Relearning /Still Breathing Dabble 1

this one is random silliness. Taking place at any point after Hope and Gamzee moved in with Karkat.

I decided to take some of the dabble fics from the tumblr and post them for the non-tumblr readers. Fanart and original art can be found on tumblr. stillbreathiing .tumblr .com (yes that is 2 I's in breathing)


Sleep is not allowed!


Gamzee poked around the apartment looking for Hope. He found the young woman asleep currently. She had been doing something on Karkat's laptop, which was half falling off her lap. Her head back over the couch and mouth open as she slept. A slight snore emanating from her, which amused him. He'd heard her make some of the most fascinating noises when she slept. The one he liked best was the soft little purr she would make when she was curled up in her most comfortable position.

Draped over the little jungle gym toy the grub was also asleep. A small bubble at its nose expanding and contracting. The little one draped on its back little claws moving periodically as it dreamed.

He grinned at the cute little motherfucker and then reached over taking the laptop and closing it. He set it down and carefully shifted Hope so that she was laying more comfortably along the couch. She shifted muttering into her hand that curled up next to her mouth.

Gamzee grinned and flopped himself at the end of the couch and lifted her feet onto his lap.

She wiggled a little and settled.

With a lazy grin in place Gamzee slowly started to run a finger along her toes. She shivered and wiggled her toes. He watched her with heavy lidded eyes and his smile grew wider. Then his lightly drew a nail down the inside of her foot.

She about kicked him, curled herself up and resettled in her sleep.

He chuckled, with a soft honk he leaned over her and just seemed to appear to study the way her hair fell over her neck through heavy lidded eyes. Slowly he leaned closer and laid a soft kiss upon her temple. Smearing a little of his makeup there. This made him grin and sitting back out of range he then ran a finger up her back.

And hit just the right spot.

With a startled scream she came out of her sleep and went right off the couch. He fall back over the back of the couch laughing his ass off. Snorting out honks. When she managed to get her wits together she could hear Gamzee and see his feet kicking over the back of the couch.

With a growl she dived over after him. "You asshole!"


The little grub ended up being started awake with the thump and laughter of the adults. The grub blinked and then shifting around decided to ignore them and finish its nap.

Adults were so silly.