Parallel Universe

Chapter 1

The streets were empty; no one could've been seeing. The sky was dark even though it was not night and everything was silent. No sound could've been heard. Tenchi slowly woke up. He was lying on the floor unconscious. He opened his eyed before standing up. "Where am I?" He looked around "somehow this place looks familiar… I feel like I've been here before"

"Hey you, what are you doing out!?" Tenchi turned back to face a group of men. They were in military uniforms. "The curfew started an hour ago. We will have to arrest you"

"Curfew, what do you mean? Where am I, anyway?" Tenchi looked perplexed at the militaries. The uniforms looked familiar but nothing he has ever seen in Japan at least. He couldn't help the feeling that he have seen it before. "Are you from here, young man?" Asked one of the men.

"Where am I? I don't have a clue" Tenchi feel nervous now, he tried to remember where he was previous to this encounter. "I think I was in Washu's lab" Thought Tenchi "But why am I here now? It doesn't make any sense… I was in the lab because of the…" Before the young prince could finish his thoughts, two pairs of arms were taking him. "Hey! Let me go!"

"We will take you to the king and don't you try anything stupid or else we will kill you" warned one of the guards. Tenchi knew better so he let the men lead him to some sort of patrol. The vehicle was like anything he saw before. He got inside and they took him to a palace. It's was in the shape of a three.

"Wait a minute, am I in Jurai?" Tenchi said to himself. Of course everything looked so familiar but, yet, there was something really odd. The sky wasn't the bright blue he remembered. The street weren't full of joy from the citizens of Jurai. Everything seemed darker and colder.

The guards pulled Tenchi out of the car and took him to the palace. They lead him in front of a big door. "This is the king's reunion hall. I remember from last year's trip here" He thought. The whole Masaki family went to Jurai last year because Ayeka wanted to calm her parents and make them happy. The family stayed for an entire week before going back to earth.

"The king will see you now. Your head will never be raised in front of him. You never look directly into his eyes. You only speak to him when he speaks to you first. And, by any reason, try to hurt him. Believe me kid, you will regret it" Tenchi swallowed before being forced inside. He looked to the ground the whole time, scared of what was going on.

"Milord, we found this man wandering in the capital. He seems to be lost and disarmed" One of the guards said.

"Interesting, is it real that you are lost or you just forgot for a while?" Tenchi immediately knew whose voice was that but how could it be possible? Wasn't he supposed to be dead? "Will you answer or will I have to take care of you?"

The brown eyed prince looked up for the first time to face is long time enemy, Kagato. "I don't have any ideas of why I am here" This can't be possible; I killed him a long time ago.

"Interesting… So you just end up here in Jurai and you don't remember how" Kagato was starting to get angry with this man.

"I'm Tenchi Masaki, don't you remember!?" Tenchi was confused.

"Why would I remember you?" Kagato was intrigued. "I don't remember weak men as you"

Tenchi could feel the energy and anger rising. Nothing made sense. "I don't know why I'm here, I just woke up on the floor" that was the truth.

"Well, since you don't remember anything I'll have to take you to the cells for criminal, you know. Then, I'll send someone to ask you some questions. Maybe they can refresh your memory. Guards, take him to the prisons cells"

With all that said the men grabbed the prince and took him to the cells. They lock him up and left.

"Hello, young man. Who are you?" One of the prisoners asked. He was in the cell just ahead Tenchi's. "Hey, I'm Tenchi Masaki. What's going on!?"

"Well, you could tell us. We've here for a long time now" Another man said.

"My story is real simple, I just woke up here, in this planet and anything is making sense" Tenchi was wondering if perhaps this was a dream or just some bad joke from Washu.

"Since Kagato gripped the power anything makes sense anymore. We are prisoners because we tried to regain power but as you can see, we failed" Everyone was silent for a while. "I'm sure they will let you go as soon as they realize you are no threat for them" Tenchi smiled for the first time now "Yeah, I hope so but… I don't get something. Where are King Azusa and his family?"

"You really don't know anything, don't you? It's been a long time since the former king Azusa was in charge. To be precise, it's been 700 years since Kagato proclaimed himself as king of Jurai" Tenchi couldn't believe it. Where did he really was? Before He could ask something else to the men, there were footsteps. "Crap, she's coming" the youngest man there said. Beforehand Tenchi could ask who this person was the door opened.

"Why hello. I think they got me a new toy" Everyone in the prison was with a fear look in their faces. "Common guys, why the faces? I thought you missed me, ha ha ha" Tenchi couldn't believe his eyes. Ryoko was there in front of him laughing.

"Ryoko?" Tenchi asked in disbelief. "Are you the guy who supposedly has no memory? You seem to know me quite well" A look of tease appeared in Ryoko's eyes. "It doesn't matter. Now, follow me 'cause I'm going to interrogate you. Don't try anything or I will kill you in a heartbeat"

Tenchi swallowed before sitting in the chair that Ryoko pointed him to. They were in a white room with nothing but a table and two chairs. It looked like the regular interrogation rooms on earth. Ryoko took a sit in front of Tenchi and looked him for a long time before starting the questioning. "I have never seen you before, I'm pretty sure, but you seem familiar. Who are you?"

Tenchi looked back at Ryoko, trying to see the lying in her face. Soon she would be laughing and everything would just be a bad joke. But, as he continued to look, he couldn't find any sight that Ryoko was teasing. In fact, she really seemed like she didn't know him.

"Are you sure? Come on, Ryoko. It was a good joke but it's okay, now you can stop pretending you don't know me" Tenchi said trying to sound casual. He didn't.

Ryoko glance at him before bursting out of laugh. "Are you trying to hit on me, maybe? No one has tried that to look innocent. But, seriously pal, who the heck are you? Are you here in a mission to save those prisoners?"

"What!? No. Look, I'm Tenchi Masaki from the planet earth and this is really weird because I know you. You live with me in my house. Ryoko, please, stop this" Tenchi was becoming desperate by the minute now. The space pirated looked at him without a word. Maybe he was some crazy guy.

"Calm down, will ya'? You are just insane. I don't know what in the world Kagato was thinking but you don't seem dangerous. He feels power inside you but you are just crazy. What is it that you live with me? Are you hearing yourself?"

"Ryoko, you have to believe me. You were in a cave in the shrine of my family because my grandfather imprisoned you after he defeated you, remember? Six months later, Kagato came to find you and I killed him" Now, the space pirate was feeling sorry for this poor guy. He completely lost it.

"Look, pal I'll make it easy for you. Kagato is pretty alive, you saw it. And I was never in a cave. Nobody has defeated me and no one will, so cut the crap and tell me the truth!" Ryoko was getting sick of this guy's nonsense.

"But Yosho defeated you 700 years ago!" After saying that, Tenchi saw Ryoko's expression change. "Yosho? Sorry to break it up to you, but I killed Yosho 700 years ago in this same planet. Why do you think Kagato is the king now?" The young prince's face went pale. A flashback invaded his mind for a second. He was in the lab with Washu, she was showing him his new invention. It's was a machine to travel through dimension. She explained that in fact there was more than one universe, the multiverse.

"With this machine, I can explore so many possibilities. But I have to be careful because one wrong move and all hell can break loose!" Washu started to laugh like a maniac while Tenchi sweatdropped. "Wow, that's really cool!" Mihoshi appeared from nowhere. "How in Tsunami's name did you get here?" Please don't push any bottom"

"Don't worry Washu, I won't-" Before Mihoshi could finish her sentence, she fell on top of Tenchi who happened to fall on top of the machine. Some beeps started before the machine started to move frenetically. "Uh oh, I'm so sorry Washu, I didn't mean to, let me help you" Mihoshi walked towards the machine but before she could do anything an explosion took place.

Tenchi stood there in silence. After the explosion, the only thing he remembered was when he woke up in the floor of Jurai. He could not believe it. Apparently, he was in another universe. A universe where Ryoko killed his grandfather. He was never conceived, so he never existed in this parallel universe.

"Are you ignoring me?" Ryoko was looking at him with a curious look. "Ryoko, I know what's going on. I haven't been born in this dimension"

"Man, you really are not making any sense. What the hell are you talking about!?"

"Listen carefully at what I am going to say. Ryoko, I'm not from this universe. Do you remember when you killed my grandfather, I mean, Yosho 700 years ago? Well, where I come from, my grandfather defeated you. He took your tree gems and you were in some kind of coma. Then he put you in the cave where I found you like 3 years ago. I released you, but Kagato came looking for you. He kind of killed me but Tsunami saved me so I went to the Soja and finally killed him"

Ryoko stared at Tenchi for what seemed like an eternity. Then she started to laugh so hard she fell from the chair. "Woah that is the most creative yet weird story I've ever heard. So you come from a different universe where you killed Kagato. Interesting, you know, I've heard a lot of stories from people who didn't wanted me to kill them, but nothing as fascinating as this one. You are something else, Tenchi Masaki. Sadly, that's not enough to save you"

"I know it sound crazy but it's the truth. If only I could prove it to you…Wait, maybe there is something. Please Ryoko, you have to ask Kagato about Washu. I'm sure he would say he doesn't know her but he does. Ask him and you will see I'm not lying"

"Who is Washu, anyway" Ryoko wanted to believe this Tenchi Masaki. Somehow it seemed comforting to know she was freed from Kagato. "She is your mother, Ryoko. Washu didn't exactly gave birth to you but she created you. You and Ryo-ohki." The pirated was now surprised. Could it be truth? Kagato always claimed he created her to be his machine, but maybe she was something else.

"It's late. For now you're safe. Don't think for a second you're safe or that I believe you. I will put you in the isolated cell, so you won't ask the other prisoner for info or whatever." Tenchi was a little relief; he could almost feel that Ryoko was trusting him.

After Ryoko put the prisoner in his chamber, she went to the royal hall. "Master, I interrogated the new captive. For the moment, he is still claiming he doesn't know where he is and that he means no harm. I'm not sure yet if we can trust him. Tomorrow, I'll interrogate him again" Kagato pondered for a while, and then dismissed her. Ryoko started to fade, bur first she needed to know. "I'm sorry master but I have a question. Do you know anyone called Washu?" Ryoko saw for a brief moment the hesitation in Kagato's face. Then, He composed himself. "Washu? Never hear of it. Now, leave."

Maybe this Masaki guy wasn't lying after all.


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