Title: Daryl & Andrea
author: untapdtreasure
pairing: Daryl & Andrea
A/N: These were a series of drabble prompts I recieved over at .com. They were writtent for stillsurivingandrea. The chapter titles will tell you the particular prompt. I put them in this particular order because I wanted this series of drabbles to tell a specific story.
A/N #2: I'm not a Andrea/Daryl shipper, but I liked the challenge that I was presented for this one, and I did a rp with this rper of the same nature. You can find it in the thread section of the above mentioned tumblr. It is incomplete as we no longer rp together do to differences between us, but I wanted to share this because I thought others might enjoy it.

prompt: goodbye

Daryl sat there holding her and rocking her back and forth. He'd already screamed and begged for her to come back, for her not to leave him. Hershel had tried to explain that she'd just lost too much blood and there was nothing he could do to stop it. They'd tried everything they could, but sometimes, it was just meant to be.

He refused to believe that. He'd sat with her lifeless body for hours now. Rick'd told him what Jenner said about the virus being inside them. That even though Andrea wasn't bit, that she'd still turn. He hadn't believed him until it'd happened not more than an hour before. And he'd ended her just like he promised her he would. He whispered, "I won't let you go…"

The door to the room opened gently and another sound filled his ears. The soft sounds of the baby they'd both talked to and already loved and he didn't even know if it was a he or a she. He looked up and saw Carol walking in with the baby wrapped in a blanket and he shook his head as fresh tears hit his cheeks. "I can't…" he whispered. "I can't, Carol…"

"You can, Daryl. You can, and you will…" Carol insisted as she gently placed the baby in his arms. "She needs you now, and you gotta keep that promise you made to Andrea. You'll protect this little one now and for the rest of your life…"

"She?" Daryl breathed as he looked down on his daughter for the very first time. "She looks just like her…" The baby stared back at him with eyes as crystal blue as Andrea's. He swallowed hard. "Your momma woulda been so proud of you."

A/N #3: *sobs* okay so I'm crying now. that was the singlest most hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life.