Title: Daryl & Andrea
author: untapdtreasure
pairing: Daryl & Andrea
A/N: These were a series of drabble prompts I recieved over at .com. They were writtent for stillsurivingandrea. The chapter titles will tell you the particular prompt. I put them in this particular order because I wanted this series of drabbles to tell a specific story.
A/N #2: I'm not a Andrea/Daryl shipper, but I liked the challenge that I was presented for this one, and I did a rp with this rper of the same nature. You can find it in the thread section of the above mentioned tumblr. It is incomplete as we no longer rp together do to differences between us, but I wanted to share this because I thought others might enjoy it.

prompt: I ship you with Andrea

The ground was littered with broken bodies of walkers of all shapes and sizes. They were all breathless as the reality of what just went down sunk in. They'd survived a herd and were completely intact. Not one member of their group was killed.

Daryl looked around at the rest of them. He'd never been so happy to see them all in his life. The andrenaline was flowing through his viens as he pulled Andrea to the side and kissed her full on the mouth. "You did good out there."

Then he was gone again, helping with the body removal, and Andrea waited in the shadows just biding her time until the next stolen moment presented itself. She was letting her heart rule her head, and she knew it was a dangerous game, but she was a big girl. And big girls went after what they wanted. Right? Right.