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"I need you to read this book to the little kids" said Zac as put a child book is front of Cyn.

"Sorry but I don't read child books" said Cyn pushing the book back to Zac.

"But kids do" and Zac push the book back to Cyn.

"Is there any of choice?".

"Okay then here a two choices, you can go read a child book to the kids or you can clean up all the kids mess they done in this room".

"What?! They dont know that they do that outside?".

"Yes all of them do except some a cheeky and they just do when nobody looking".

"I'll take the first choice".

"I knew you would" and after Zac said that he walked off to a bunch of sleeping kids.

Cyn looked down at the book, the book was bright red with a red dragon on it and the title said 'happy life'. Cyn groaned who would read a book that only has like 10 pages in it? If she had a choice to choose a book she would've pick one that had 621 pages in it with no pictures, when she see the guardians she will make them pay and why would that put Zac with her out thousands of dragons?.

"Thats my favourite book!".

Cyn snapped back to the real world and look down to see the same dragon called Kelly putting her two paws on the book and smiling at her.

"Please don't smile at me like that" said Cyn, she never knew she would be a little scared of a kid probably because the way she smile knowing that her teeths might pop out any minute.

Kelly still smiled "Are you gonna read that?" asked Kelly now moving her tail from side to side.

"Yes sadly".

A brown female dragon with green eyes push Kelly aside so she could be in front of Cyn, "Can you please read it to me and my friends?" asked the female dragon.

Cyn looked closely at her, she had light brown scales with dark brown scales on her belly and wings and there was something about that dragon Cyn didn't like.

"Uh it's not like I have a choice" said Cyn.

"Follow me!" said the brown dragon and she ran over to other four dragons that sat of red cushions.

Cyn followed and sat in front of the five dragons, they were all females and they all had a smile on their faces waiting for Cyn to start reading. "Uh before I start can I ask you what your names are?" asked Cyn.

"I'm Fiona" said the brown dragon.

"I'm Grace" said a green dragon with a white underbelly and wings and had four small dark green horns that went with her light green eyes.

"I'm Julia" said a dark purple dragon with a black underbelly and wings and she had two blue horns with red eyes.

"I'm Amina" said a bright yellow dragon with a white underbelly and wings and she had silver eyes with six horns on her head which was white as well.

"And I'm Renge" said red dragon with a red underbelly and wings with red eyes and two red horns which surprised Cyn since she never saw a dragon that had only one colour.

"Okay I guess I start reading" said Cyn and she opened the book to the first page. Kelly ran over and sat next to Cyn.

"Hey, go away you freak!" said Fiona to Kelly, and Kelly hid behind Cyn.

"Yea, we don't need you around!" said Grace.

Cyn looked at the Fiona and Grace then at Kelly "is this normal for kids to be mean to each other?" asked Cyn to herself since she doesn't really know what kids do to each other.

"Be careful around Kelly miss, she is pure evil!" said Julia.

"And a freak too" said Fiona.

Cyn looked behind her and saw tears swelling up in Kelly eyes and she turned back to the other girls "I don't think that you should say things like that" said Cyn.

"But its true, have you seen her teeth?!" asked Julia.

"She doesnt deserved to be in this world!" said Fiona.

"Okay that's enough!".

The Cyn, Kelly and the five mean girls turned to see Zac walking towards them narrowing his eyes at the five girls.

"We havent done anything" said Julia in a sweet voice.

"Yea Kelly was the one saying the mean stuff to us" said Grace.

"Do you kids think I'm stupid?" asked Zac, "I saw what happen with my own eyes and I told you to stop saying things you shouldnt say".

"But we didn't say anthing mean" said Amina.

"Yea asks Cyn, she say'll we been good" said Fiona.

Zac turned his head to Cyn and waited for her answer, Cyn looked at the five girls and they were nodding their heads hoping for Cyn would save them the trouble "I-I the-they were saying to Kelly that she was a freak" said Cyn and the five kids all poke their tongue out to her and Julia put up her rude claw at Cyn and Cyn made a tiny gasp, she didn't expect a kid to pull a rude claw at her.

"Right not only you kids did it, but you also lied to me" said Zac turning his attention back to them. The five kids said nothing, "Right you guys go to the naughty corner and think about what you done" said Zac and pointed his claw at a dark corner and Julia and the other four walked over and sat there facing the wall.

"Nauthy corner?" asked Cyn.

"Yea it where the kids go and sit if they have been naughty" said Zac.

"I would've called it 'the deaf corner" said Cyn.

"Well it wanst my idea" Zac said, "Kelly you can stop hiding behind Cyn".

Kelly moved away from Cyn and hugged Zac "Thank you!" cried Kelly.

"It's okay Kelly, don't listen what the girls" said Zac and he put a paw on Kelly back to comfort her.

Cyn and Zac head turned towards the door as the bell that hung over the door rung and a black dragon walked in.

"Oh no not again" whispered Zac.

Cyn looked at the black dragon with blue eyes as he walked up to Zac.

"Hello again" said the black dragon and smiled at Zac.

"Hi, I'm guessing your here for another child" said Zac in a cheerful voice, another? what does he mean another child? thought Cyn and she moved so she can stand beside Zac.

"Yea, sorry to keep bothering you" said the black dragon.

"If you keep buying more kids Greed, I afraid we wont have much kids left" said Zac.

Greed? His name Greed? What a weird name thought Cyn.

"Well you knows how much I love kids" Greed said and moved his eyes towards Cyn, "well what a lovely dragon you are, your Cynder sister, am I right?".

"How did you know?" asked Cyn.

"Well you guys nearly look-alike and you sister told me so much about you" said Greed.

"And what are doing near my sister?" asked Cyn in a low voice.

"Oh where are my manners, I'm greed and I'm Cynder boyfriend" replied Greed.

"You don't look the sort of person that would date my sister" said Cyn.

"I heard some dragons say that" said Greed and turned back to Zac "You never told me that you had girlfriend".

"Yea she is my girlfriend but I'll be care-"

Cyn stood on Zac paw and now Zac paw was red from Cyn long claws "Sorry I'm not his girlfreind nd never will be, he was only joking" said Cyn putting a fake smile on her face as if nothing happend.

"Well anyway I'm hear to choose a child" said Greed, "then I be on my way".

Zac sighed "Well choose any child you want".

Greed looked around and spotted Kelly behind Zac "I'll pick that little girl behind you" Greed said.

"Well Kelly you got a home" said Zac not soundijng happy that Greed pick her, he pushed her towards Greed.

Kelly shook her head "I don't want to leave!" cried Kelly.

"But you have to leave Kelly, you alway said that you wanted a family" said Zac.

"But I don't want to live with him" said Kelly pointing at Greed.

"Don't say that Kelly" said Zac, "I'm sorry but it doesn't look like she wants to go".

"Its okay I'll pick another one" said Greed and chose a male kid with light blue scales with yellow eye, "I choose that one".

"Okay" Said Zac and picked up the kid and handed it over to Greed, "Goodbye buddy you got a new home" said Zac to the kid amnd the kid nodded with a sad look on his face.

"Well I gotta go now" said Greed and waved goodbye and walk out.

Zac sighed and walk away from Cyn, Cyn had a puzzled look on her face.

"Is Zac upset?" asked Cyn.

"Only because he doesn't like giving kids over to that black guy" answered Kelly.

"Whats wrong with Greed?" asked Cyn.

"Greed already adopted 19 children and now he's got 20" said Kelly.

"Why does he need that many children for? An army?" Cyn ask.

"There a rumors that Greed takes kids and eats them when he get home" said Kelly now shaking with fear.

"And how can you be sure about that?".

"We never saw those kids again".

Cyn eyes widened Could that Greed be really eating children? No that can't be true thought Cyn.

"Come on lets just read the book and get it done with" said Cyn.

Flame pov

"Sparx, I told you we don't eat other people horns" said Flame as he and Sparx walk through the city.

"You would've done it too if you were hungry!" complain Sparx.

"No unlike you, I actually wait for my food" said Flame getting really annoyed with Sparx.

"Then there something with you bro" said Sparx crossing his arm.

"Me? More like you".

Sparx rolled his eyes "please how did I end up with you anyway?" Sparx asked.

"Excuse me! You're the one that ask me to spend the day with you" said Flame as smoke escape from his nose.

"Hey, does that dragon look supious to you?" Sparx pointed at a black dragon walking with a little kid.

"No, he looked creepy but other than that. He looks fine" said Flame.

"I think I saw him before, oh yea that's right I saw him with Cynder".

"Cynder had a boyfriend?".

"I don't know but it seems like it".

"Hmm Spyro gonna be jealous".

"I know! And If I see Spyro crying in a corner because Cynder crush his heart, I gonna teach Cynder a lesson!" said Sparx.

"Good luck with that" said Flame.

"Well I'm gonna do it right now!" said Sparx.

"But you don't know where Cynder is".

"She's walking with Spyro! Look!" Sparx poinited to a purple dragon flying with Cynder.

"Hmm looks like the guardian sent them to do something, so we better not annoy them, okay Sparx?" Flame waited the Sparx answer but no reply. He turned and saw Sparx flying fast towards Cynder, "Is it me, or is Sparx getting more nutty?" asked Flame to himself and he flew after him.

Sparx flew straight towards Cynder, and rasied his tiny hand into a fist and punch Cynder's back of the head.

"Ouch!" Cynder cried.

"Sparx?!" Spyro said.

"Sorry but I had to do that to let me anger out" said Sparx as now he flew in front of the two.

Spyro narrowed his eyes at Sparx and turned his antention back to Cynder, "Sparx didnt hurt you, did he?".

"Don't worry, when Sparx punch at me it only felt like a pinch" said Cynder.

"Only cause you guys are so large" whined Sparx.

"No only cause you're a dragonfly" said Cynder smiling.

"You making fun of dragonflies?" asked Sparx going right up to Cynder face as they flew.

"No no, not at all" said Cynder trying to be innocent.

Sparx poke his tongue at her and flew closer to Spyro "so watcha guys doing?" he ask.

"Hunter said he saw Malefor shadow in a place called the moutains of deaths" explained Spyro.

"Mountains of deaths?" asked Sparx, "what a weird name".

"It wouldnt be a weird name if you saw what the mountians look like" said Cynder.

"You been there?" asked Spyro.

"When I was the terror of the skies, I used that place to build an army to take out villages" said Cynder.

"And you going there why?" asked Sparx.

"Sparx, Malefor is still alive! I don't know how but he is and from what I heard from Hunter he is weak but if we don't do something about it. He might get stronger and might take over the world again!" said Spyro.

"Oh then how come Hunter didn't take care of him?" Sparx ask.

"Hunter thought is would be a better idea if he let us do it" said Cynder.

"Can I come along?".

"No" quickly said Cynder.

"Then can I come?" asked Flame appearing beside Cynder.

"To the Mountains of deaths? I don't think so" said Spyro shaking his head.

"Please you could need help" said Flame.

"Fine, but Sparx you need to stay here" said Spyro.

"Why!?" shouted Sparx.

"Because if something happens I don't want you to get hurt" said Spyro.

"Aww fine I'll stay, only because your thinking safety of your little brother".

"Well let's go then!" said Cynder and flew faster outside the city followed by Spyro and Flame while Sparx stayed behind.

"Good luck" shouted Sparx as he waved them goodbye until Spyro and the other two were black dots in the sky.