Crash Bandicoot 4: The Wrath of Cortex

Retold by Mutitoon90

Chapter One

Another morning greeted the Wumpa Islands as the majority of the island's citizens rose to start their day. Many of them planned on either working or playing, and a certain duo was planning on playing at the beach.

However, they planned on meeting up with a friend, who would rather sleep...

Three loud knocks echoed throughout the house and straight to Nathan Charles's ears, causing the poor young man to rise like a zombie and staggered to the front door. Upon opening the door, the male human saw the faces of his two dearest friends and most valued allies: Crash Bandicoot and Luna the werewolf, in her full human form and in a blue bikini.

"Whoa," Crash exclaimed upon seeing his friend's ragged appearance, "you don't look to good!"

"Very much like how he feels." Luna commented, looking worried about the only human male on the island.

"You can say that again, Luna." Nathan sighed out his answer, which was followed by a large yawn.

"Was it that nightmare again?" Luna inquiried, knowing well enough not to ask, but also hopeful enough to ask.

"The mask dream again." The black haired male confirmed with another yawn.

"Nathan," Crash spoke up, "can you make it to the beach?"

The question earned the bandicoot dark and unfriendly glares from the son of Napoleon Cortex and the wolfgirl.

Releasing a heavy sigh, Nathan responded to the bandicoot, "I don't know if I can, Crash. I'm just so tired."

"Yeah," the wolfgirl confirmed loudly, "it's like the fifth night in the row that you've had that damn nightmare."

"A little louder, Luna," Nathan growled at the werewolf, "I don't think they're heard you over at the next island!"

"Yeesh!" Luna backed from the human.

"Nathan, calm down." Crash said as he took the role of the voice of reason, "You're just tried, that's all it is."

"I know, but what do you expect?" Nathan sighed oout of exhaustion.

"Hey," Luna announced to her male companions, "I've got an idea!"

"An idea?" The good friends looked at each other with a worried expression on their faces; Luna tended to produce ideas that were good in intention but bad in results.

"Don't worry!" Luna said, somewhat reading the males' minds, "This'll work for sure!"

Then, Luna was off into the jungle, leaving Nathan and Crash extremely concerned about their safety.

"Keeping that promise is starting to look like a very bad idea." Nathan's stressed out facial expression described his feelings accurately: nearly-panic.

"Big time." Crash's face was twisted in fear and worry.

In the Earth's orbit, all was calm. In that distance, the oceans and the lands was a beautiful mixture of greens and blues with clouds of white and dark gray.

However, the peaceful moment was ruined by the sudden appearance of a satellite with a big 'N' on it. The letter was the official symbol for Doctor Neo Cortex, a self-proclaimed evil scientist, the creator and nemesis of Crash Bandicoot, as well as most of the animal residents of the Wumpa Islands, and the uncle of Nathan Charles.

Inside the metal, circuits and wires of the satellite, it was the complete opposite of the serene silence of space.

"Imbeciles!" Roared the growling voice of Uka-Uka, "Fools! Nincompoops!"

The ones that were receiving the fury-filled rants were Neo Cortex, Nefarious Tropy and N. Gin. They sat around a meeting table as they were hit by the evil mask's insults and complaints.

"Can't you idiots do anything right?! Your abilities of spreading evil is pathetic!"

"Uka-Uka!" Cortex defened himself and the other doctors, "It's not our fault! That wretched bandicoot is to blame!"

An animalistic growl escaped from the leader of the evil doctors before he spoke once again, "I will not let anything stand in our way of evil, espeically some orange, mutated marsupial! Crash must be eliminated!"

"Uh, Uka-Uka," N. Gin spoke up to the angry mask, "need I remind you that Crash always finds a way to defeat us? Maybe he's just too good for us."

"Enough excuses!" Demanded the magical mask, "You three idiots need to come up with one good plan! Or else..."

"How do I get myself into these situations?" Moaned Cortex as he rubbed his temples to relieve the headache that bothered him.

"There must be something we can come up with." N. Tropy thought out loud. Then, he looked at his yellow-skinned counterpart and posed a question.

"Say, 'Doctor,' haven't you been tinkering with some kind of new secret weapon in your laboratory?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, ." Cortex lied to his blue-skinned rival; whatever he was up to, the big-headed scientist does not want anyone above or equal to him finding out about it too soon.

"Doctor Cortex!" N. Gin shouted out, grabbing the attention of the others in the meeting much to Cortex's dismay, "I think he's in reference to the super, secret weapon you've been laboring over day and night since the last time Crash defeated you!"

"Enough talking!" The infuriated mask shouted out to the doctor with the unexploded rocket in his head, before glaring at Cortex and screaming in demand, "Do we have a plan!?"

Due to the sudden announcement of the weapon by N. Gin and N. Tropy's assumption of the weapon, Cortex had no choose but to announce the existance of the weapon.

"Well, in my scientific endeavors, I've been able to create a genetically advanced superweapon of unbelievable strength, but the power source is the final, missing, crucial element."

The evil spirit was about to to say something at the questionable strength of the weapon, when a certain word grabbed at a part of the mask's memory.

"Element... Elements... Yes... The Elementals!"

"Right!" Cortex grinned, even though his lacked any knowledge of the beings Uka-Uka was talking about, "The Elementals! That's it! If released, their destructive energy could create enough power to bring my secret weapon to life! We'll have a weapon capable of crushing mountains and demolishing entire cities!"

"And wiping Crash Bandicoot off the face of the Earth forever!" Uka-Uka shouted out, showing an evil smile.

Pleased of the dark mask's reaction, Cortex spoke out, "Get ready to face my wrath, Crash Bandicoot!" As the scientist talked, he slammed the table and laughed in a manic manner, seeing victory within his gloved hands' grisp.

"No!" Nathan sat up from a dead sleep.

The only thing met with the human was the peaceful scenery of the ocean and the beach. On the shore, there were himself on a blanket and under an umbrella, the Bandicoot Sisters sunbathing, Mario Potoroo on lifeguard duty and Aku-Aku watching Crash and Coco Bandicoot on the ocean and Pura playing with Polar by building a sand castle.

"Hey!" The dark-haired male realized something, "Where's Luna?"

"Right here!" The now-human werewolf answered as she wrapped her arms around the young man's neck and rubbed her face into his hair, which went to his shoulders.

The son of the eldest N. Cortex allowed this, lacking any experience with women, and Luna, who was more experienced than he was, was willing to help him to a certain extent.

"What's wrong, Nathan?" The werewolf asked as she sensed the young man's depression, "Did you have another bad dream?"

"Yeah." Nathan confirmed the question of his ally.

Even more worried about her friend, Luna spoke another question.

"Did it involved the masks?"

"Not exactly." The twenty-year-old said, "It had another mask in the dream."

"Let me guess..." The female said as she put her face against Nathan's, "Uka-Uka?"

"How did you figure that out?"

Luna smiled artfully as she replied to the lone male human.

"A guess."

The she-wolf withheld the empathic information that told her the being that formed the mixed emotions of fear, concern and disgusted in the young man.

Nathan knew that Luna was not going to confessed the whole truth about how she knew about what being she had mentioned, but that was not important at that time.

"Luna," the ex-Cortex asked Luna, who sensed the emotion of uncertainity from the man, "I wish I could stop these nightmares..."

"I know how you feel." The human female said as her right hand started to caress Nathan's hand, "Keeping these thoughts isn't good for you and your well-being."

"I know, but I feel that I'm in a losing battle."

Keeping her smile, Luna kept moving her hand up and down Nathan's arm, trying to get the boy relax, but it was not working as it would on a normal day. She was starting to feel the same, but it was for a different reason.

"Making a mental mess of yourself won't help anything on the island or our friends, Nathan."

"I know..." Nathan moaned sadly, placing his head into his free hand, "I just wish-"

"'I wish!' 'I wish' 'I wish!'" Luna ranted as she pushed the man to the blanket he was sleeping on earlier and freed a raspberry from her lips.

"What!?" A confused Nathan asked, not knowing of the reason of Luna's sudden outburst of annoyed complaints.

"What the hell is the use for wishes if those who make them do nothing!?"

Making Luna angry was not an easy task, but Nathan failed to see why or how the werewolf got so upset. However, he had an idea.

"What about wishes by those who do take action a good amount of the time?"

The question definitely silenced Luna's rantings, but it did summon a smile onto Luna's lips.

"Good to hear some power behind your voice again."

Surprised by Luna's sudden change of attitude, Nathan blushed as his female friend started to approach him in a very seductive manner as she pressed her chest against his; the action caused Nathan to blush, looking like his face had sunburn.

"Mi-mi-miss Luna!" Nathan studdered his words as the werewolf leaned at the poor boy, who was a child in the matters of the attraction between men and women.

"No 'Miss,' Nathan." Luna's voice was husky from the desire from the boy's cooperation, "It's just Luna..."

Red-faced and palpitation-sensing, Nathan watched as Luna hid her silver-blue eyes under her eyelids and leaned even closer to his face. Their lips were nearly touching...

Then, Nathan slipped out of the hold, sending Luna to the ground, and said, "Look at Crash! He's awesome!"

After having kissed the sand-touched blanket, Luna recovered by rolling to her side, maintained her balance by planting an elbow to the ground and a hand to her chin and looked at the young man. Faced with pure embarrassment, the female werewolf only smiled; although things failed to turn for her favor, when it came to subduing the young genius, she was happy that the man that she was after was paying more attention to reality and not to a few nightmares.

Out on the ocean, Coco was riding her jet-ski, while her older brother was on a wakeboard, being dragged on the water. That was the female bandicoot's idea, much to Crash's dismay.

"Go, Crash!" Coco cheered her brother on, "Yeah! Crash, you're doing great!"

Back on the beach, Aku-Aku was lost in his thoughts, recalling old days that had passed on thousands of years ago. On a day like that, the witch doctor would watch the village children play, the men returning back from a hunt and the women would be preparing a meal, while he would heal or bless anyone who needed it. Of course, those days lacked evil scientists, mutated animals and other of the modern conveniences, but they failed to lack any mad men.

Then, he was pulled back to reality by a sudden rumble, causing him to rise up from his foldable chair.

"What's happening!?" Aku-Aku asked loudly.

Looking around, the elder of the islands saw a volcano nearby fuming and spewing hot smoke and molten rock from its mouth, causing him to exclaim, "No, it cannot be!"

Following the eruption of the volcano, the skies were darken by the storm clouds that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh, no!" The mask shouted again.

By that time, Ami, Isabella, Liz and Megumi noticed the clouds and started complaining about what the day's weather. Mario was a little more concern for Coco's and Crash's safety.

"Guys, look out!" The potoroo screamed, but neither of the Bandicoots could hear him.

Coco also saw the dark clouds rolled in skies, causing to inquire.

"What's going on?" The young mammal exclaimed in her confusion. Then, she saw a huge wave rolling towards her brother. Turning back, she shouted to her older sibling, "Crash, look out!"!

It was too late; the tsunami hit the older bandicoot with his sister, and they were swept back onto the shore of their home of Wumpa Island.

The first thing they heard after the wave's powerful impact onto them was Luna's voice, which confessed the wolfgirl's thoughts.

"I've wiped out many times, but this is the first I've wiped out without being on a surfboard."

Looking at Luna, Crash and Coco saw her and the rest of their friends, who were also hit by the massive tidal wave.

"Man, what was that?" Mario asked as he wrung out his tank top.

"I don't know," Ami spoke out for herself and her sisters, "but I've got a really feeling about this whole thing."

"I just want to know what happened." Announced Luna, who shook out most of the loose water from her body, like any canine would, which the others got hit by the droplets.

"Is everyone all right?" The mask asked the group of wipe-out innocents.

"A-Okay!" Luna wrung out her hair, "At least, I am."

"Me too!" Mario shook his hair, trying to fix it into its usually slick look.

"Us too!" The four sisters spoke in unison.

"I'm alright." Nathan looked at the damage to the beach, "However, the shore's another story."

"Yeah." Crash agreed fully, while Coco went to Pura's and Polar's side to make sure they were not harmed in any way.

"Good to hear that." Aku-Aku was grateful, but also worried. Then, he made an announcement to all of them.

"It appears that my evil twin brother, Uka-Uka, is up to his no-good tricks again."

"Are you sure?" Luna would question the old mask, but she would mean no offence to him, "The last time we've seen him, he ended up getting stuck in a time prison, or something like that, with Cortex."

"And you're right about that, Luna." The elder nodded to the werewolf, "However, he must have escaped, because he would want us gone first."

Keeping her stronger thoughts to herself, Luna said, "Can't argue with that."

"Thank you." Aku-Aku ended his reply to Luna and resumed his announcement to the whole of the group.

"I must find out what is he planning. I'll meet up with you later."

"Right," Nathan agreed, "we'll be at the new portal room."

The mask nodded to Nathan before vanishing into thin air, leaving the group of beach-goers a little confused.

"What are we going to do?" Megumi asked Crash, Coco, Nathan and Luna, whom were not shy about their answers.

"We'll do what we normally do." Coco announced first.

"Kick some mad doctor tails!" Luna hopped up, ready for some unexpected action.

"Of course," The male human reminded the werewolf and the marsupials, "we need to alert the other islands before anything else."

"Okay." Luna smiled meekly before she ran into the jungle.

"What's going-" Liz tried to ask, when a powerful howl echoed throughout the jungle and ripped out to N. Sanity Island and Gun Island, telling the inhabitants of the situation level.

"That's loud!" Isabella spoke out in frightened awe of the howl that came from Luna.

"Yeah." Nathan agreed, "Much louder than Sash's."

Sash was Luna's cousin, who left the Wumpa Islands to visit some of her relatives. Knowing that Luna could be concerned about her kin, Nathan looked at his watch-like communication device and gave the beam rider a call.


"Sash, it's Nathan!"

"It's good to hear you," Sash's voice sounded confused, "but I was expecting Luna to call me."

Keeping his cool, the young man spoke again, "I know, but I'm doing it for her."

"Really? Have you and her-"

"No!" Nathan's face glowed red once again, "Nothing's happened between us!"

"Not yet."

"Sash!" Nathan growled in annoyance of the statement that Sash was implying about him and Luna. Calming himself, he said, "The reason I'm calling is to make sure you're okay for Luna, so she wouldn't worry about you and the rest of her family."

"What's happened?" Luna's cousin asked in a completely different tone; it was no longer the taunting tone due to brunette werewolf's feelings towards him, but the serious tone when she sensed that something was very wrong.

"Well, we've had a tidal wave hit Wumpa Island." Nathan started, but Sash finished, "But this was no ordinary tsunami, right?"

"Right." Nathan responded, not knowing if the moon mystic knew what was going on.

"So, you've been hit as well."

That statement perked the scientist's son's attention.

"What's going there?"

"That question should be 'What's happening everywhere?' Natural disasters are popping up everywhere, from N.Y.C. to L.A., from Toyko to London, and from the Artic to the Antarctic. Is everyone all right?"

"A big wave got us, but everyone's alive and well." Nathan answered, calming some Sash's worries and fears.

"The disasters have been oddly mild," the unseen werewolf confessed, "but this is just the calm before the storm."

"I hate that when someone says that old saying." Nathan groaned, "It always comes true with me!"

"Maybe it will, and maybe it won't." Sash replied to the young man's complaint, "Either way, something has to be done about it. That's just how the ball bounces, Nathan."

That statement did very little to ease Nathan's mind, but he maintained his composure and said, "I'll keep you posted about the events."

"Thank you, Nathan, and I'll sure that you're up to date with the disasters' strength." Sash spoke in response before she ended the conversation by saying, "Good bye, Nathan, and tell Luna that I'm all right."

"I promise." The dark haired man said, "Bye."

"So," Luna spoke up as Nathan turned off his 'watch,' "is Sash okay?"

"Yeah." Nathan answered, "And she said that things are also stirring up in other parts of the planet."

"Really?" Coco asked in awe of the news, "Then, it's not just us. That's good, right?"

"Nope." Luna, who was normally a lively-natured person, responded in a very depressing tone of voice, "Things are just beginning for us in this situation. It's really the calm before the storm."

"Exactly Sash's words." Nathan was surprised about the similar thought patterns of the two cousins, whether or not the fact that they were werewolves by birth was not a strong factor in it.

"Let's get to the portal room!" Crash shouted out to the others, "Aku-Aku's probably there now!"

"I doubt that," the ex-Cortex rose an eyebrow, "but I've been wrong before."

"I better check of the rest of the islands." Mario Porotoo interjected into the conversation, "We might find out if anyone else was hurt."

"Good idea." Ami, the green haired bandicoot female, spoke up, "I'll help too."

"Us too!" The other sisters shouted in unison.

"Looks and sounds like we have a game plan." The brunette werewolf smiled a toothy grin at her friends, "Let's get going, Bandicoots! And others!"

The group divided into two and went to their assigned jobs, hoping that they could return to their vacation soon.