Celesta POV

We travel to the castle to find that we were rushing to the hospital wing. The boy who lived had a nasty ordeal with dementors on the quidditch field. We enter the hospital wing where a group of students were crowded around him. One of the boys was carrying some mish mash of broken wood wrapped up in his arms. Oh dear the boy lost his wand. How tragic.

"Harry how are you feeling?"

"As well as can be expected." He smiled at her and like the natural woman that I am my mind went to romance until he stared perplexed at me. "Lindsay who is this?"

"Oh this, sorry. This is a friend of mine. Celesta Durand. She is visiting Hogwarts in order to relax from her hectic life."

"I figured visit a friend; look at a school maybe get inspired to create."

Harry POV

Celesta, I remember her parents mentioning her name when I had been in America. She was a fashion designer and that was all I know about her, other than the fact that she was beautiful. The twins were taking note of that fact as they circled her.


"Such an exotic name."

"A right perfect name for a pretty bird."

"Pardon? Did you just call me a bird?" She said turning her head towards Fred. Her sunglasses setting up a spark of light as they moved.

"And what if we did?" The two answered. Celesta did not turn her head from Fred's for a minute or two and then she looked straight towards me again and removes her sun glasses as she walks towards me with her eyes closed. She asks me to hold on to her glasses for a little while and then goes back to the face the twins. Her eyes open. Since I could not see what her eyes looked like I could not understand the twin's surprise.

"I am not a macaw. I am not a toucan. I am not even one of your owls. So why do you call me a bird? A bird is a flight enabled creature normally, that has feathers. I have none. Bird is also slang for two things. Is it because you think you can call me yours that you call me a bird? Or is it because you lack respect for women? Either way both of you have proved something to me. That the two of you need to learn respect for your elders."


"I am far older than many of you. As a vampire born in 1913 that would make sense." She is a vampire, a living dead. Well this day is getting more memorable by the minute. She turns around to face me and this time I see her eyes. She had eyes that were capturing. A blue so pale that it was almost white in strike contrast to her black pupil.

"Thank you for holding these for me." She said sweetly before leaving the room. Lindsay stayed behind and sighed.

"Oh great she is in one of her moods again."

"Moods?" George asked looking towards the path that Celesta had taken.

"Her usual if she doesn't have work to do she gets a little more snippy than usual."


"She's a fashion designer." That was the last thing that Lindsay had said as she left to catch up to her friend with the twins following close behind.

"Do you think that this will blow up in the twins' faces?" I ask Ron in reference to the twins going after Celesta and Lindsay.

"If it does I regret that I am going to miss it."

Narrator POV

The vampire nearly a hundred years old, but considered young by many of her kind walked quickly amongst the stone pillars of the halls to reach her temporary room. She did not understand why the simple remark of being called bird was casting her in a tizzy. In truth she did know. She knew all too well why, but like past times in life not all deserved to be seen in the light.

Her friend and sometimes in a joking sense charge manage to catch up to her with the two red headed twins that she had met at the hospital wing. Admittingly she thought the two were adorable for young ones. They couldn't be more than fifteen. When she was fifteen it was 1928 and she was just beginning her studies under the most influential of female designers, as a model and then became a designer in her own rights. So lost in memories she had not realized that she had stopped movement and the others had caught up. She even made the faux pas of bearing her fangs at them when one had tapped her shoulder.

"Didn't think we made her that mad, Fred." George said to his twin with his eyes slightly enlarged.

"This one is a bit sensitive." Fred answered him.

"I apologize. I was not…I did not hear you." She said adjusting her glasses and then looked towards Lindsay. "Is there something that you needed?"

"Just to check on you since you're A type personality is starting to flare up."

"Oh the thing about being called a bird…I am sorry about flying off ze handle Monsieur's…"

"Oh Well I am Fred." Said George.

"And I am George." Finished Fred.

"No, wait I'm George." George said with skill honed from years of this.

"No I am George." Fred said also not giving anything away.

"You're Fred and I am George." Logically said George.

"Will you listen to me? I am George and you are Fred." Truthfully replied George.

"Do the two of them do this often?"

"They didn't do this when I first met them, but I think that yes they do this a lot. They are notorious pranksters."

"So unlike you, yes? Well Monsieur's George and Fred once again I apologize for flying of ze handle with ze two of you. Please excuse me I have to go to my temporary quarters." She walked in a way that didn't seem too brisk to seem like she wished to leave their presence. However the way she walked enhanced the two teenage boys view.

"The accent might be hard to translate at times, but bloody hell it sounds sexy." Fred said not removing his gaze.

"Does she have a bloke?" George asked and turned to look at Lindsay. Fred followed suit and together the two created a pressure of answering from the clueless girl.

"Ahh…I don't know. She kind of is married to her career most of the time. I can't even remember if she dates much. I should be heading back to the Gryffindor wing I think someone is calling me from that direction!" She went the way to the tower and the two twins began concocting ways to see and impress the French beauty among them.

The young princess trotted along the hallway towards her dorm. Happy to have two friends from her homeland was she. Even though one of those friends was there to mostly be a bodyguard. But still she wasn't one to complain until it started to get annoying that is. Or when questions about why she is acting in such a way if she is a friend.

The walk was pleasant but when she came around a corner she found a certain pink individual with a scowl that didn't nothing but promote laughter. Lindsay chuckled lightly before speaking to him.

"Malfoy is that a new Slytherin house color?"

"I would think that you liked this color seeing as you are the one who made me this color."

"How could I have made you bubblegum pink?"

"If you didn't do it then who did?"

"I don't know have you asked the rest of the school or maybe the rest of the world?" The humor was lost on Malfoy as the heat rose within him and forced his hand in the matter. He pushed her against the wall not hard enough to warrant pain, but enough to spark fear in Lindsay as to what he was going to do next. His hands placed themselves over her wrists. His head leaned close to hers. Their eyes caught each other's. In hers it was uncertainty. In his it was a mixture. Anger and a deeper emotion. He shut his eyes and like flashed locked his lips on to hers. Shock widened her eyes even when he removed his lips. He said nothing at first, but smirked. Then he said.

"Think about that the next time you decide to prank me. Now Longbottom has to suffer too." He left her as he moved around the corner. Lindsay in tears ran to her room. Not knowing that the one who caused her discomfort was suffering too.

Lindsay ran in the halls till she came to an alcove to cry in private. A short lived private moment was given before the arrival of one Neville Longbottom who had hoped this would be a good place to study since the library was far too crowded. Upon seeing Lindsay his first instinct was to hide in order to slow his breathing, but when he saw that she was crying he went to her side. Hesitantly he reached out towards her and tapped her shoulder. The motion caused her to jerk her head up and temporarily frighten Neville from the action.

"Oh, Neville it's you." She said attempting wipe the tears from her eyes as new ones were beginning to form. "Did you want to sit here because I can leave if you want?"

"No, no you can stay." Neville said sitting next to her. He debated between keeping quiet and asking her what ails her. He took the route of asking her. "What happened? You look down." Lindsay found she could tell him.

"I had a bad run in with Malfoy."

"Did that jerk try to hurt you?"

"Well he…"

"I'm going after him!" Neville rose and took a step forward only to feel a hand grab his. A hand that sent a rush of warmth through his body at the contact. He looked down to see that it was indeed Lindsay's hand that had taken his. She led him back to the seat the two of them were sharing so she could explain to him what had happened. To his relief Malfoy had not threatened to hurt her physically or tried to curse her with something horrible for finding out that she was the one who had turned him pink like a poodle skirt. But he was furious with what Malfoy had taken her first kiss. The lecherous creature will pay for this he vowed. But the vow was dashed by the gentle Lindsay who did not want Neville to be harmed by the snake. For as much as she cared about her friend she did not believe that he could win against Malfoy right now.

"Well if you won't let me take care of Malfoy then I have to do something to make you feel better."

"You don't need to do anything for me Neville."

"I don't need to so much as I want to. I really mean it I do want to do something to make you feel better. How about I show you around Hogsmeade Village? I know you haven't been there yet and there is so much to see and do and Honeydukes! You have to see that all the treats and sweets. Enough to put a smile on your face." She gave a little one at the idea. "Like that one." He said smiling back at her.

"If you really want to I would love to go to Hogsmeade with you, Neville." His face beamed when she agreed. They parted ways and he was all smiles when he came back to the Gryffindor boys dormitories. When he entered he was in a state of bliss that did not go unnoticed by the other Gryffindor boys. Seamus asked Ron what could have made him act like well as he put it a grinning idiot. Ron shrugged. Harry who was back from the Hospital Wing was the one deemed to ask.

"What has you up in the clouds?" Neville didn't answer for his head was filled with images of what he planned to do in Hogsmeade with Lindsay. Hold hands in the cold weather that was supposed to come and huddle close together. Look at all the things to see and then sneak off to somewhere quiet and she may let him kiss her cheek.

"Neville!" Seamus shouted shocking his friend out of his daydream.

"Sorry? Did you say something Seamus?"

"I didn't say anything. Harry's the one who has been trying to talk with you for the past five minutes about why you are acting so goofy. But… why are you acting out of it?"

"Just looking forward to visiting Hogsmeade." He said turning his back. The three look at one another. Then Ron gets an idea.

"This doesn't have anything to do with Lindsay does it?" The other boys looked at Neville wondering if it was true and going by his smile it was. Neville finally asked out Lindsay and she had accepted. Well Seamus was very happy about his friend's luck since it was luck for him also. He won the pot.

(Speeding to Hogsmeade visit)

The students going gathered around Mr. Flitch for the visit to Hogsmeade. Neville stood waiting nervously as Lindsay had not yet arrived.

"Don't worry mate. I'm sure she just got lost along the way. You know how she still has trouble finding her way around the building."

"That sounds right." He said nodding. "I'm sure that's why she is late."

"Not too late I hope." Lindsay said appearing behind the two. The normal wear for the students going to Hogsmeade were the clothes that they wore at home in order to break from wearing their uniforms all the time. Lindsay took it a step further as she was wearing jeans and sweaters like the others, but instead of a jacket she wore a cloak. A red cloak with vines, ferns and fleur-de-lis etched in all around. There were hidden sleeves in the cloak so one could stick their hands out the sides without having to open the cloak up. It was beautiful to look at, but it was one more thing to make her stick out.

"Lindsay we were worried you weren't going to make it." Seamus said as his friend was struck mute for some odd reason no doubt.

"I almost thought I wasn't going to, the layout of the place still confuses me."

"That's a lovely cloak you are wearing." Neville finally said.

"Thank you. It's sort of a family relic. With a story attached to it, but it's so boring I won't repeat it." Just then Mr. Filch went on the move and prompting everyone to follow. Seamus went off to allow Neville time with Lindsay on the walk, but he stayed within close distance in order to keep trouble from turning its head around. The first thing Neville and Lindsay did was take a simple walk around enjoying the winter scenery.

"I love it when it snows." Lindsay told Neville. "It's so unique. How it falls with grace and then disappears quickly when the sun comes out."

"Snow is interesting like that. I remember that when I was little my Mum and I would go sledding and my Dad he would teach me how to make the perfect snowball. And then all of us would…" Sadness struck the young wizard as memories flooded him some good and some bad. Lindsay reached out to him and took his arm with a firmness that spoke of caring.

"Did something happen to them? Your parents I mean." He looked to her.

"Something bad happened to them a long time ago." Sensing that was all he would tell her she directed his attention to something else to bring him out of his gloom.

"Hey HoneyDukes." She said pointing to the candy shop. "Let's look in there!" her tone was so merry that his gloom was fading and together in hand the two went into the candy shop. Marvels of sweets from all around greeted the couple's eyes. Sugary delectable treats ranging from chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's beans to Jelly slugs and Liquorice wands.

"Wow. Everything looks so good it's hard to just pick one thing to try."

"You can't go wrong with any of this. The crystallized pineapple is good. But you can also get it in the muggle world too. If you want a real wizard treat you should try the cauldron cakes." He said showing her the display of bubbling goodies.

"They do look good. I should get a couple and maybe some of those sugared butterfly wings and oh oh chocolate skeletons would be nice too. I also promised Ginny I would get some sugar quills and I can't forget the blood flavored lollipops for Celesta."

"Who's Celesta?"

"Celesta is a friend of mine. She is visiting Hogwarts for a short while."

"Does she like the taste of blood or…"

"She's a vampire." Neville's face froze for a second or two. A vampire in Hogwarts why wasn't anyone told about that.

"And before you get all freaked out about a vampire on school grounds you should keep in mind that she is a half-vampire."

"A half-vampire? What does that entail?"

"It means that she is half human and half vampire. She doesn't need as much blood to live off of like a full blood would and she believes a lady does not drink blood from a stranger's neck. A lady vampire drinks blood that is stored away like wine."

"Like wine?"

"Yep, blood banks tend to give blood to vampires in wine bottles so vampires won't have to hunt. It's like going to the grocery store for them."

"This is fascinating." He said looking dreamily at Lindsay as she looked about. The shop owner came towards them and asked if she could be of any help. Lindsay listed the items she wanted and the shop owner placed the sweets in a bag and rang them up. Neville in order to impress Lindsay bought a blood flavored lollipop. But when he attempted to lick the sucker it was snatched out of his hands by an unseen force. The confusion on Neville's face prompted Lindsay to ask him what happened. When Neville explained what happened to the lollipop Lindsay figured out what; actually who the unseen force was.

"Neville, why don't we continue our walk? Unless you want to get something else since your candy disappeared?"

"If I get another one it would sprout legs and walk out of here." The two left the candy shop and walked about. Neville being a gentleman took hold of Lindsay's bag as they walked close together. They walked about or sometimes sat about and chatted for a good long time. Getting to know each other with tidbits of what they did and didn't like. Being careful to stay out of topics that caused sour memories to spring up on them and ruin such a lovely time. The conversation was soon drawn to a close when Lindsay spotted three certain friends of hers that she was most intent to speak to. She excused herself from Neville and promised to be back soon and sealed the promise with a kiss on his cheek. The boy was in such a daze after the kiss that the dark lord himself could have stood right in front of him and he would not have noticed.

Lindsay POV

I sprung up behind my friends shocking them before they started laughing.

"Harry did you have to take Neville's blood flavored lollipop while using that invisibility cloak of yours?"

"It was a blood flavored lollipop? That explains the flavor." Harry said scratching his head.

"You tried one of those?" Ron asked. Harry shrugged his yes.

"So what have the three of you been up to?"

"Nothing much. Except scare the tar out of Malfoy." The mention of Malfoy caused a silence in me that soon left at the sight of Cornelius Fudge in his carriage stopping outside the pub. Curiosity got the better of us and we moved towards the pub. But at the mention of Harry's name, the curiosity became too great and Harry donned the invisibility cloak. He was lucky to get into the pub but the rest of us had to wait outside and sit on a bench that we dusted the snow off of.

"Wait a tick, Lindsay how did you know about Harry's cloak?"

"Easy enough to explain, Ron. Harry and Hermione told me about when they came to America."

"Why did you tell her?"

"She went down into the Chamber of Secrets with the two of you to save your sister, that was enough for her to know the whole story about what happened our first year." Hermione said. Ron was about to say something else when the door to the pub sprang open and a flurry of chorus singers fell to the ground. We got up from our bench and dashed after Harry saying sorry to the fallen singers. We came to the edge of the forest and town when Harry stopped. We could tell by the impressions in the ground. Hermione reached out her hand to where Harry should be and removed the cloak. Harry was holding back his anger and tears as best he could for whatever he had learned in the pub was something bad. How bad, Sirius Black the murderer at large was once a friend of Harry's parents and his godfather. No one really knew what to say after hearing what he had said. Still I laid a hand on his shoulder and we all left. I separated from them to rejoin Neville who escorted me to the door to my dorm room. We said good bye and said we would see each other later.

Ginny was happy to see me and that I had remembered to get her the sugar quills she wanted. Already began nibbling on one of them.

"How was your date with Neville?" She asked.

"It wasn't a date."

"Right." She said rolling her eyes and smiling.

"It wasn't. He was just trying to be nice to me is all since he saw how bad day I was having." Ginny didn't say anything and was ignoring my protests as she leafed through her school book. Hermione came in and went to her studies. Since everyone was busy I snuck out to go and run the lollipops over to Celesta before it got too late.

With my cloak wrapped around me tightly I walked briskly to the room Celesta was staying in. Amazing how quickly she has adjusted to the room. Fabric swatches and sewing supplies were placed in locations were designs for outfits were being made. It looked like mess, but in truth it was just organized chaos. The room was split in half with a sheet to keep one side as work area and one as the living area. I peer over the curtain seeing Celesta sitting at a table and looking at a photo frame in deep thought. But when she saw me come forward she slammed it face down on the table.

"Yes?" She said in a snippy tone. One she didn't use with me normally.

"I brought you some blood flavored lollipops from Hogsmeade. I thought you would like some." Her tone lightened as she said thank you. I pass them to her and gaze at the face down frame wondering what the picture was. Celesta knowing what I was curious about shooed me out of the room in as polite a way that she could muster.

Strange how Celesta is acting. She was not one to be secretive or snippy about little things before she came here. But why should this place make her snippy? She had never been here before at least I think she has never been here before?

You know what I am just doing the over thinking thing and I need to just go back to the dorm and sleep. And I did until the silent alarm on my crystal ball went off. Silent to everyone but me that is. Hoggle was on the other end this time.

"Hey Hoggle you do know what time it is right?"

"Sorry about the interruption to your sleep Irida, but now was the only time I could tell you this."

"Tell me what? If it's about Sir Didymus refusing to get a rabies shot save your breathe I already know about it." I said pulling the covers closer.

"It's not about the stupid fox!"

"Hey, I thought you two were friends. Hate to see what you call your enemies."

"This isn't the time for a joke or two this is something you must keep quiet about. It's Sirius…"

"Serious what?"

"Not serious as in the situation. Sirius as in Sirius Black!"

"What about Sirius?" I said leaning in and looking about to make sure my roommates were well into sleep. If they were to wake now they would wonder about the crystal and who was on the other end and I would have to lie about it and never find out what it was that Hoggle was trying to tell me.

"He's…Oh no. I have to go Irida."

"What is it Hoggle!" The sound of my screech echoed across the room waking my two friends from their slumber. Quickly I shove the crystal under the pillow and pretend to be coming out of a nightmare. They buy it for now tiredness has a way of obscuring everyone's thoughts and they went to back to sleep. I pull the crystal out and find it blank. I had a feeling he wasn't going to be able to contact me soon. What was it he was trying to say to me before he was cut short? It had to do with Sirius, but what?

The next couple of days involved Harry training with Professor Lupin and a boggart to gain power against a dementor. I would sometimes watch these sessions from a distance should that thing turn back into her again. Harry was making progress with it even sending it back into its box.

It was after one of these sessions we met up with Hermione and Ron to go and see Hagrid. Now that Buckbeak's hearing was over we wanted to hear the results. However we found something had gone foul between them.

"Beautiful day." Hermione

"Gorgeous. Unless of course you've been ripped to pieces."

"Ripped to pieces?" Harry asked as confused as I felt.

"That's a little Dark there, Ron." I tell him.

"Ronald has lost his rat." Hermione said in a way that she had to have said this before.

"I didn't lose anything! Your cat killed him!" Eww. I thought. Hermione dismissed the statement as rubbish and forged ahead. "Harry, Lindsay, you've seen the way that bloodthirsty beast of hers is always lurking about. And Scabbers is gone."

"Are you sure he just didn't get lost or something?" I asked he said no. "Maybe he was eaten by another cat? This school is filled with other cats. What makes you so sure it was Crookshanks?"

"Excellent point Lindsay. Did you even think of that Ronald?"

"Your cat killed him!"

"Did not." This was going to go on I could tell. And it did till we reached Hagrid still in his suit with the large yellow spotted and stripped tie. He was skipping large disk like rocks across the water. We take seats on rocks before we ask him about the hearing.

"How did it go, Hagrid? The hearing?" hermoine asked first.

"Well, first off, the committee members took turns talking about why we were there." He threw a rock that hopped three times. "Then I got up and did my piece. Said how Buckbeak was a good hippogriff, always cleaned his feathers. And then…" he said it like the breathe had left him in defeat. "Lucius Malfoy got up. Well, you can imagine, he said Buckbeack was a deadly and Dangerous creature who would kill you as soon as look at you."

"Are you sure he wasn't talking about himself?" That got a chuckle out of him.

"And then?" Hermione asked him to continue.

"And then he asked for the worst, did old Lucius."

"They're not sacking you!" Ron asked.

"No, I'm not sacked."

"Does it have to do with Buckbeak?" I asked. He nodded before speaking with tears you could hear forming.

"Buckbeak's been sentenced to death!" he finished with slamming down the rock into the water.

"Unjustified!" I shouted out loud. "Buckbeak doesn't deserve that. Can't you get another hearing or delay the exection long enough for them to reconsider?" I asked wading into the water next to the large man. He shook his head and tears fell down his beard. I felt one crawl into my eye as well.

That night I didn't feel much like sleeping my mind was thinking of ways to save Buckbeak. Without having to get my father involved. Dad said if anything that involves me and legal system with him having to use his powers to get me out of it happens while I am at school then I would be taken out as soon as could say grounded. Technically as fae we are still hidden from mortals and Wizards for reasons no one has felt the need to tell me. Hence why my father is able to prance about as a rock star and I don't have to have people call me your highness.

If this was a case back home then I could solve it with the backing of a princess pedigree. Not that I use that excuse much in the first place. But without it I am simply a girl who should get her head checked for going against one of the richest families in the wizarding world.

Tossing and turning isn't going to solve anything tonight. I'm going to go and sit in the common room for a while. I put on my hoddie and some sneakers and tiptoe out of the room in order to not wake up Ginny since she was closer to the door. I open it without making a sound and as I was about to close it I saw the door the Fat Lady guarded open. Forgetting that it was past curfew I head to the door to find the culprit. Giving a few minutes to them so that they wouldn't know that I was following them. The person had light coming out of their wand thankfully it is bright enough for me to follow after. We walk through halls and halls often the night walker (wouldn't think of any other nickname to give him) would get on the paintings nerves with a light to the face asking them to turn it off. He stops in one of the halls and I take this opportunity to find out who it was.

"Harry?" he jumped when saw me scaring me in the process.

"Lindsay? What are you doing here its past curfew?!" he whispered hissed at me.

"I could ask the same of you. But to answer you, I saw someone leave the dorm and was curious to know why. What is that thing in your hand? Some kind of treasure map?" he looked down at the piece of parchment that was his hand.

"Oh this. Look can I trust you to keep a secret?"

"Harry you asked me the same thing when you were about to tell me about your invisibility cloak this summer. I still have the same answer

"This is the Marauder's Map. It shows where anyone is at any time in the castle."

"Any time?"

"Any time."

"Cool, but that doesn't explain what you are doing out of the tower."

"You remember that day in Hogsmeade when I said that Sirius Black had done more than just betray my parents."

"Yeah he like killed thirteen people."

"One of them was Peter Pettigrew. His name appeared on the map."

"As in he is walking around the school? How is that…"

"He's heading this way." Harry said as he looked up from the map. He turned around and moved his light about in order to catch the mysterious person. We turn around and find eyes looking at us that startle our hearts. But calm down when we see that it is only us in the mirror. We look down at the map and find Pettigrew had already turned the corner. And Snape was heading our way. Harry told his map Mischeif managed Nox. Before turning out his light.

Another appeared belonging to potions Professor Snape.

"Potter. And King. What are the two of you doing wandering the corridors at night?" He said flicking his wand from Harry to me and back to Harry again.

"I was sleepwalking."

"And you Ms. King?"

"I saw him sleepwalking and worried he may hurt himself I followed him."

"If you were so worried about him then why didn't you wake him up?"

"Because he could have struck me or saw me as a threat in his sleepwalking state. I don't like the idea of being hit."

"How extraordinarily like your fathers the two of you are." What does he know about my father? Not like Dad ever went to Hogwarts as a student. He was here when it first opened as a guest but that was a long time ago. "Your father Potter was exceedingly arrogant, strutting about the castle similar to your father the way he struts like it is his own stage." Yeah right.

"My Dad didn't strut. And nor do I." Harry said. I say nothing but give Snape the snake eye. "Now, if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you could lower your wand."

"Unless you wish to pay for two sets of eye surgery." He lowers his wand allowing our eyes relief from the torture his light.

"Turn out your pockets. Turn out your pockets!" He felt the need to order Harry twice. He took out the Marauder's Map. It was blank now, but as snape lay his wand on it and told it to reveal its secrets it didn't stay empty for long. But it wasn't the same as before. "Go on read it Potter."

"Messrs. Monny, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs offer their compliments to Professor Snape and…"

"Go on."

"And request he keep his large nose out of other people's business." I stifle a laugh and Professor Snape begins to say You insolent little… Before he was cut off by a welcomed sight to us. Professor Lupin had appeared in the shadows.

"Well, well, well Lupin. Out for a little walk in the moonlight are we?"

"Harry, Lindsay are the two of you all right?" He said ignoring the potion master

"That remains to be seen." Quick as a flash he snatched the map out of Harry's hands. "I have just confiscated a rather curious artifact from the two of them. Take a look Lupin/ Supposed to be your area of expertise. Clearly it's full of dark magic." And I am Oprah Winfrey and you have just won a free car.

"I seriously doubt it, Severus. It looks as though it's a parchment designed to insult anyone who tries to read it." He stopped to take a laugh before going on. "I suspect it's a Zonko product." Snape attempts to take back the map but Lupin beats him to the punch. "Nevertheless, I shall investigate any hidden qualities it may possess. It is, after, all, as you say, my area of expertise. Would the two of you come with me, please? Professor, good night." We follow the professor of Defense against the dark arts to his classroom.

"Now I haven't the faintest idea how this map came to be in your possession but quite frankly, I am astounded that you didn't hand it in. Did it never occur to you that this, in the hands of Sirius Black is a map to you, Harry? Did you realize it as well young lady?"

"Don't blame her for anything she only just found out about the map when she followed me tonight. But no, sir. I didn't realize."

"Your father never set much store by the rules either. And your father was all about breaking them in his songs."

"Only certain rules."

"Harry your father and mother gave their lives to save yours. Gambling their sacrifice by wandering the castle unprotected with a killer on the loose seems to me a poor way to repay them! Now, I will not cover up for the two of you again. Do you hear me?"

"Yes sir." We mutter.

"I want the two of you to return to your dormitory and stay there. And don't take any detours. If you do, I shall know." He pointed to the map for emphasis before we left. Halfway down the path Harry turned around to ask Professor Lupin a question.

"Professor, just so you know, I don't think that map always works. Earlier, it showed someone in the castle. Someone known to be dead."

"Oh, really? And who might that be?"

"Peter Pettigrew." Luppin was ready to doubt what Harry said with the words that's not possible.

"It's true. I saw his name on the map too." I said. We leave but not before saying good night.

The morning of classes offers a surprise for my Muggle Studies class. Since I have been excelling in that class I was given a duty to sit in and record Professor Trelawney class for the professor's next class that was going to be on real versus fake divination tactics used on muggles.

When I introduced myself to professor Trelawney my mind chose words to fit her. They were hippy, drama teacher who was bound to be interesting. I liked her right away.

She had me sit in a chair in the front where I could hear everything she said she even gave me a cup of tea to drink to do a complimentary tea leaves reading for me after class. Harry and Ron came in and waved to them. Before sitting down they asked what I was doing here.

"Did you get lost on the way to class again?"

"No, Ron. I am here to record Professor Trelawney's class for my professor in muggle studies. The next class is supposed to be on muggles and fake psychics versus the real ones. And since I agreed to do this I don't have to go to class that day."

"Lucky duck." He said as he was ushered back to his seat. Class topic for the day was crystal gazing something that I knew about, but didn't use for the seeing into the future part, no that stuff I leave to Jena.

"The art of crystal gazing is in the clearing of the Inner Eye. Only then can you see. Now what do we have here?" Professor Trelawney came to Ron, Harry and Hermione's table? When did she get there?

"Do you mind me trying?" Professor Trelawney nodded her head and opened her arms. "The Grim, possibly."

"My dear, from the first moment you stepped foot in my class I sensed that you did not possess the proper spirit for the noble art of Divination. No, you see, there. You may be young in years but your heart is as shriveled as an old maid's, your soul as dry as the pages of the books to which you so desperately cleave." I almost chocked on my tea when she said that. I know she was not trying to insult Hermione but doesn't she realize how blunt she was?

Herminoe left in a huff grabbing her bags and knocking down the crystal ball purposefully as she exited the room.

"Have I said something?" She said looking at the two at the table. I nod in the background going yes you did. Class was dismissed and while the others were piling out she came to chat with me.

"Well my dear what did you think of this class? Have I persuaded you to come and study the noble art of divination?"

"It was interesting to sit through, but I know don't have a knack for divination. My friend Jena has, but she can't come here."

"And why not? Financial issues?"

"She's not a witch. She is just a muggle with a gift of the Inner Eye."

"Not that is rare and problematic. Without proper guidance the Inner Eye could close forever. How is it that your friend possesses it?"

"Nothing has been totally confirmed yet, but according to old family legend she is a descendent of the Oracle of Delphi."

"Such a noble bloodline, steeped in the very mystery that it was to expel. For now let us have a look at your teacup." I hand her the cup and she looks at it.

"My dear you have quite a few symbols. I see a crown that can mean honor, success, or a legacy. There is a chessman trouble is ahead of you my dear. And a curtain. A secret wither yours or someone else's I am not sure. Now if I interpret these symbols together they mean you are honor bound to keep a secret but be warned there is trouble ahead a secret could be revealed."

"That sounds very scary."

"The trouble ahead could be something as simple as papers for other class or dealing with someone who bothers you. I hate to have to sound like I am kicking you out, but I have things to do."

"I should get going anyway. Thanks for letting me sit in on your class Professor Trelawney."

"You're welcome. See if you can bring your friend for a visit one day."

"I'll see what I can do." I exit the room and on the way down the stairs I run into Harry going up with the crystal ball Hermione had knocked to the floor.

"Hey Harry."

"Hey Lindsay. Do you know if Professor Trelawney is in her room?"

"She should be. I just left two minutes ago."


"I'll wait here for you."

"Thanks again."

"No prob." I lean on the wall and wait for Harry. I occupy my mind with going over the notes I had taken for class. To be sure that it was in the right order for me to give to the professor. Harry soon came out of the room walking briskly. I follow after him calling to him to slow down. When he did I asked him what had happened with Professor Trelawney. He said nothing and brushed it off.

"Well since you are not going to tell me what happened between you and Professor Trelawney then you will have to listen what happened at my tea reading." He didn't respond. So I went on. "She said that the leaves revealed I was honor bound to keep a secret and trouble is ahead where a secret is revealed."

"Secret you?" More than you know Harry.

"I keep the secret of your cloak and other things Harry."

"So you are going to reveal them?"

"She didn't say the secrets I know would be revealed she only said a secret would be revealed. It could be on something we don't have anything to do with except being there to hear it."

"But the thing about troubles ahead?"

"She said it could be something as simple as papers in a class."

"I have a very funny feeling that it is going to be more than that."