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Bella Swan watched the cafeteria. Forks High School students weren't very mature. One would think that a town of three thousand people would have strong, mature teenagers to continue on the lines and such, but these kids were far from it. Even the teachers weren't on her wavelength.

"Seriously, does anyone here act their age?" she mumbled to herself.

"What was that?"

Bella turned to the Weber girl. Angela Weber, the only person Bella had met that seemed to have a brain. The girl was looking at her curiously. "Oh, I was just wondering if it always rained," she lied.

Angela smiled and nodded shyly. That was a good thing. She was the quiet and thoughtful type. "We have History of the World next. Do you like to be early?" she asked.

"Yeah, let's go." Bella and Angela collected their things and made their way to the door. A girl walked by and sneered to her friend, "What nerds." Angela kept on walking but Bella stopped.

"Compared to you, you brainless twit, I'll take that as a compliment."

Blondie halted mid-step and turned to Bella. "What did you say to me?" she demanded in a nasally tone.

Bella just shrugged. "Nothing, other than the fact that I said that you lack basic intelligence. What did your parents do to you?"

The girl sputtered. "They give me everything I want because they love me."

"Apparently not. Look at how you turned out. They don't love you. You're tolerated because they don't want to hear you whine. So grow up, pull your head out of your rectum, and improve your attitude. I can see your friend agrees with me."

The brunette standing beside her blushed, knowing that she had been caught.

"Let's go, Angela," Bella said, leaving the girl and her friend in open mouthed shock in the cafeteria.

"Wow! You told her off quickly and didn't even give her a chance to speak," Angela said amazed.

"Yeah, it's all about attitude, quick wit, and your arsenal of insults." The walk to History was spent in silence. The classroom was vast and teacher free.

"I'm sure you'll sit here, but you should probably wait for the teacher, just in case," Angela smiled shyly.

"Just in case, what, Ms. Weber?" Angela glanced behind Bella and blushed. "Uh, where Bella should sit, Sir."

Bella turned to the teacher. He was the finest piece of male flesh she'd ever had the privilege of laying her two eyes on. I believe I hear the angels singing.

Then, she realized that she was ogling him like a chocoholic in a Godiva shop. It wasn't her fault that the dark haired masterpieces with the creamy skin was perfection walking. Like Adonis in life.

"Is this the new student, Isabella Swan?" the perfect male specimen asked.

Ugh, Isabella. "Just Bella," the brunette corrected.

His purplish eyes sparkled and his mouth tilted up in a smirk. "I am your teacher, Aro Volturi."

Is he purring?

"I have your books right here," he continued in a wonderfully obvious Italian accent.

Gorgeous and foreign. A woman's dream come true.

He proceeded to hand her three different books.

"Ms. Weber is correct, Bella. You will be seated up front." He took the slip in her hand and signed it in the most beautiful script she'd ever seen. "Welcome aboard." He shook her hand and gave her a quizzical look.

What is he doing?

She could feel a push on her mental barriers.

Is trying to...? What the..? Is he even human?

Students began to pile in then, breaking their staring contest.

Holy crap! He isn't human. What is he?

"These children are so below my intelligence level. It's astonishing."

The women of today have no self respect, or respect for the superiors. Such an egregious display of gratitude. Plus, vulgar language not fit for a young woman's ears.

"These students need much shaping, Carlisle. I saw a boy today with so many holes in his head, you would think his father was an excavator."

"I know Aro, but times have changed. People don't possess any morals now and parents have become too lenient when rearing their children," Carlisle replied.

The Volturi king sighed. "Carlisle, I can not wait for this 'blessing' to come." The doctor groaned on the other end of the line.

There was a brief pause before he finally answered. "We have enough blood in stock."

"Carlisle, my self control is unrivaled. I am talking about how far humanity has fallen. I always strive to see the better in everyone, but the humans of this day and age are a disappointment to nature. Living with no restraint or respect for the lives they are lucky enough to have, is disgusting."

"I know but have patience, Aro. Not everyone is so totally depraved. Give them some time. Someone will shine through," Carlisle encouraged.

Though he was much older than Carlisle, he do rely on him for advice. Carlisle always spoke with an intrepid heart, never hesitating to speak his mind. Aro had read his thoughts many times, so he would know very personally how faithful Carlisle was.

"I will attempt it, Carlisle, but I can make no promises," Aro told him in defeat.

"That's all I ask for. I'll see you this evening."

"Yes," the king responded. He turned the phone off and glanced at his watch. Class in five minutes.

More nagging girls looking for any excuse to touch me. When did women become so brazen? I know harlots who are more conservative. Not personally, though. He wasn't too interested in that with random strangers. I get to see their every sickening fantasy involving me and oh so many others.

Coming upon his class, he overheard some voices. Angela Weber was one of them. Besides any of the Cullen children, she was his brightest student. Always eager to learn and didn't feel the need to encroach upon his territory all the time.

I didn't know she had a friend. In fact, I have never read her mind.

Why, some may ask? Because she didn't attempt to touch him and he made no effort to change that status.

"I'm sure you'll sit here, but you should probably wait for the teacher just in case," he heard her say to someone. Someone with a very spicy scent.

"Just in case, what, Ms. Weber?" he asked while entering the room to see a very shy Ms. Weber and what he was hoping was a girl. All he saw was a long mane of well tended hair.

"Uh... where Bella should sit, Sir," Ms. Weber mumbled with a blush.

Praise be. A girl, named Bella.

When she turned, Aro almost fell into a trance. Such an unexpected breath of fresh air in a human woman. She had large, brown, doe eyes, soft full lips, accompanied by hip length mahogany locks, and soft feminine curves.

Sia lode, an actual woman! She must be the new student, for I have never seen someone so lovely!

"Is this the new student, Isabella Swan?" Aro asked Ms. Weber.

"Just Bella," the beautiful star corrected him immediately.

Aro couldn't help the smirk he presented her with.

A woman who knows what she wants, without going overboard.

"I am your teacher, Aro Volturi." the vampire purred, which he noticed she blushed at. "I have your books right here," he added in the most alluring voice he could manage.

"Ms. Weber is correct. You will be seated up front."

So, that I can keep a very close eye on you, Mia Cara.

"Welcome aboard."

Aro shook her hand and to his utter astonishment, saw nothing. He watched her eyes widen slightly before her heartbeat accelerated. They couldn't keep eye contact because the other students decided to appear and ruin Aro's day even further.

Well, I can figure Isabella out as I teach her. Oh, yes, Isabella. I will ferret out all of your esoteric thoughts.

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Sia Lode- (Italian) praise be

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