It shouldn't be this difficult, Simon thought as he walked through yet another shop in the spaceport. He shook his head and left with a smile for the cashier- just because he hadn't found anything was no reason to be rude.

But why couldn't he find something? He'd already found Christmas presents for everyone else on Serenity, why couldn't he find anything for Jayne? It didn't have to be something special, but this was a chance to endear himself to the hitter in a simple, traditional way, and he was determined not to lose the opportunity.

First, he needed to figure out what to buy. Jayne didn't have a particularly complex character, but he liked strange things, like that terribly ugly hat his mother had sent, or the painting of a tiger Kaylee had gotten him for his birthday which held the pride of place in his room.

What do you get for the man who kills everything? Simon asked himself. Just then, he walked past a street vendor advertising his wares. A flash of silver caught Simon's eye, and he stopped to see what it was.

Three days later, Jayne grinned widely across the table at the young doctor, showing all his teeth. He held his new, finely curved dagger with the grip of a professional, rotating his wrist in an efficient and very scary motion.

Simon knew he'd made the right call for a Christmas present- but for his own peace of mind? That remained to be seen.