In the generic suburbs of New Holland, there was a small school. This school was filled with mysteries.. And very strange children. As you might know, New Holland is known for it's frequent thunderstorms. These thunderstorms could affect the bond between a child and a pet... Very, very strongly.

Heh... That was a little bit.. er.. Cheesy,wasn't it. But I can promise you that I will make the chapters WWaaaAAAAYYYyy longer than that one. It would just be a glimpse of my writing. Enough of my fruitless blabbering, let's get to the form. If you are stuck on something, there is my OC's form below. I would like if you read it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read this! :D






Relationship with others:

Love Interest*optional*

Elective(Drama, Music, Art, Science,etc...):






My OC~

Name: Luna Rose Daae ( Pronounced Die- yae )

Age(11-13): 11

Gender: Female

Nationality: Swedish/French

Pet: A boy American Goldinch named James

Relationship with others: Luna tries to make friends with everyone. Her best friend is Elsa and is sort of discomforted when she is around Weird girl. She is okay with the boys, but is scared of Nassor a little bit. She has an average relationship with her teachers.

Love Interest*optional* Victor

Elective(Drama, Music, Art, Science,etc...): Art

Clothing: Luna wears a white bow tied in her ponytail and a black lace also wears a sleevless white dress shirt with a pretty high collar and it is partly unbuttoned so her collar bone shows. She wears a black bow over her waist and a knee length flowy beige skirt with matching armwarmers. She wears black stocking under her skirt and white mary janes.

Appearance: Luna has slightly pale porcelain skin and a natural light pink blush. Her eyes are an emerald green. Her eyes are also fairly big, but not ginormous. Her eyelashes are full and black, they have a soothing touch to them. Her hair is straight and blonde with curls on the end, but she ties it into a ponytail making her hair go down to her upper waist. She has freckles only on her nose and cheeks, so you could only see them if you were a few inches from her face. She has a fairly slender figure. She is a short height, about 4'7. She weighs 70 pounds and has barely hit puberty.

Personality: Luna is a self concious girl. She loves all kinds of art but likes to keep it to herself. She is sweet and kind to other people, but won't hesitate to release the crackin when someone hurts her bird. She is shy at first, but starts to get more talkative when you know her better. She admires Elsa and wants to be like her. her mother always tries to get her in the center of attention but Luna does not like having attention drawn to her.

Talents: Drawing, Science

Others?: That's it!

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