When the curtain's call

Is the last of all

When the lights fade out

All the sinners crawl

Why Gotham was the breeding grounded to some of the foulest filth of the current remembrance? was a question most of the cities inhabitants asked every day. It had them rushing home, living always with that tremor of fear. They were far from heroes, but they were also above the scum that tried to spread over their pond of fear.

And why would anyone live within that misery? the rest of the world sits back and thinks. Some people can't get out; this can always be said when watching the horror inflicting other people's lives. But when you live with that fear, it dulls. What does not dull is the need to say, "I love you", every chance you can, for it very might be your last. Maybe it is for that one blessing the city as not turned to one hosting only ghosts.