"Ugh i'm so tired i think i might be getting to old for this" said spyro who was walking in the garden trying to find a place to hide, from Ember.

"Uh huh" said spyro, he found a bush that he could easily hide in. Spyro jumped in the bush, and at the right time, because Ember was running into the garden.

"Oh Spyro come here my sweetie" yelled Ember. In your dreams Ember thought Spyro.

Just then Ember ran off to another place, and Spyro slowely got up and walk in the middle of the garden.

"Finally she gone" said Spyro, but just then something pink pounced on him, and landed on Spyro.

"Huh! thought i give up my sweetie? no way i would give up finding my love of my life!" said Ember

Well i'm gonna be your love of the dead if you don't get off me spyro thought.

"GET OFF ME" yelled Spyro


Just then a strong wind knock Ember off Spyro back, Ember rolled on the ground until she stop. Ember look up and saw a dragoness with a slender body and a sharp tail with six horns on her head with a mark on her head, it could only be Cynder.

Ember growled at Cynder "how dare you do that to me"

Cynder just look at her with the green eyes.

"I know what your trying to do, taking me away from spyro so you can mate with him!" yelled Ember

"No i am just doing what friends do best, helping other friends" said Cynder.

Ember growled at Cynder and lunged at her, but Cynder easliy miss. Cynder swung her tail at Ember face, and left are cut on Ember face.

"ahhh, my face, my pink and sexy face" cried Ember.

"Oh plz i see kids that has cut on their faces and i don't see them crying" said Cynder.

Ember leap into the air and flapped her wings, then Ember spit out five fireballs at Cynder. Cynder dodge all of them except one which hit burn her left back leg. Cynder ignore the pain, and use her fear power on Ember. Ember grabbed her head and screamed in pain. Ember falland landed on the ground, and was still cying in pain.

"Come on" Cynder said to Spyro

"Thanks for saving my ass" said Spyro as they we going into the air.

"Dont worry, what a friends for" said Cynder.

I dont want to be your friend Cynder i want us to be more then friends Spyro said in his mind.

"How long will Ember cry in pain?" ask Spyro.

"Long enough to get you in a safe place" said Cynder.

"I wonder what her fear is" said Spyro.

"Do you want to find out?" ask Cynder

" Uh, no" said Spyro

Cynder giggled at Spyro comment, oh Spyro if you only knew what my fear is, said Cynder in her head.

Just then they saw Flame flying straight to them, Flame saw them and stopped in mid air.

"Hey guys" said Flame.

"Hey flame" said Spyro and Cynder.

"Have you seen Ember?" ask Flame

"Uh yea she is in the garden" said Cynder

"Okay thanks bye" and then Flame flew off to find his crush.

"Don't you wish that Flame would show his feeling to Ember instead hiding?" said Cynder.

"Yea and also he would save my life if he did" said Spyro.

Cynder laugh "come on its getting dark".


"Remember to lock your door and windows" said Cynder.

"yep i would be in danger if she was in my room" said Spyro.

"Goodnight Spyro" said Cynder as she flew of to temple where her room was.

"Night" said Spyro and flew off to his room which was also at the temple.

Okay that was my first chapter i am still in progess and will do chapter 2 very soon.