Chapter 1

"No! No." I whispered as I heard the gunfire come from Abby's lab through large door that separated me from her.

6 hours earlier

"Timmy!" Abby ran head long into me.

We had been out in the field, chasing a man by the name of Darrel Trot. He was wanted for the murder of 3 marines in Virginia. We were gone for three days looking for him. The first time we found him I was on my own and I shot his wife when she fired at me. He ran off and when we finally found him again he managed to catch me off guard and hit me over the head, knocking me unconscious with a wrench before locking me in a walk in freezer. I was lucky Tony was right behind me—never did I think I would ever say that— because I would have frozen to death before I was found.

"Hey Abbs" I said hugging her tightly. We let go at the same time after our brief hug, we didn't want Gibbs to suspect anything about our relationship we had been in for almost 2½ years.

"Are you okay?" she was eyeing the three inch gash on my head just over my left ear.

"I'm fine Abbs, it's just a cut." Then Tony walked in.

"Yea Abbs, I saved Probie before he could freeze. He wouldn't do us much good as a McPopsicle." He joked until Gibbs slapped him upside the head.

"Enough Tony, I just got word that the van transporting Trot lost control and crashed. There's no sign of Trot. He escaped, and I want you to notify every train station, airport, bus station and any other way out of this city. Now!"

"Yes boss!" Tony jumped.

"Abby, take McGee down to ducky, have look at that cut." Abby started to guide me to the elevator until I said "Gibbs I'm fine really"

Gibbs just looked at me "Yes boss, down to Ducky." I nodded. Abby led me to the elevator; once we were in she flipped the emergency switch.

"McGee, are you really okay?" she asked concerned.

"Yes Abbs, I promise I'm okay, I wouldn't lie to you." I gathered her in my arms and held her for a minute before she spoke; her words were muffled against my chest.

"Good, we can lose you Timmy." She whispered. I pulled back a little "We?" I asked. Was she really saying what I think she was?

"Yea, I'm pregnant McGee."

"Really?" she nodded and I kissed her. "This is great Abbs! im gonna be a dad." she smiled and nodded.

"Have you told Gibbs yet?" I asked.

She shook her head "No not yet, I don't want to tell him until after this case." I looked at her. I didn't like her putting off her own health like that.

"Abbs—"but she cut me off.

"No Tim I promise I'll tell him as soon as the case is over." I knew I could trust her. But I hoped she would agree to my compromise.

"Okay, if you won't tell Gibbs will you at least tell ducky?" I asked hopefully. She just smirked

"He already knows, I had him draw blood for the pregnancy test." She answered. "Does he know that it's my baby? Or that we're together? Is he going to tell Gibbs?" I asked quickly.

"Slow down Timmy, yes he knows we're together and that it's your baby, and no, he's not going to tell Gibbs either. I asked him not to. Now let's get down there and have him look at your head." She flicked the switch and the elevator started up.

*In the bullpen*

"Boss, does something seem different over the last few years between Abby and McGee to you?" Tony asked. I just sent him one of my usual glares. "Don't you have work to do Tony?"

"Oh uh yes boss, I have an APB out on Trot and I have sent notices to be on the lookout to all train stations, bus stations, air ports and taxi companies."

I just nodded and headed down to see what Ducky had to say about McGee's head.

I had been wondering what was going on between Abby and McGee. I knew that they were breaking rule twelve to a certain degree but so was Tony and Ziva. I have never said anything to them about it because I couldnt. Not while I was seeing Jen.

*With Ducky*

We sat and talked with Ducky while he stitched my forehead. "So everything's good. Everything looks normal with Abby and the baby?" I asked.

"Ah yes, from the blood tests everything seems to be looking good. You will need to get a doctor's appointment so you get an ultrasound, and I want a picture." He said looking at Abby.

"Sure thing Duckman, you will be the first one."

"Thank you Abigail." He smiled and turned back to me.

"Well Timothy it seems that you are finished. Only three stiches." He informed me.

"Thanks Ducky."

"Not a problem my dear boy."

"Hey Duck."

"Ah Jethro, I was just about to send Timothy here back upstairs to you."

"Good, let's go McGee. Abby I left some evidence up in your lab for you."

"I'll get right on it Gibbs" Abby said happily.

She walked over and hugged me.

She pulled back and said "Stay out of trouble McGee! Remember what I said." With that she turned on her heel and headed back to her lab. Gibbs just looked at me and smirked. We headed back to the bullpen to see what the others had found.

I sat down at my desk and Gibbs barked out orders. "Tony, the head of the transportation system that was responsible for Trot is in interview room 2. Go see what you can find out. Ziva go help Abby with the evidence I left down there. McGee, I want all his phone records and I want you to track his cellphone and credit cards. None of his personal effects were taken from him when he was transported." He finished and headed towards the director's office.

We all headed off on our jobs. I had finished getting his phone records and I put a track on his cellphone. I was starting to track his credit cards when the flat screen came on by itself. There was a man in a ski mask in Abby's lab. I jumped out of my chair and I sprinted to the director's office. Not caring the door was closed I just barged in.

"Agent McGee!" Director Sheppard scolded.

"I'm sorry director but this is important." I turned to Gibbs not giving him time to say anything. "There's a man in a ski mask in Abby's lab!"