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Awkward couldn't even begin to describe the situation. The air was tense on the plane with Luna sitting in between Jane and Alec. Embry and Aro had both wanted to sit next to her but she had ignored them. She absolutely did not want Aro in her home. Which was why she was gonna kick him and Alec into Embry's house.

She glanced to the side of the plane to see a calendar that was on the month December. She swore her eyes had bulged out of her head at that. If that wasn't enough there was red x's on everyday up to the 23rd. Exactly 2 days before Christmas. She almost fainted when she saw what year it was. 2008.

"That's not possible..." She whispered as she tried to add up the months but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't.

"What's wrong?" Alec asked her.

"2008? 2 years? Have I really been in Italy for TWO YEARS?" She all but yelled.

Jane glanced at her. "I apologize, Luna. At Volterra, all of the beings who live are vampires. Excluding you. Therefore there is no need to keep track of the years." Jane explained.

"Oh." She said before laying her head against the seat and falling into a deep sleep filled with snow and white lilies.

She groaned as they headed towards her house in one car with Jane in it and in the other car sat Embry, Aro and Alec. She grinned at teh thought of them all sharing a house. "He he" She chuckled.

She was surprised when she walked in to see a Christmas tree in the Living Room with which she only got a quick glance of before she was tackled by her brother and little sister, (yes another OC.) Abby. She was 7 1/2 the last time she had seen her but now? Now she was taller and 9 1/2. She smiled and hugged them tightly.

"Lupa!" Luna grinned after they had let go of her.


"Dude, what happened to ya. Don't take this the wrong way or anything but your like...buff." She grinned.

He smirked. "Tek a look in the mirror, Lun. What, you been working out?"

"A vampire here, vampire there, same old." She smirked at them.

A mere 24 hours had passed and she had realized how much she had missed this place.

Luna layed on her bed with Billy Talent's 'Red Flag' Blaring from her stereo. She looked up as Aro came in with an unhappy look on his face. "What's up bobble head?"

"What...is this?" He asked gesturing to her stereo.

"Billy Talent." She answered simply.

"Back in Italy-"

"But your not in Italy anymore." She snapped as she stood up and slowly walked towards him until she was directly in front of him. "Listen up. This aint Italy. This is Forks, Washington. Back in Italy you introduced me to classical music, more than I'd ever seen before, and the whole of your castle and the laws of the vampire world. I acknowledged that as your world." She ranted before grinning and grabbing a hold of his hand and dragging him outside to the front of her house where a motorcycle and a black truck were parked.

She grinned before taking a hair pin out of her hair and sitting down on the motorcycle. Aro made no move just stared at her.

"Come on, pretty boy. Time for a ride." She snapped causing him to swallow and sit down behind her on the motorcycle. She grinned before snapping the hair pin in half and jamming it into the key spot.

Once they were on the road she could tell that Aro was uncomfortable. She rolled her eyes. Before taking a turn into the forest and parking it. She slowly led him through the forest and was aware of him staring around in Awe.

She lead him up a steep hill until they were at the top of the forest. She sat down with her legs swinging down over the edge and Aro gaping at teh view.
Tree upon tree was laid out down below them with streams clearly visible and a waterfall on the far side.

"This...isn't real." He turned to look at her admiringly. "You wolves have been keeping this a secret from us." He said in awe.

"Of course it's real." She snorted and smiled as she saw the wind swirl around him causing him to look around, startled.

"This...is a new world to me."

"Well your right there. You see, this is my world." She grinned and caught a brown crispy leaf as it whisked past her and twirled it around on her fingers. "Brb." She smirked and saluted him before dropping down off of the edge causing Aro's eyes to widen in shock and look over the edge to see her on a ledge directly below him. "You coming?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

He blinked curiously at her as she dug her nails into the edge of the ledge and dropped down to the next ledge. This continued again and again until she reached the bottom of the cliff.

Aro narrowed his eyes before getting to his feet and in a split second he was standing next to her. She grinned before leading him deeper into the forest. Snow littered the ground and seemed to crunch under their feet as they walked on it. She smiled and poked her tongue out as more snow started to fall from the sky. She grinned before play fully picking up a rock and tossing it at a tree branch causing snow to fall all over the Volturi leader. She grinned and quickly morphed into her wolf form before pelting away through the woods.

She took a turn to the right a slammed her paws down on a tree root causing more snow to fall on him. She grinned before morphing into her human form and slowly and carefully climbed up the icy tree.

Luna smiled as she remembered how much fun she had, had that day. Fun. 'Hm.' She mused to herself. 'Who knew the big scary Volturi leader could have fun.' She groaned as Abby jumped on her and shook her again and again.

"Wake up Luna! Wake up!" She whined. "Mom says that I can't open my presents until your up!" She opened one eyes to see her younger sister glaring down at her.

"Alright just get of o' me." She moaned and sat up, glancing towards the doorway to see Jane standing there with a smirk on her face.

"Shut up." She snapped causing the vampire to laugh.

That night she walked out onto the patio to see Embry and Aro confronting each other. She narrowed her eyes before sitting on the edge of the patio to watch the fight.

Embry snarled and morphed into his wolf form before running forward and barreling into Aro, who jumped over the wolf and tripped him. She clenched her hand into a fist as Embry kicked him in the face before spinning around.

She could smell blood from the clearing and she knew it didn't come from Aro.

'Okay. Time for some fun.' She grinned before jumping off of the patio and changing into her wolf form before bolting towards them and jumping between them. 'Enough, dimwits.' She thought after Aro touched her shoulder so that he could hear her.

'But Luna-' Embry tried to think at her but she cut off his thoughts by growling at him.

It had been a couple of hours since she had broken up their little...argument. She sighed as she finished wrapping the last cut in a bandage before turning to her imprint. "Honestly Em, you stupid?" She asked with an exasperated sigh. "Well I guess Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some drama."

He chuckled. "Merry Christmas Lun." He said before he laid his head back down on the pillow and fell asleep.

"Merry Christmas Embry." She said with a smile as she gave him a light peck on the mouth before heading towards the door. She turned her head and just out of the corner of her eye she could see Aro standing by the window. She allowed a small smile to appear on her face before whispering,

"Merry Christmas Aro."

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