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by Gin

Miranda Priestly sighed to herself. It happened quite often but normally it was in frustration at the incompetence surrounding her. This sigh was different. This one was a contented sound and it perfectly matched how she felt. Without opening her eyes, she shifted on the soft surface and reached out for her wife. Her very new wife. Furrows appeared on her forehead when her hand only encountered cold sheets and a crinkly scrap of paper.

Not happy about being denied the sensation of Andrea in her arms, Miranda moved to sit with her back to the headboard. The note was somewhat informative, but less than truly helpful.

Went running down the beach, back soon... Love you.


Without knowing when Andrea left there was no way of estimating how long it would be before her return. There was, however something that she had been meaning to do for the last week and now Miranda thought would be the perfect time.

Slipping into the luxuriously soft blue/gray robe that Andrea had given her, Miranda walked through the house to the kitchen. She smiled when she saw the coffee ready and waiting for her. Andrea had started it, or set it to start when she left for her run. "She's so thoughtful." Miranda murmured as she poured herself a cup and wondered for the millionth time how she had gotten so lucky.

She made a stop in her office to retrieve her laptop computer and the flash drive the girls had given her at the wedding. Miranda chuckled as she examined the small flash drive that resembled a high heeled shoe and saw that there were two files there. One had the imperative title, Read Me First. She clicked it and only had to wait a short time before the video began. She grinned as she watched her daughters adjusting the camera and making funny noises to 'test' the microphone. Once they were satisfied with the quality they began to speak to the camera, to Miranda.

"Hi Mom!" Caroline waved.

"Hey Mom!" Cassidy grinned at the camera.

"We just wanted to let you know how great we think it is that you and Andy are getting married." Caroline rolled her eyes at Cassidy's "like they didn't know already" comment. "We're both so happy that you found her. We can tell that she makes you happy and we're glad."

"You deserve it, Mom." Cassidy's lopsided grin made Miranda smile. "We love you."

"Yes," Caroline agreed, "We love you." Her blue eyes, so similar to Miranda's own, glistened with unshed tears. "So when we get to our terrible teen years and go all hormonal on you, you can show us this video to remind us that we think you're the best, and Andy is cool, and that we love you very much."

"Right." Cassidy laughed. "We love you, both of you and we love that you are together."

"This is your message." Caroline shrugged. "Andy has one for her on her flash drive too, but the other one is the same file on both drives and it is for you both to watch, together. It's our wedding present to you, both."

"Have a great honeymoon, Mom." Cassidy smiled into the camera. "See ya back in New York."

Caroline nodded. "Yep, see ya then."

The video cut off and Miranda was left staring at the blank screen. A happy tear rolled down her cheek. She knew in her heart that the girls loved her. She knew that. Setting the laptop aside, Miranda continued her train of thought. But there was always that guilt of not being there for them as they had grown up that ate at her. It was one of her greatest regrets and something she shared with Andrea. The young woman had been quite sad at the thought of missing the girls' childhood, even though she really would only have been a child at the time herself. Andrea's voice pulled Miranda out of her thoughts.


Miranda suddenly found herself surrounded by Andrea's lanky arms. The concern in Andrea's tone brought even more tears to Miranda's eyes. "I'm fine, my Darling." She returned the embrace and was content to remain here for quite some time. Andrea had other ideas.

"I'm going to go take a shower, and then you are going to tell me why you were crying when I came in here."

"I'll tell you now." Miranda lightly pressed her lips to Andrea's. "I watched my message, from the girls." She kissed Andrea again, to stop her from speaking then explained. "They were happy tears, Andrea."

"Okay. I'll watch my message in a little bit." Andy smiled at her wife. "I'm going to go take a shower."

"If you must." Miranda inhaled deeply.

Grinning at that, Andy shook her head. "You are so twisted." She kissed Miranda's lips lightly, to take the sting out of her words.

Returning the kiss, Miranda informed her wife, "There is also a file that we are to watch together."

"Hmmm..." Andy nodded. "Okay, I'll hurry."


Andy slid into the bed next to Miranda and situated the laptop on their legs, half on her thigh, half on Miranda's. Plugging the little 'book' into the correct port, Andy found the files and clicked on the "Read Me First" icon.

Andy grinned at the screen as the girls went through the setup routine with Caroline clearly adjusting the camera to Cassidy's satisfaction before both girls were visible. They were wearing the clothes they had on before they'd changed into their bridesmaid's dresses.

"Hi Ma." Cassidy grinned and bounced a bit in her seat.

Caroline was more reserved, but still enthusiastic. "Hello Ma!"

"We just wanted you to have it on record that we think it's great that you are marrying Mom."

Caroline nodded. "Like we told Mom. Now when we go all "hormonal teen" on you, you'll have this recording to throw in our face. We love you Ma, we really do. You make our family complete, and you make Mom happy. Happier than we've seen her..."

"...ever." Cassidy grinned at the screen. "She's so totally in love with you,which I find very cool because I know you love her too."

Andy smiled and glanced at Miranda. "I do."

"The other file on this drive is the same as the one on Mom's. It's your wedding gift, from us."

"We love you, Ma."

Caroline nodded. "We love you. Have a great honeymoon and we'll see you back in New York."

Andy reached out and nearly touched the screen. "Thanks, Munchkin." She felt Miranda's fingertips on her cheek, wiping away the moisture there. Turning to her wife, Andy smiled. "Happy tears."

Miranda merely nodded.

"Should I play the other file?"

With a deep breath, Miranda shifted closer and nodded again. "Yes."

Andy clicked on the icon and they both smiled as music began to play. It was obviously one of Cassidy's compositions, new to both of them. Then the black screen faded in and Andy heard Miranda's gasp, but couldn't take her eyes off the screen. It was James, holding an infant, waving the little hand at the camera before the shot widened. He leaned down to place the child next to Miranda in the hospital bed. Now the new mother had one infant on each side of her and was smiling, tiredly, into the camera. Andy knew that she would have to watch this video several hundred times to see it all. The montage that followed the image of Miranda with the newborn twins was blurred with her tears. There were images of Christmas mornings and birthdays along with piano recitals and just normal outings all caught on tape by the nanny or as they grew older, each other. As the end of the video approached, it became more of a slide show, but Andy shook her head at the images. It was her, images of her, but they had been rather expertly joined with ones of the twins. From infancy on up, the slide show alternated between images of Miranda and Andy with the twins. In some cases both women were in the picture, lovingly watching over the girls at whatever activity they were doing.

It was Caroline and Cassidy's entire childhood condensed into a six minute presentation and then morphed so that Miranda and Andy had been there with them, the whole time. The music wound down and the picture faded to black as the girls dressed as they were in Andy's message waved and blew kisses at the camera.

Andy just sat looking at the screen, unable to speak for a long moment. "I can't believe they did that."

"They are very thoughtful." Miranda didn't offer any more comment, but Andy could tell that her wife was also very moved by the video.

"We should call them and thank them..." Andy wiped a tear away.

"Yes." Miranda set the laptop aside and pulled Andrea to her. "Later."

"Yeah." Andy sighed as she stretched out on the bed next to Miranda. "I am pretty tired. Maybe we should take a nap first."

Miranda's eyebrows raised, but she didn't say a word as they settled into one of their favorite sleeping positions. Andrea's head on her shoulder, the young woman's arm draped across her stomach.

A few moments later, Andy shifted her arm so that her fingertips could absently brush Miranda's breast. "Miranda?"


"I may not be quite as tired as I thought..." Andy grinned and kissed the shoulder under her head. She didn't have to look to know that Miranda was smiling too.

They would call the girls, but it would definitely be later. Right now they were going to follow their childrens' orders and enjoy their honeymoon.