This was a request from Zeki-Kiryuu-kun628. I don't think I got it completely write but I hope he/she still likes it. It is mostly about the Class President's feelings about Ruka.

Anyone have any more requests? And I also have a request if people are interested; I would like a one shot based on my real self which would involve a prosthetic leg

Oh the beauty that is Ruka, how I love you so. You're long pale brown hair that flows gracefully behind you. Your cool brown eyes that can break a man's heart. How I wish you knew of my feelings for you. How many hours have I sat in class thinking of ways to impress you. I make you chocolates and I keep your photos under my pillow. I dream about you every night but I wish those dreams were real. How I dream I could really hold you in my arms and kiss those soft lips of yours. Yet how cruel you are to me, the guy that adores you so much. All I wanted was one dance; why do you reject me so? No matter, I do not blame you. It is Yuki's fault you rejected me. Why would you want to be seen with a worker? Next year will be different and I will have my moment with you, my dear Ruka Souen.