These one shots are very much different then my last ones. These ones are for Vampire Knight Characters only. Some will be from my own imagination but others you can request. I will not except same sex couples -sex stories- though as, while I have gay friends and such, I am not comfortable with writing them. Now please, if you have a idea in mind let me know in reviews ^^ Also for new Fanfiction members or new fans of Vampire Knight be sure to read my stories. Too Good To Be True is my most popular story at the time and is being edited between one shots. Now, on to the one shots

Rules for requests

1) No same sex couples. However if it is more brotherly or cousin like then it is OK

2) No OCs please

3) No lemons at the time

4) If you have an idea give me as many details as possible unless you want me to surprise you

5) I wont make couples out of older characters and younger characters. Such as Toga and Yuki