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Christian had no idea why Jess had shut down completely, unaware of what was happening. She'd come out of her room with red rimmed eyes and a tear stained face.

Jess had made it very clear that she didn't want Alex to say anything about it being her birthday. She'd managed to convince him that Christian already knew and Alex had to leave quickly at the end of their session, not even seeing Christian as he left.

Christian glanced at her over the full plates of chicken and rice 'how long are you going to keep this up? You need to tell me what is going on here. I want to help you Jess, but you just make it hard for me to even try'.

She swallowed her mouthful and looked up, her eyes emotionless

'I have nothing to say Christian'. He glanced at Ana briefly and sighed, going back to aggressively forking his food 'right, well, I want you to see John tomorrow, he can see you at about 1? If that's alright for you?'.

Jess shrugged 'I'll check my schedule but it looks like that'll be okay'. Christian grunted and moved the food around his plate as Jess went back to slowly eating her dinner.

The next day, Jess was still incredibly quiet and reserved, only speaking enough to give Ryan and Taylor her apartment address so they could go and pick up her things whilst she was in the City with Christian.

This time John asked Christian to wait outside as he spoke to Jess, who had a cold, annoyed look on her face as she sat down, her leg out at an uncomfortable angle as Christian left, sulkily closing the door behind him.

John lent forward slightly in his chair, 'So, Jessica, what do you want to talk about?'. She shrugged and looked away from him slightly. John inwardly sighed a little

'So, I know you clearly don't want to talk about your family life at the moment, can you tell me a little bit about the last two or three years of your life?'

Jess was quiet for a long time, bringing up her uninjured knee and resting her chin on it, eventually looking back at him.

'Why should I tell you anything about myself? Why should I trust you?'. John sipped his water 'well until you learn to truly trust me, you can be safe in the knowledge that anything you say is private between the two of us under patient- therapist confidentiality'.

Jess nodded slowly 'I do trust you, I don't know why…your accent is like my Granddad's was'. John leant forward slightly, intrigued 'he was English?'.

Jess smiled slightly at the memory 'My Dad's parents were both from England, moved over here after Dad joined the British Navy…then Dad came to visit them and met my mum…boom…I'm born nine months later'. John nodded with interest 'you were close to your Grandparents?'.

Jess shrugged 'they lived in Gatewood for years, it's just outside the City…When I was in and out of care they always took me in for a few days at a time, but Granddad was ill a lot when I was a kid, so they couldn't have me for long. When he died Gran couldn't look after me herself'.

John was taking notes in his head 'So, what can you tell me about the last few years? So I can get a clearer picture of your life?'

Jess shrugged in a disheartened way 'the week I turned 15, a man called Marcus Nolan raped me, I'm sure as a psychiatrist that is fucking gold'.

John raised his eyebrows, interlinking his fingers slowly

'no, Jessica, the fact that you went through an event that traumatic doesn't make me happy at all. Don't misinterpret concern with fascination. Did the police get involved?'.

Jess shook her head slowly 'of course not…I don't want to talk about it anymore'

John knew not to press the matter any further until later in the session, he'd dealt with Christian clamming up often enough to know that no matter how horrific the issue, if they didn't want to speak- he shouldn't push it.

'Okay, of course not…what do you want to talk about? What do you want in life?'

'I want to go back to Gatewood. I got so carried away with someone actually wanting to foster me...I didn't even think it through...I can't leave Gatewood again...'.

'Why are you so keen to go back to Gatewood, despite the fact that that's where you've run away from over and over again?'

Jess swallowed 'I want to get back to my son'.

Of all the insane things that John had heard over the years as a psychiatrist- especially everything he'd heard from Christian- this made him falter for the first time in all he could remember.

'Wh-what? Sorry, did you just say you had a son?'. Jess nodded slightly, looking out of the window, her voice quiet.

'I don't want to talk any more, you may as well call Christian back in. Please don't tell him, you said this was all private'.

John was in shock and nodded slightly, aware that this conversation was going nowhere else. With a dazed look, John called Christian back in and he immediately appeared at the door, glancing over the pair of them, seeing the shock and confusion on John's face, and the tormented look on Jess's face.

' everything okay?'. She nodded and coughed away the lump in her throat 'I'll be in the car'.

She didn't even meet Christian's eyes as she swiftly left the office. Christian looked quickly at John 'what the fuck happened? She looks upset'. John sighed, looking torn

'look, Christian, I can't say anything- I'm not allowed to repeat anything a patient says to me in confidentiality, you know that'.

He ran a hand through his hair 'John, please?' he shook his head 'No, I can' know I'm not allowed to Christian, just…keep an eye on her, please. That's all I can say...'.

Christian accepted and left, quickly following Jess out to the car where she was waiting.

Jess had locked herself in her room when they came back, coming out for dinner but sitting silently, staring at her food in an attempt to cover the redness of her eyes, which showed the signs that she'd been crying.

Ana and Christian both tried to make conversation with her but they both fell flat, Jess completely ignoring them and not even acknowledging that they'd spoken.

After dinner Jess disappeared back into her bedroom, locking it behind her. None of them knew what to do but had chosen to let her have her time alone, agreeing that they'd speak to her later.

Two hours after dinner Jess appeared in the main room, a bag over her shoulder 'Christian? Elliot said I can stay with him for a few days? I just need to clear my head...he's downstairs in the car'.

Christian blinked, feeling a little offended but nodded 'okay, fine. Send me a message to let me know when you've got there'. She nodded and left without another word.

An hour later Christian still hadn't received a text and was starting to think Elliot had taken her somewhere for food and so rang him. 'Elliot it's me, I was just checking you got Jess home okay?'. There was a confused pause

'what are you talking about? I haven't even seen her today'. Christian swallowed 'she told me you were letting her stay round for a few days'.

'I would if she'd asked but I've only just got back from Portland mate'.

Christian swore loudly and rushed into Jess's room. It was pretty much empty, she'd opened all the bags up that Taylor had brought back from her apartment, leaving a few things scattered over the bed and floor, but nearly everything else was gone except for a note on the bed.

It simply read 'sorry'.

Elliot heard the disbelief and confusion on Christian's voice 'She's left...Elliot, she's gone'.

John glanced up quickly as Christian barreled into his office, grumbling at him 'you could have knocked'.

'John, it's Jess, she ran away'. He looked shocked and stood up, picking up his jacket as he did 'right, this goes against everything I stand for but I know where she's gone'.

Christian looked up 'where is she?'. John looked torn 'Gatewood, or she's at least on her way there- it's not far'. He looked confused 'but that's where she's run away from again and again isn't it?'

John looked like he was having an internal struggle 'this goes against all my principles okay, and I didn't tell you- this is breaking so many fucking rules and guidelines…'.

John sighed and looked like he was in physical pain saying what came out of his mouth

'Jess's Grandmother is living in Gatewood currently, it's her Dad's mother…Christian…I did some digging today, the man who raped her is back in the town, and she'll be there at the same time as him- she's not safe'.

Christian looked confused 'John, why the fuck would she be going to Gatewood if her rapist it there?'. John ran a hand through his hair, looking physically ill at having to repeat the confidential news

'Her Grandmother is there looking after Jess's son, Harry'.

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