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Aro was excited. Isabella decided that she didn't want to have a wedding. What she wanted was even better.

She wanted to be alone with him for a month, with no vampires around to hear what would most likely be happening between the lovebirds. A place where she could explore themany things she knew about intimacy without having to worry about being interrupted.

The private jet flewfor many hours. Bella was trying to pick out the places they passed. They were in South America, because they flew over Rio de Janeiro. The enormous statue stuck out like a sore thumb.

"We aren't staying here Isabella," Aro informed her, when they didn't land.

Where the hell were they going? What could be any further south to go to?

Aro noticed her agitation and laughed. "Don't worry, cara. We'll be there in an hours time."

Bella frowned, "You've been there a lot?"

"It's my business to visit my own property every few centuries. You'll like it, mia cara," Aro smiled, leaning in to kiss her.

His property? So he wasn't spending unnecessary money on a house for the month. Wherever they were going, he was in control.

Bella looked forward at Felix, who was flying the plane. He was there as a guard, but was going to be far enough away that he couldn't hear anything. That was good, because Bella wanted to try something, and she didn't know if Aro was a screamer.

After an hour of light kisses and small talk, Aro sat up straighter. "Isabella, why don't you take a look outside and tell me what you see."

Bella moved to the window, "Uh, clouds. There is some sunlight shining through though. Something sparkly in the distance I think. Whoa! That waterfall is awesome! Wait! Is that...? Holy shit!"

Aro smirked at her reaction. True, it was an awe inspiring sight.

"Someone built a castle on the edge of a waterfall! That is creative! Wow! It's gorgeous!" Bella smiled at the large structure. It was amazing!

Aro nodded. "I came across this centuries ago, and it was in near perfect condition. I just added a few more modern things to it a couple decades ago."

Bella looked back at him in awe, "This is where we're going?!"

Aro grinned, "Yes, it's quite lovely inside." He leaned in and whispered in her ear, "The bedroom is quite nice, and I'm sure you'd love the bath. I know I will."

Bella blushed when he nuzzled her cheek. Dirty thoughts already? They hadn't even landed yet.

The jet began to descend toward a large rock that jutted out from the waterfall. It was smoothed to provide a suitable landing, with marble steps that led up to the amazing citadel. The castle was small from a distance, yet up close, it was massive! Bella felt like an ant standing there.

Aro escorted her out of the jet and up the stone steps, to the beautiful painted glass doors. The inside was magnificent. The first room was all marble floors and three grand staircases. The largest one lead straight up then split off in opposite directions. The other two started on opposite sides of the main one, before wrapping around the room, going higher, before they too split off. One going to the top while the other stopped at an archway.

Aro was quick to lead her up the main staircase and to the left. "Our room is in the west wing."

The west wing.

The long hallway was curved and lead to a wall sized doorway at the end. Inside, the walls were striped red and yellow, with a bright carpet that had purple flower like patterns surrounded by yellow and hot pink designs. The bed was large and covered with red and yellow to match the walls. There was eccentric furniture decorating the room, that on their own, would be ridiculous, yet somehow it all went together perfectly.

Bella really liked it, all of it. The bed was the most eye catching, and it gave her ideas. Very delicious ideas involving one sexy vampire king. Oh the things they could do in that bed.

Aro stood back and let her explore. He snickered when she found the door to the bathroom. She just stood in the doorway, mouth agape. "You know, cara, that bathtub has never been used. I wonder. Would you like to try it out?"

Bella blushed. Aro was a different person when others weren't around, and she liked it!Who knew that the vampire king was so kinky?

"Now, cara, are you hungry, or would you like to get settled in first?" Aro walked over to her, lifting her hand to plant a soft kiss on her knuckles. His eyes glinted with mischievous intent. She watched as the purple color faded. His blue contacts were burning away due to the build up of venom. His red eyes darkened till they were pitch black.

Why do I feel like I'm in for it? Bella stepped back to look at him closely. What the hell?

Aro followed her movement, eventually coaxing her into the bathroom, where he promptly shut the door...and locked it!

Bella backed into the round edge of the tub and sat down. Aro moved before her and began removing her shoes. Then, he grabbed her shirt and tugged. Getting the hint, she lifted her arms, allowing him to remove the offending piece of clothing. Pulling her into his arms, he placed his hands on her waist, slowly slipping off her black skirt and leaving her in her undergarments.

He then turned away and began to run the water. Bella stood and moved to his side. Grasping his collar, she gave a slight tug. He paused in his doings to let her remove it. Once the suit coat was gone, she loosened his black tie and unbuttoned his dress shirt. The silky material slid down his abs and to the floor, leaving him only in his slacks and shoes.

A shirtless Aro was a sight to behold. He was incredibly attractive, even for a vampire, and her primal side enjoyed the flexing of those delicious muscles. His abs were great without being overdone. Just under them was a perfect v that every man in the world strived for. It was like an arrow, pointing to her prize.

Bella licked her lips as another idea came to mind. Really, with Aro, there was no end to the possible 'positions' that they could accomplish.

Aro lifted her with one hand, using the other to cut off her lace thong. A shame, since the blood red color was very attractive with her pale skin. He did, however, unclasp her bra, since that was a piece that could be used later.

He then placed her in the hot water, removed the rest of his clothes, and joined her. Bella's eyes were drawn to his...very...large...she went slack jawed. That has to be the biggest cock in the world! I thought men normally ranged from four to five inches. Apparently, when you're turned into a vampire, things grow!

Truly, Bella was stunned. It was at the least ten inches. At the most, it was a foot long. She felt warmer now. The sight of Aro's manhood was turning her on very much.

Aro grabbed a gold bottle next to him and poured the substance into his palm. He then turned to Bella and smirked. "Come here, Isabella," he ordered.

Bella gladly did as he told her, going so far as to sit in his lap, right next to his excited member.

Aro rubbed his hands together, before placing them on her shoulders and massaging them. Pulling her closer, he had her straddling his waist, while he continued downward.

Bella never had a massage before and thought that it was good she didn't. If they were always this arousing, she would've lost her virginity long ago. Aro's hands found her waist, and she moaned. He had some great hands.

Aro moved on to her thighs, rubbing the smooth flesh, coming so close to her secret. For her, it was definitely a secret, since no other man had been there before, and she was about to share this secret with him. That thought had him growling and leaning forward to capture her mouth.

Bella sighed. He was so sexy, and that growl of his vibrated his whole body, causing her to squeal.

Aro leaned forward, laying her out in the water. Her back bent over his knees, and her hair, now soaking, floated around them. He purred at the display she gave him, arching even more to turn him on.

Aro's left hand held her lower back, whilst his right hand poured water onto her stomach. He lovingly nuzzled her perfect breasts and purred when she moaned for him, "Isabella, il tuo corpo è così bello. Permettetemi di adorarti."

Her breath hitched. That was what he was doing! She'd never been treated like that before. She moaned once more. Who knew that a simple sentence could have such an effect on a person. The Erosian side of her wanted to throw him down and fuck him hard, yet was smart enough to wait. This was her first time. The second was when they could be rough.

Aro pulled her up again and kissed her fiercely. His hands molding to her waist. He tore himself away, only to purr in her ear, "Here or the bedroom?" His voice grew huskier, making her shiver.

"The bed looks very comfortable."

He was out of the bath in that second, and she found herself pinned to the stylish bed. Aro was already where he wanted to be and looked at her for confirmation. At Bella's nod, he sheathed himself inside her immediately. The movement was quick, and she screamed at the intrusion. Damn the pain of losing your virginity!

Aro lowered his body onto hers, making their contact inseparable. He then kissed her, purring into her mouth, lighting every nerve ending in her body on fire.

The pain eased, and Aro was ready. His slow movements made her go crazy. A slow and steady rhythm built. He was worshipping her, like he said he would. His kisses and thrusts were wonderful. He adjusted slightly, and she squeaked when he went in deeper. How much could she take?

Then, he stilled, and she whined in frustration.

Aro leaned over her to purr in her ear, "Voglio che tu a mendicare per esso, Isabella."

"Please!" she acquiesced, trying to get him to continue his wonderful movements. He didn't.

"Dimmi quello che vuoi, amore," he added with a smirk.

"I want you to move! Please?!" she begged.

Aro wasn't having it. He wanted her to talk dirty to him. "Tu sai che non è la risposta che voglio Isabella."

She groaned, knowing exactly what he wanted. Well, she wasn't going to say it! Screw the mind blowing orgasm that she knew was around the corner. He wasn't getting that out of her!

Aro gave her a taunting thrust, smirking when she tried to hold in her scream. He did this three times until she couldn't take it anymore!

"Fine! I want you to fuck me so hard I won't be able to walk for a month! I want feel you cum inside me! Now get moving!" she screamed, pulling him down for a kiss.

Satisfied that she finally gave into him, he continued, but not at the pace he had set earlier. No, this one was rough and fast, letting her body build in pressure. Just when she was ready to explode, he stopped!


Aro held himself back, wanting this to last. She tightened around him, trying to force him to move. When he was sure that she had calmed down, he began again. This time, when she reached that point, he sped up and took her over the edge, letting himself go at the same time. He moved forward and bit her in the crook of the neck, marking her. The only time his venom wasn't deadly.

"Isabella, you've made me a very happy man," he purred in her ear.

She nodded, while catching her breath. Wow, he was talented! "You've fucked me into happiness."

He laughed, the movement making them both moan.

Bella sat up slowly and gave him a devilish smirk, "I want to try something."

She removed herself from him, gasping at the feel of his cock sliding out of her. She stood with great effort and backed away from the bed. Bringing her hands together, she concentrated on splitting her consciousness and body into two separate beings.

Aro watched in shock as his mate created a perfect clone of herself. Both Isabella's flashed him the same wanton grin, and he felt himself go completely erect again.

The Bella's stalked forward, one coaxing him to sit up, while the other slithered behind him to grab his hair tightly. The Bella in front of him crouched down and grabbed him in a firm grasp. The Bella behind him purred in his ear, "Ever had a blowjob, my dear king?"

Her twin smirked and leaned forward to lick Aro's tip, loving how he shuddered when she did.

"You know, Aro, we could have a threesome all the time. All...the...time," The Bella at his back purred more, giving a sharp tug to his hair. At his groan she purred louder, "Yes! Moan for us, my beloved king!"

While her clone whispered orders into her mate's ear, the real Bella busied herself with exploring him, testing just how much she could take in at once. Apparently, she didn't have a gag reflex, since it went all the way in and down her throat. She used her muscles to taunt him, swallowing against his cock.

Aro hissed at the feeling of her throat squeezing around him. How could she take him that far? That should be impossible! Her muscles worked again, causing him to moan. What a heavenly feeling.

His hands moved to grab her hair but was stopped. "Ah, ah ,ah, my dear king. We can't have you moving so willingly, can we? No, we can't," The Bella not attached to his front laughed in his ear, clutching his hands down to his sides and showing some very surprising strength.

Once again, the wonderful muscles of his mate's throat worked against him. When he tried to thrust his hips upward to her mouth, she held him down. He finally got the idea. She was in control and was showing him a pleasure he could never get on his own.

When he hissed at the building feeling, both Bella's laughed. The vibration from the laugh of the one who had her lovely mouth attached to him, sent him over with a cry. His back met the bed when the clone Bella disappeared, leaving only the original, who was currently licking her lips clean of his essence.

"I told you my powers are meant to intensify sexual pleasure," she told him smugly.

Aro had her pinned to the bed in an instant, "Yes, I quite like the idea. If only there were two of me. I'd love to torment you."

Bella grinned and put her hands together again. Placing them on Aro's chest, she pushed. A pop was heard as they looked to see another Aro sitting next to them.

The Aro's smirked, already planning their move. What a great way to show your mate you love them.

Bella stretched happily on the bed. She and Aro had occupied it for quite a while. After many hours of nonstop pleasure, her physical hunger won out, and Aro left to get her some food. She had tried to walk to the bathroom, but couldn't move, since she was so thoroughly fucked. She wasn't in pain. Her legs would just wobble when she tried to stand.

Aro returned with a platter of different fruits and a bowl of hot fudge. In the center of the tray was a can of whipped cream. The naughty smirk he presented her with told her all she needed to know. That was a treat for her. The thought of covering Aro with chocolate and whipped cream and dipping the fruit in the mix was too tempting. She shuddered with excitement, ready to sample Aro flavored chocolate!

He gave her a smile and a kiss, after setting the tray down. "I thought you'd enjoy something sweet."

Bella nodded, "Yes, thank you."

Aro leaned in to nuzzle her cheek, "I love you, mia cara."

Bella smiled, "Anche io ti amo, mio delizioso re."

Aro purred and removed his robe. Handing her the spoon for the fudge, he laid back and let her work. The heated chocolate on his skin was very stimulating. It was wonderful!

Bella leaned down to sample the now perfect chocolate and purred. Nothing could ever be better than this!

Sia Lode!


It's the end! How sad! I loved doing this story!


Isabella, il tuo corpo è così bello. Permettetemi di adorarti.-Isabella, your body is so beautiful. Let me worship you.

Voglio che tu a mendicare per esso Isabella.-I want you to beg for it Isabella.

Dimmi quello che vuoi, amore.-Tell me what you want, love.

Tu sai che non è la risposta che voglio Isabella.-You know that is not the answer I want Isabella.

Mia Cara.-My dear.

Anche io ti amo, mio delizioso re.-I love you too, my delicious king.

Sia Lode.-Praise be!

Thank you all! :)