Chapter 1:

The Beginning

This adventure takes place about 250 years from now In the future. Technology in this era has taken a huge toll. In time with the upgrades and stuff, after all the models and builds gone wrong, NASA finally created a starship. It can hold up to 1 million crew members including a captain. They ran millions of tests to make sure that this ship could fly, have life support, and be stable for a crew to fit in. When they had given clearance about it being completely safe, they started thinking, why not make more ships? They immediately got to work and built over 300 successful ships and created the UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS. During that time the government thought that there should be a school for people who wanted to do stuff like this, so, they decided the build a school, and they called it Starfleet Academy. Over the course of 10 years the academy becomes the most popular school on earth. People and aliens came from all around to become a captain or a tactical officer, and when they graduated they would be assigned a ship and position. Over those years they have ran into some horrible aliens, Such as Romulans, Klingons, and worst of all Borg. The Borg or organic life forms are the most deadly alien a human or any species has ever encountered. They are a colony, they will assimilate you into their culture or if you resist they will kill you. But all of this was long ago; to this day no word has been heard about any of the enemies. Star Fleet has been getting suspicious about all this. They had sent out dozens of starships to the Neutral Zone border to make sure that no enemies had plans to cross the border into federation space. All ships but one had made it back the USS Equestrian; the federation became concerned about the ship so, they sent out the USS Luna to go investigate. They found the remains of the Equestrian, and assumed that they were attacked by Klingons or romulans. Then a new war started the federation against the romulans and Klingons. They Federation ended up winning the battle, and the enemies all defeated, the war was over. But little did they know that the Romulans and Klingons teamed up to plot against the federation, they have created a weapon so deadly it can wipe out an entire planet. Will this be the end? Or is it the beginning?