Parallel Universe

Chapter 2

Ryoko couldn't sleep that night. Her mind kept remembering her about the face of Kagato and what that Tenchi guy said. "Maybe there is a possibility… Tenchi traveled through dimensions and he will save me… yeah right! He's just buying time so he can escape" She deep inside wanted to believe it was true. The possibility of being a normal person tempted her but she knew better. "I'm not a normal person, I'm just a machine"

She needed to think of something else but it was impossible, so she decided to interrogate Tenchi again. Maybe, after a day, he wasn't going to say all that crazy thing and just say the truth.

"Hey there, Tenchi" Ryoko was outside his cell. Tenchi looked like he didn't get a good night sleep. In fact, he couldn't look worse. "Maybe you should get a bath before I interrogate you. You look like crap"

After Tenchi was ready, some guards gave him lunch and later, he was back in the interrogation room. He sat still waiting for Ryoko to come. About 30 minutes passed before she entered the room.

"Now, why are you here?" Ryoko was impatient. She wanted answers, real ones.

"I've already told you. I'm here because of an accident. Washu, your mother, was building a machine that allowed traveling to the different dimensions and that's how I got here. Ryoko, I know you. You are a good person"

"So, you expect to sugarcoat me and so I will release you… Well, think again! I won't fall for it"

"Ryoko, I'm not trying to fool you. I really know you. You're sweet deep down, full of joy. I know Kagato doesn't let you be yourself but you are not just a machine, you're a normal woman"

The space pirate was getting really mad, how dare he? She was nothing but a monster. Images of dead innocents filled her mind. "You know nothing. I'm not capable of emotions, I just live to serve the orders of my master and now, I have to deal with you"

Tenchi was frustrated now, he wasn't going anywhere. How could he prove Ryoko she was a real person with real emotions "Wait, I have an idea, but…"

"What in the world are you talking about? Just say the truth; I'm getting sick of you!" Ryoko pushed Tenchi against the wall, each hand in his shoulders. She looked right through his eyes, looking for answers. Tenchi was taken by surprised of Ryoko's actions. She was so close looking at him with doubt in her eyes. It was now or never. Tenchi slowly approached his face and kissed her. Time stood still before a slap was heard.

Ryoko backed a little and gave Tenchi a look of total shock before touching her lips. The space pirate did not believe what just happened. She disappeared.

On the other hand, Tenchi was in shock as well. His face burned where Ryoko slapped him. He was surprised of his own action. "I never knew I had the nerve to do that. Did I do the right thing? Maybe I just made things worst" The young prince was unsure of what to do next. Before he could have another thought, the space pirate reappeared in the room.

"Why did you do that?"

"Ryoko look, I'm sorry if I crossed the line but you have to believe what I say, please, I can help you"

"How? You think I never tried to kill Kagato? I was idiot enough to try it but I only got pain, terrible pain. I have no clue of what are your plans but I'm still going to kill you if you don't tell me the truth"

"Ryoko, I've killed Kagato, remember? I just need your help"

"I can't help you. When I came to Jurai 700 years ago, I didn't want to kill Yosho, but I had no choice. Kagato took control over me like he always did when I refused to do what he told me"

Tenchi could feel that Ryoko was troubled about her past. It wasn't easy for her to remember what had happened. "There is a way to block Kagato's control over you, now that I remember. When my grandfather fought you, he took your three gems with his sword, Tenchi-ken. That's how he defeated you!"

"So, you need to get that sword but where is it? When everything happened, I never saw a sword"

"Well, probably Ayeka has it if you never saw it. Only the ones with blood of the royal house of Jurai can hold the sword. I know you killed Yosho, but what about the rest of the family? Where there any survivors?"

"Kagato took care of king Azusa and his wives but princess Ayeka and her little sister escaped. Yosho help them escape and that how I had a better chance… Tenchi, I'm really sorry if I killed your grandfather" Ryoko was feeling really bad about what happened even if she didn't believe all that Tenchi was saying. That kiss, somehow, made her feel so calm and honest.

"We need to find the princesses, they probably have Tenchi-ken" The prince was getting confidents about his upcoming plan. All he needed was to find them, but where? Things were different in this universe. "Maybe, not everything is different. I mean you are the same if you come to think so"

"What are you mumbling about? Will you cut the crap and tell me what's going on? I can believe I'm actually buying your fantastic story"

"I think I know were Ayeka and Sasami are! We're gonna need Ryo-ohki to get where they are"

"And how are we supposed to go there? You think Kagato will fall for your lies? He will suspect your plans and you are going to be doom" Ryoko didn't like it at all, she was afraid Kagato would search through her mind and find out they were planning to kill him.

"I didn't know you were such a worrier, Ryoko. Trust me; I've never failed you before"

"That's hard to know. You say you know me, but I don't know you at all. You are just some guy I meet two day ago, saying you know me and this is not the right dimension or whatever and, also, had the nerve to kiss me! So, you better watch it or else"

Kagato was sitting on the throne when Ryoko entered the room. She made a reverence before talking to him. "Master, the prisoner gave me important information" Ryoko was a little nervous, will he buy it?

"Is it relevant? You're making me waste my time. I hope it has nothing to do with that name you ask me before" Kagato wasn't very pleased about that fact.

"The boy named Tenchi Masaki gave me some information about Tsunami that you might find interesting" Kagato raised an eyebrow. That was indeed something interesting. "And what would it be?"

"Somehow he knew you were troubled because you still can't get Tsunami's power after all this years. The reason is because Tsunami isn't in Jurai. She left 700 years ago" That last part got Kagato's attention. Ryoko waited for an answer that took forever. Finally, Kagato said something.

"Bring him!" Kagato was pissed. How dare that boy to tell him his plan was wrong. Ryoko brought Tenchi to the room. "Now, leave!"

Tenchi was a little nervous. This was the moment of truth, if he didn't get Kagato to believe him, it was the end. You can do it Masaki, Tenchi encouraged himself.

"So, little boy, tell me this important information you have. It better be if you want to live"

"Yes, I know some things that may interest you. When Ryoko attacked Jurai, princess Sasami was injured to death, but Tsunami saved her by combining herself with the princess. That's why you didn't find her here on Jurai. She left."

"How do you know this? Yesterday, you claimed you had no memories of this place and now, suddenly, you are telling me all about Tsunami? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you" Kagato gave Tenchi a threaten look.

"I come from a different dimension. And I know this because I'm here to help you. If you trust me, I swear I will get you princess Sasami" Tenchi hoped for the best. If Kagato gave him an opportunity, he could save Ryoko.

"Do you at least know where the princess his? It's been a long time and they could be anywhere in the galaxy"

"I happen to know that too. They are in a small planet called Earth. If I go with Ryoko, in two weeks we are going to have the princesses here. That way, you can get what you always wanted, to rule the entire universe"

"You sound very confident, little boy. Ryoko, come back here!" Kagato waited for Ryoko to reappear. Then, he gave her strict instruction. "Ryoko, go with this boy to Earth. Find the princess Sasami and bring her to me. If this boy tries anything you kill him. If you get back and I discover you lied to me, I'll kill you. And, Ryoko, don't try to escape. You know I can control you at will so don't try anything foolish. Now leave, both of you are dismiss"


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