Chapter 3

No! No!" I whispered as I heard the gunfire come from Abby's lab through large door that separated me from her. Tony was right there with me trying to get into the lab. Gibbs got to the door ahead of us and I'm not sure how but he tried to open the door with no success, it was locked. He paced for a second before taking his gun out, "Jethro, please tell me you are not going to do what I think you are." The director asked. Gibbs looked at her "Two of my people are in there." He whispered. She just nodded and yelled "Get away from the door!

I stood statue still as Ziva fought with Trot. Two gunshots rang out. One killing the camera, the next went into the ceiling, Ziva managed to knock him unconscious, one last bullet firing from the gun, but not before one of ceiling panels fell from the ceiling along with one of the lights hitting her in the head. My first thoughts went back to Chip and how he attacked me in the lab. I grabbed the duct tape from the evidence table and taped his hands and feet and then duct taped the duct tape I was taking no chances that he would get away.

"Ziva.. Ziva.. Come on.." I gently patted her cheek. She started to wake I helped her to sit up and got her into a chair when I heard Jen's voice. "Get away from the door!" then another gunshot. I would be happy if I never heard another gun shot in my life. The door slammed open and I saw Gibbs enter first followed by Jen McGee and Tony.

"Timmy!" I ran to him and threw my arms around his neck. "It's alright Abbs. It's okay." He whispered in my ear.

I saw tony run to Ziva. "Hey Zee, are you okay?"

"Yes I am alright Tony." Then she looked at me. "You need to tell them Abby." I nodded I knew I did. She was right.
"What do you need to tell us Abby?" Gibbs asked. I looked at Timmy and back to Gibbs.
"I'm pregnant. With McGee's baby." Gibbs looked away from me and at McGee. He walked up and smacked him in the back of the head. Hard. "You better take care of her." He threatened.

"Always Boss." He promised. Then he turned to Tony.

"And you, you better not hurt her DiNozzo."

"Boss?" Tony asked.

"Give it up Tony, he knows. Ziva hides it real well, but you on the other hand didn't hide it so well." Jenny teased.

Gibbs slapped Tony upside the head "Got it DiNozzo?" he repeated.

"Yes Boss, of course not."


Ziva stopped him before he walked out. "Wait you are not mad about rule 12?"

"No Ziver" he looked at Jen before looking back at Ziva "I don't have a leg to stand on in this argument."

Gibbs walked back in a minute later with two other agents "Take him to interrogation room 3" the agents picked Trot up and put him in a rolling chair and rolled him out of the room.

"Abbs I think you have an obsession with duct tape."

Everyone laughed. "Okay come on were going down to see Ducky. Ziver you too." Gibbs ordered.


"Ah Jethro, Jennifer, I heard the gunshots is everyone alright?"

"I want you to check Ziver and Abby over. Stress is bad for pregnancy so I want her checked and Ziva got hit in the head, she lost consciousness for a few minutes."


After Ducky checked us over he announced that we were both fine.

"So what happened up there Jethro?"

I sat with Jen and Abby while the boys explained everything that happened with Trot. "So how far along are you Abby?" Jen asked.

"From what I figure about 9 weeks."

I questioned next. "Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl?"

"Definitely, I don't think I could wait. I wanna be able to go baby shopping and know what I'm shopping for."

"Do you want a boy or a girl?" Jen asked next. I have known Jen for a while. I know she wanted kids but never had any.

"Um, I think I want a boy but I will be happy with either."

About 9 months later


I stare down at my new little girl while Abby slept. She looked just like Abby but she had a whole head full of blonde hair just like I did when I was baby. She looked up at me with her sea green eyes "Hi there baby girl. I'm your daddy, and you have a very… different family. You have a grandmother who runs NCIS, your grandfather is the best agent NCIS have ever seen and you aunt and uncle, well they are two very 'special' agents. Those to agents though are going to give you your first cousin in about a month. I promise to never let anything happen to you."

A nurse walked in to check on everyone.

"How's everyone doing in here?" she whispered.

"Good, real good. Abby just fell asleep."

"Good, let me know if you need anything." She started to walk out.

"Oh hey wait a sec, can you send the agents in?" I asked and she looked confused.

"How will I know who they are?" she asked.

"Just walk out there. A gray haired man will stop and ask you how Abby is." She just kind of looked at me.

"Just trust me."


I laughed softly and turned back to the small pair of green eyes that were looking at me.

"You know you should be asleep. Babies are supposed to sleep a lot." She just kept looking at me.

I turned towards the door when it opened. Gibbs walked in first and Abby woke up. "Hey Abbs, how ya feelin?"

"I'm pretty good. We both are." She smiled and looked at me. "Give her here Timmy." I gently hand her the baby. "Here ya go baby girl, go to mommy."

"Everyone I would like you to meet Caitlyn Ziva McGee."


After Abbs told us little Caitlyn's name I walked up to her. "Hey Abbs, can I hold her?"

"Sure Gibbs." She handed me Caitlyn.

"Hey Caitie. You're very special little girl." I whispered to her. I stood there holding this little girl and my mind flashes back to when Kelly was born. Caitlyn is the same size Kelly was when she was born. I look at DiNozzo and he looks a little freaked. With out to much warning I hand Caitlyn to DiNozzo.

"Here ya go Tony" I watch as he struggles until Ziva helps him put his hand where they should be. When he finally gets her into a good position he looks down at her and she starts crying. "You better get use to this DiNozzo. You dont have long before you're on your own."

"Uh oh, umm what do I do?" the look on his face is hilarious. "Let me have her Tony."

I watch from the bed as Tony eagerly hands Caitlyn over to Ziva. She quiets as soon as Ziva has her "Hi there tataleh" she whispers and I look at Tim and he nods.

"Ziva, Tony, Tim and I would like to know if you would be Caitie's Godparents."

"We would be honored Abby." Ziva answered.

Three weeks later Tony and Ziva welcomed Matthew Atzel DiNozzo into the world.

*25 years later*


I still cannot believe my little girl is marrying a Dinozzo. I mean they have been inseperatable since they were little. As I walk her down the isle I think about all the men she could have married. I have to say, I couldnt be happier that she was marrying a DiNozzo.