Trillian Edition

Unique and Highblood

After the events of both stories

warnings: sadstuck, major character death

Notes: Sorry this took a bit, but I ended up with two deaths in my family and other issues that meant I did not feel like writing. This came out after a dream I had with these two messing around and then it sadstucked on me.

I'm not sorry.


Heart pounding she kept to the shadows. Eyes closed as the darkness closed in on her. the feeling as if someone was attempting to choke the life from her. She could hear her own heartbeat in her ears the drumming like cold fingers down her spine.

And carefully kept her legs crossed as her mind briefly whited out. She really hated when he cheated!

Unique kept still hands over her mouth to stem the sounds of her breathing, wishing she could slow the racing of her heart.

Laughing shadows closed around her, tickling along the ebony lines of her body and making her gulp.

Oh fuck that was too loud!

Reddish golden eyes their centers glowing purple and a huge white pointed smile suddenly looked into her hiding space.

"I seee you." his rumbling voice sing songed like some demented monster version of a child's nursery rhyme "come out come out wherever you are." Gingo was in fine form today.

She took a chance and dashed, strong legs pushing her from seated to movement as she dove between his legs and rolled. The black woman was determined to get to the 'safe zone' before he did.

"You could make this motherfucking easier on yourself!" he called after.

WHY did she agree to play hide and seek with this guy again?

Oh yeah the doctor suggested he needed more activity and he thought this would be fun.

Fuck him. Preferably sideways with a spiked dildo and no lube.

Of course they made their own lube, well that could be problematic.

Well if she got the chance she'd damn well test that theory!

Up the stairs, she could feel the darkness after her, the rush of fear that grabbed her spine and instead of having the normal sensible response of 'oh shit run!' she instead felt her body go into shock of mini orgasms.

Why did she have to have the weird ass reactions again?

Even if it was those odd reactions that got her former boss's attention to start with.

There it was! She was close enough to taste 'home base'. The water fountain that the swimming pool size tub he insisted on having built into this 'hive' poured its excess water into, the cooling hot water making for steam and adding a surreal feel to the night garden. He'd been inspired by pictures she showed him of Yellowstone, so many of the shapes of the garden matched the colorful hot spring pools.

Just as her fingers were about to brush the edge of the brown basin, a great hand wrapped around her ankle and she face planted into moss and dirt instead.

But she wasn't done. Turning she gave a kick out. Startling the huge brute she tried to scoot back enough to get to base.

But he just took a better grip of her ankle and pulled ber back, her shirt riding up and dirt being smeared along her back. "Ouch!" she shouted "You motherfucking son of a bitch!" she shouted as she felt a couple of the white pebble path stones dig into her back. That very likely drew blood.

Queer fucker likely would get turned on.

He chuckled, a cold chill up her back as yes indeed, he was still using those triple god damn voodoos of his.

She managed to get a foot up and planting it against his stomach she felt the muscles of her legs strain as she gave a heave. He stumbled back and she used that to get herself to home base. "I WIN!" she stood up on the edge of the pool arms above her head in victory.

And had a brief moment to register the growl, to feel her eyes widening and a tiny 'oh shit' come to mind before suddenly arms were around her and they both crashed into the warm water pond.

He was laughing his ass off and she spluttered water up her nose. "You fucking douche rocket!" she shouted at him and then splashed the laughing clown, who had thankfully turned off the voodoos and seemed much smaller, and less of the monster under the bed. "Go bounce on a bag of dicks!"

Her creative insults just made him laugh harder. She swore she even heard a 'honk' escape him like a snort. Yeah, she was tickling him right pink she was.

So instead she tackled him, shoving him back with bruising force. Pretty sure on him her strength wasn't that much of a problem. She was at 6 foot 4 half of him. he made her feel small and delicate, yet let her revel in the strength she worked so very hard to built.

He grinned up at her, eyes a lazy half lid before suddenly he winced and pulled her close.

"you overstrained yourself Gingo." she said softly and petted his face in concern "I told you to leave the voodoos out of the game!"

"But you have such fun reactions to them" he wheezed.

"You just wanted to cheat!" she snapped back.

Only she and his doctors knew just how bag the Highblood was, and just how short his remaining time in this mortal coil.

She stood up and hauled him to his feet. Taking him inside and letting him lean his rather substantial weight on her as she balanced him up the stairs and to their shared room. Shedding wet garments on the way. She'd clean those up later.

She started to lead him to the large green slime tub he had installed. But instead he pushed her towards their shared bed.

"The tub would help with the pain." she said.

"You earned a reward." he purred.

She snorted "Won't do me any good if you pass out on me. Do you know how heavy you are?"

He chuckled "Then you be on top"

"Oh sure! Make me have to outrun you AND do all the fucking work!" she gave him such a look of utter sarscasm.

He cracked up. At least, it was easing the lines of pain from around his face. Making him look less..


It wasn't that often she was reminded that her boyfriend wasn't just an alien, but a fucking OLD alien. One who would have seen the early civilizations of men and likely laugh at how silly they were.

And still are she thought.

With enough ass kicking she got him into his slime pit. And once he settled, even the scarring on his chest looked less angry. She pulled back his main of hair and started brushing it. he calmed, a rumbling purr practictly vibrating the floor as she worked thr brush through the main and braided it back. When she was done he almost resembled a black man. She really wanted to plate his hair with dredlocks. He would look so utterly metal.

His eyes closed she kissed his forehead and got up. But he wasn't as asleep as she thought and she felt his hand circle her bare ankle. "Join me?"

"You know i hate that stuff" she said but with a sigh climbed in. "It takes me forever to get it out of my hair!"

"But it makes it so soft."

she snorted. It was true, that for all the work it took flaking dry slime from the kinky curls of her hair (which meant she had to unbraid and rebraid it too, hours of work and extentions) it did actually tend to make it quite soft and shinie. Hell she even suggested that if someone could come up with a way to make it easier to remove from the hair they could market it to the black community for a small fortune.

For now though she settled herself up against his side. Her head rested on his shoulder. He had a way of making her feel delicate.

But never weak.

If she was weak he would have lost interest in her a long time ago.

She could stand toe to toe with him and come out on top. A rare feat for anyone not just a human.

She sighed. Well after this she'd get him to eat and look at the pictures from the holiday that the kids took resently. Spring break for highschoolers. Along with a token middleschooler in the form of Rose Lalonde. It was interesting how things worked so that the little girl that had been sick on their doorstep ended up being adopted by them.

Unique sighed and let her eyes sag as she rested.

She woke up later with a start. It was dark, and she had not pulled the curtains, so the cooler autom early morning air was comign in through the openings. She got up out of the warm slime slipping away from the huge troll sleeping still and went about tailing a trail of slime as she pulled the heavy curtains, the warmer air from the bath pool below and the sopor bed behind her helping to heat the space, taking away the chill without making it too warm.

She saw a flashing light from Gingo's phone and picking up the device she grinned. A message from Gamzee. He was reporting a minor issue but he'd taken care of it. He was doing so much better and she agreed that he was going to be a fine replacement as District Highblood. He was already doing everything but running Trillians, which she did most of the time these days.

Setting the phone down she padded back to the Highblood and knelt beside him. shaking his shoulder to wake him up and get them both clean and to bed. the sun would be up soon and he still prefered to sleep during most the daylight house. Over the last few years the black woman had also adpated to his habits.

He didn't respond. With a frown she brushed back a few fly aways from his face and stopped.

Then leaned over him and felt no breath on her cheek, fingers looked for the pulse lines (just slightly different in trolls than humans) and his slow bloodpusher had stopped.

Tears filling her eyes she shifted to sit behind him and rest his head on her knees. Stroking his face painting a green mask to replace the one he wasn't wearing at the moment.

"Sleep well my highblood." she whispered. Shoulders shaking with loss.

Until she was voicing a loud keen.

The last of the eldest trolls, had just passed.