nipped and flicked her tongue along his neck, enjoying the shortened breaths and moans escaping his mouth. When he finally got them into the room he tossed her up and across so that she landed with a small squeak and high bounce onto his bed and he couldn't help but chuckle at the look on her face. Kensi quickly moved from shock to mock-frustration as she crawled her way across the bed and pulled herself up by the hem of his jeans.

Deeks' breath caught in his chest her fingers danced across his chest followed by open mouth kisses and nips until her fingers found his jeans button and popped the fabric apart, lightly tugging them down as her lips blazed a hot trail down and down…

"Oh God…" Deeks groaned as her mouth did very magical things to his arousal. He laced his fingers through her soft brown locks and let the feeling of her lips and tongue wash over him. More than anything he wanted to stare down and watch her, but then he'd see his Kensi doing this to him and he'd be at the brink of finishing their party and seconds and he'd have to squeeze his eyes shut again. "K-Kensi… babe, you can't keep doing that or I won't get to feel more of you than just your mouth."

Kensi licked her way back up and gave him a playful pout before he tipped her back onto the bed and shimmied her shorts off and onto the floor. Once she was gloriously naked before him he hovered his body over hers and sealed his lips over hers for a kiss and then moved down her throat, alternating between open mouth kisses and brushing the scruff of his facial hair against the sensitive skin. Kensi writhed beneath him with her fingers wound tight in his hair – the hair she had secretly fantasized over for quite some time now.

She wanted to feel him lower – everywhere – just more of him and he was just taking his time while her body cooked itself from the inside out. A hybrid whine-whimper escaped her lips before he finally enveloped the peak of her left breast and sent all common sense and rational thought through to the heavens as she gasped his name. Deeks hummed into her soft flesh and grinned when the vibration made her back arch into him. He wanted to play her body like the sweetest symphony to a crescendo only he could bring her to. Her whimpers and moans were music to his ears as he blazed a hot trail of kisses lower and lower until he gently nipped at her inner thigh.

"Deeks I swear to God if you don – "

Deeks grinned before he placed his mouth exactly where she wanted and her hips jerked up to meet him. She tasted sweeter than honey and he feasted on her as she mewled and begged him to continue. He'd never heard his partner utter such words, but he was quickly growing addicted to the sound of them. Maybe it was his natural instinct for things in bed or maybe it was because he was so attuned to his partner, but he could just sense when she was growing close. He had a split second where he wondered if he should bring her over that edge or if he should wait until they'd moved onto the main show. One glance up at her face, completely open and expressive, and he knew he wanted to see her come undone a thousand times and he would start with now.

Kensi's body rung like a well struck bell as he tuned her to a pitch that had her body singing a tune she thought she had known better. Just a few additional strokes of his wicked tongue and she was thrown heels over head into an abyss filled with shining stars. She cried out his name while her fists clenched tight into the sheets. Kensi felt like her body was trying to take off without her and the sheets were the only thing keeping her tethered to the earth. When her body stopped trying to float away she focused on evening out her breathing and opened her eyes to stare into the soft and dark blue orbs of her partner.

"Make love to me, Marty," she whispered the request softly, half hoping he wouldn't hear her and half wishing he would.

His eyes widened a little and she could see him swallow before he nodded slowly in response. Deeks heart was hammering hard in his chest as he leaned down to place feather light kisses across her face before capturing her lips and spilling his feelings into her with his mouth. With every brush of his tongue against hers he was mentally confessing his undying love for her and scared that saying the words aloud would send her running for the hills.

"You're the most amazing woman I've ever met, Kensi Marie Blye," Deeks murmured between kisses.

"Duh," Kensi smirked into his kiss and they both shared a laugh. "I'm serious, Marty. I want this. I want you."

"And who am I to deny a pretty woman?" Deeks grinned down at her.

"Pretty?" Kensi scoffed mildly with a raised eyebrow.

"Beautiful?" Deeks tried.

Kensi gave him a disappointed pout in response.

"Amazing gorgeous fantasmic drop dead prettyastic?" Deeks' grin was very wide now.

Kensi just rolled her eyes and tugged his face closer by the hair. "Well now you're just talking crazy. And why are you stalling?"

"Who said anything about stalling?" Deeks grinned before finally lowering himself enough where he waited the last inch to meet her eyes.

"Yes," Kensi's face changed from playful to soft in seconds.

Deeks finished the distance and they both lost their breath in the initial moment. Words were no longer needed as they moved together with hands roaming free over the other. Kensi wrapped her ankles together behind his hips and urged him faster. She wanted him hard and fast and he was more focused on taking his time.

"Deeeeeeeeeeeks," Kensi gave a breathy whine.

Deeks couldn't help but chuckle before he picked up his pace and he watched as her head fell back into the bed and she let out a moan of approval that kind of sounded like his name. He wanted this to last forever. Her moans and whimpers, the feel of her slick body sliding against his, even the way her chocolate waves fanned out across his pillow in abandon.

"Ken-si," Deeks gritted her name through his teeth, trying to hold back long enough for her to find her release. "Come for me, sweetheart."

His words said in that tone sent Kensi flying over the edge while calling his name and Deeks was soon to follow with just a few final thrusts.

"Kensi…" he murmured her name over and over as he lowered himself beside her and kissed her where ever he could reach without having to move.

Kensi curled her body to press against his side and threw a leg and arm over him to keep him close.

"God, that was…" Kensi started to say but failed to come up with the words that could describe the most amazing moment in her life.

"I know," Deeks murmured back and placed a kiss into her hair. "No regrets, right?"

"None," Kensi smiled and curled tighter into him.

"Thank God," Deeks sighed in relief.

Kensi gave a short laugh and nuzzled her nose into his bare shoulder.

"Did you still need a change of clothes or a drink?" Deeks asked, hoping she would be staying.

"Actually a nap sounds good and then maybe chase that with some more sex," Kensi was grinning wide and completely content to stay in his arms for the remainder of the night.

"I like this plan," Deeks wrapped his arms around her so that neither could move an inch.

"Of course you do, I did come up with it," Kensi smiled.

"Smart ass," Deeks rolled his eyes, but he would trade his smart ass for anything or anyone else in the world.

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