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Jess had been making good progress over the month and a half she had been at the school, academically doing slightly above average, and she was getting on well with people her own age for once.

She spent a lot of time with Caleb, and the pair were relatively inseparable, spending a lot of time texting each other when they were apart. Hillary and most of their friends kept trying to say that Caleb had a thing for Jess but she didn't believe them.

One thing she had noticed was that any time in a class that she was late or arrived after Caleb, he was always sitting apart from everyone else. The only person he seemed to want to sit next to was Jess.

It was third period Math when Jess glanced at Caleb, voice quiet 'how come you're always sitting on your own in classes?'.

He smirked 'I'm not, you're next to me'. She rolled her eyes 'You know what I mean, normally you are. Captain of the football team sitting on his own?'. He shrugged

'Most of these girls just piss me off and my Dad said he'll take me off all the teams if my grades drop, and I can't deal with any distractions really'.

Jess blinked and Caleb shook his head 'I'm not saying I don't want you sitting with me by the way- I'm fine with you, It's everyone else that's the problem'.

She smiled and he glanced at her work 'Number 3 is wrong, x is 4.8 not 4.1'. She glanced down at her work, seeing the mistake and attempting to glare at him but laughing instead.

That night Jess was sitting in the main room on a sofa watching over Harry and attempting to read Pride and Prejudice. She had managed to catch up with everyone else on her reading skills but was now attempting to further her vocabulary and also read the books that most of her class had read years before.

Still in his work suit Christian wandered in, taking off his tie and unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt.

'Hi Jess, so, there is a Mariners game this weekend and George McManus has invited us all to his suite at the stadium, said you were friends with his kid at school'.

Jess blinked 'uh, what Caleb?'. He nodded 'Yes. Did you want to go?'. It was a rhetorical question really, Jess was a massive Mariners fan and her expression said it all, making Christian laugh lightly.

'Okay, I'll let him know. He's invited Elliot, me, Ana, you and Harry, we'll get dinner out afterwards if you want?'. Jess blinked 'he's invited Harry?'. Christian nodded, checking his blackberry 'Yeah…I thought he'd like it…I need to make a call I'll be back in a little bit alright?'.

Jess nodded and Christian left the room, leaving Jess to watch her son playing with toy building blocks on the carpet a little way off. He was engrossed in whatever he was attempting to make; she took out her iPhone and started to write a message.

From: Jessica R

To: Caleb McManus

Christian just told me about your Dad inviting us to the game this weekend- Thanks! X

From: Caleb McManus

To: Jessica R

I'm glad you can come, we always have too much space there and Dad is pretty friendly with Elliot. Is it okay that I said your son could come too? xx

From: Jessica R

To: Caleb McManus

Of course it is, I'm just glad you still spoke to me after you found out about him. It's the first time at a game for both of us, so you should expect excitement from both of us xx

From: Caleb McManus

To: Jessica R

I wouldn't judge you Jess, I know you won't talk to me about it but I'm not going to judge you on something I have no idea about. Well I hope we win on Saturday then! Xx

Jess looked at the text for a few seconds before locking the screen and sitting next to Harry to play the game he had created in his head.

On the Saturday Jess woke up early and dressed in a casual grey dress with a black jacket and boots, her long red hair down and casual. Harry was incredibly excited that morning and Jess had trouble calming him down enough to feed him breakfast and dress him in a toddler sized Mariners t-shirt, jeans and a very small pair of Timberland shoes that Grace had brought them.

Ana and Christian were getting on very well on the journey to the stadium and Jess was in a good mood, the sun was out and it was the first day without rain for weeks.

Taylor parked the car and Elliot, Ana and Christian wanted to see Ethan who was at the stadium with some friends, and they said they wouldn't be long and were just going to say hello. Sawyer offered to take Jess up to the suite whilst the adults went to see Ethan, who she didn't really know very well.

Harry was on Elliot's shoulders still from the carpark and simply refused to get off, so Elliot said he'd bring him up the suite when they came up.

Jess was quickly allowed into the suite and she looked around in awe at the incredible view, fresh flowers, leather sofas and armchairs and the rows of food and drink on the side tables.

A man who must have been in his forties was standing near the door checking his blackberry and glanced up as she came in, a wide smile crossing his face.

'Aah, you must be Jessica right?' she nodded, glancing over the man. He was tall, with broad shoulders, curly light brown hair with a few faint flecks of grey, with a broad, genuine smile and dressed casually.

He put his hand out, shaking her own 'I'm George, Caleb's father'. Her eyes obviously widened 'Oh- oh, thank you, for inviting us today. The others are on their way up'.

George smiled 'Must say I'm looking forward to meeting this Ana I've heard so much about- finally seeing Grey happy is nice for everyone. I'm sure you're also a good influence on him, you are all my son talks about'

He grinned as his blackberry started to beep 'oh, sorry dear, I have to take this, I'll talk to you later okay?'. With that he politely moved off to a different end of the suite, leaving her standing there alone.

There was about ten people milling around and she immediately met Caleb's eyes and he quickly headed over towards her.

Caleb was wearing jeans, black converse and a black top with a grey jacket as he looked over her quickly. 'Your hair looks really nice like that'. He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and there was an awkward pause between them that was gratefully interrupted by Harry, who had arrived with the three adults.

They were greeted by a group of people and Harry hurried past them to Jess, running at her legs and clinging to them 'Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!'. She glanced quickly at Caleb to see his reaction but he was smiling at the boy.

'Uh, Caleb, this is Harry. Harry- this is Caleb'.

Caleb crouched down to Harry's height 'Alright little man, are you excited to see the game?'. He nodded, a huge smile on his face and stopped sucking his thumb, holding onto Jess's skirt with his other hand

'Do you know my mummy?'. He nodded 'Uhuh'.

Harry grinned even more 'She's pretty isn't she?'. Jess rolled her eyes and muttered his name under her breath in embarrassment but Caleb laughed 'Yes she is, she's the prettiest girl I know'. Harry looked satisfied with this answer and ran off to Christian, leaving Caleb to stand back up and cough awkwardly.

'Right…anyway…I'll show you around?'. She nodded and he started to show her around the enormous suite, and she noticed Christian look her way a few times but he didn't seem particularly bothered by her being with Caleb, probably just glad she had friends.

At the right hand end of the suite there was a small corridor through a set of doors through to where their balcony area was, looking down on the stadium.

All the suite balconies were empty of people and there wasn't many people below them in the stands either; the game didn't start for a long time and most people wouldn't be there for a long time, their group were having drinks and food first and that was why they were there early.

Jess leant over the balcony and looked out over the stadium, Caleb beside her. 'It's amazing…thank you for inviting me, you don't know how much this means to me- and Harry'.

He smiled 'he's cute. Reminds me of my niece, though he seems much better behaved at least'.

Caleb smirked and sighed, leaning with his back against the railing as she leant with her front against it. Jess was looking out over the stadium for a minute before she looked up, seeing Caleb watching her closely. 'Are you staring at me?'.

He looked both amused and embarrassed 'I- no…well yeah'. Jess raised an eyebrow 'Why?'. He swallowed, not meeting her eyes

'I really just can't stop thinking about you Jess. I don't know what you're doing to me…You're Christian Grey's foster daughter and he'd probably going to adopt you…I'll be hung drawn and quartered if he found out I was feeling like this for his daughter…God…why do I do this to myself?'.

He looked annoyed and Jess touched his arm gently 'Hey, Cal…why didn't you say anything?'. He shrugged, still looking awkward 'I don't know. I normally have the girls chasing after me, I didn't want to come on too strong or …'.

Caleb trailed off uselessly as Jess snorted with laughter. 'For someone so smart and popular, you really do doubt yourself sometimes'.

He glanced down at her, looking confused, looking into each other's eyes for nearly two minutes before Caleb gently ran his hand along her jawline and held his hand there as he slowly leant in to kiss her.

Jess kissed back and linked her hands behind his neck as he held his hands on his waist gently. They kissed for a few minutes before they were interrupted by a cough, which broke them apart.

Christian was standing in the doorway to the balcony, eyes dark as he looked between the shocked looking pair.

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