Crash Bandicoot 4: The Wrath of Cortex

Retold by Mutitoon90

Chapter Two

Aku-Aku appeared in a place that very few people know about, which includes himself and Uka-Uka, who probably told Tropy and Cortex about the hyperspace that was held within the planet Earth. The old mask also knew that a certain group of destrutive spirits were imprisoned here long ago as punishment for nearly destorying the world.

He recalled the last time they were freed from their prison, and the ones responsible for releasing them were punished to act as guardians of the islands that acted as a gateway to that prison.

Then, Aku-Aku sensed a familiar power, which belongs to only one being: Uka-Uka. Following the direction of power, the good-hearted mask flew to a stone, shrine-like structure and in the middle of it was Uka-Uka.

"Hello, my feeble brother." The bone-bearing mask greeted his twin with a dark, cryptic smile, which only angered Aku-Aku.

"You have gotten my attention, Uka-Uka!" The feather-decorated mask spoke out at his twin, "What kind of diabolical scheme do you and Doctor Cortex have planned this time?"

"No schemes," the evil twin was too glad to answer, "just a some old familiar faces dropping by for a visit."

Without warning, four masks appeared next to Uka-Uka and laughing as darkly as the one who freed them. As soon as he saw them, Aku-Aku exclaimed his apparent shock.

"Not the Elementals! Uka-Uka, did you release them? Don't you remember the last time they were free?"

Casual was the best way to describe the tone of voice that flowed out of Uka-Uka's mouth.

"So, they were responsible for a few disasters that nearly destoryed the world a few centuries ago; you worry too much, brother."

"But you cannot restrain them!" The good twin countered with his own concerns, "They are too powerfully dangerous! It would spell doom for us all!"

A dark laugh flowed from the Elemental that looked like ball of fire before he spoke out Aku-Aku.

"On the contrary, Aku-Aku, it spells doom for you and that precious world that you care so much about!"

Then, he turned to his fellow Elemental Masks and shouted out, "DESTORY HIM!"

Keeping aware of the actions of his enemies, Aku-Aku dodged the combined attack of the Elementals, which proved to be explosive upon hitting the stone floor of the shinre-like prison.

"You won't get away with this, Uka-Uka!" The guardian of the Wumpa Islands announced to his dark brother, who boastfully replied by saying, "Ha, ha, ha! Who's going to stop us?"

Hearing this, Aku-Aku took his turn to be smug, which was evident in his grin as he answered the "question."

"Who do you think?"

Then, Aku-Aku disappeared in a flash as the Elementals tried to harm him again.

"Let's get 'im!" The mask with two horn-like appendages and an earth-tone color shouted, ready to give chase to the good mask, but the fiery mask got into his way.

"Hold it, Rok-Ko! If what Aku-Aku said is true, we'll get our chance to 'repay' him for what he did to us centuries ago."

As the grim grin formed on the flaming mask's lips, Rok-Ko and the other two Elemental mask looked at Uka-Uka, who only confirmed the fire mask's words.

"Of course, you're right, Py-Ro, which leads to my 'problem' that I want you four to take care of... soon."

Back on Wumpa Island, Crash, Coco, Nathan and Luna were in the new portal room, which sat within some of the ruins, and dressed in either drier versions of their clothes or in their normal attire, while waiting for Aku-Aku to return. Coco was working on her computer, while her elder brother was drying off his red hair. Nathan was working with Mario via commuicator on the islands' most recent problems, and Luna was sitting next to Polar and Pura, who was taking a quick catnap.

"What's taking Aku-Aku so long?" Crash complained to Nathan, who gave his answer by saying without looking at his friend, "Sometimes, these check-ups take some time. Besides, if he ever got himself to into any trouble, he can take care of himself."

"So, stop worrying, Crash." Luna added to the young man's statement as she rubbed the tiger cub's ear.

Then, the mask that was the guardian of the three islands appeared into the room, which obtained the group's attentions.

"Back already?" Luna said in a bored tone of voice to the mask.

"Yes," Aku-Aku responded to the wolf girl's 'greeting,' "and it is just as I've feared: Uka-Uka and Doctor Cortex have freed a group of destructive masks known as the Elementals."

The announcement caused Luna to become pale from the shock of the news. She went to her feet and spoke out.

"The Elementals!? Those guys are bad news!"

"You're familiar of these Elementals?" Nathan voiced out his thoughts to Luna, who answered in a frantic voice, "Oh, yeah; it was my people that helped seal them away centuries back when two brothers recklessly woke them up!"

"Are they so bad?" Coco inquiried both Aku-Aku and Luna, who was quick to answer.

"With their powers, they have the power to destory the world and kill everyone on it!"

Nathan, now worried about the urgency of the situation, spoke up, implying his concern, "There has to be a way to reseal them again."

"No," Luna shook her head, knowing that the ex-Cortex wanted to find a peaceful solution to the problem, "not this time."

"But we need to find a way to stop them!" Coco jumped up and down with worry.

"Oh! There's a way." The female werewolf looked at Coco, "There's no way to seal them up for a third time."

"Wow!" Crash could only listen to his friends, who were trying to solve the massive problem, "Cortex is back to using masks again."

"Pretty much." Luna looked up at the ceiling in an eye roll. Then, she informed the group's members, "There're four relics that can finally destory the Elementals and bring back some kind of peace of mind to everyone that knows about the masks, not to mention, keep the world from suffering four different disasters acting up at the same time."

"That's good to hear!" Crash smiled with a bright cockiness, "All I have to do is to get the relics, find out how to use them, destory the masks and kick Cortex's tail before he could take over the world after destorying it."

"Good plan," the male human said with a strong doubt in his voice, "but there's a couple kinks in the idea. One: you don't know where each of the relics are at, and it's a big world out there. Two: even if you did know where they were, you'd have no idea of what they looked like. And three: the traps would be near impossible for just you alone to get through without any help, if the relics were powerful enough to be hidden from the world. I mean Luna would-"

"Zip through it like a bolt of lightning." The wolf girl bragged loudly.

This caused Nathan to be extremely upset with Luna for interrupting his explaination, but then he realized the possible meaning in the bragging female's words.


"Yes?" the wolf girl smiled widely as she knew where her little jest was going.

"Forgive me for being forward, but you won't happen to know where the relics were hidden, would ya?"

Luna smiled as she answered using the following statement: "Well, I can forgive you for your forwardness, which I see as a welcomed thing. Besides, I've used the traps to test myself over the years, but don't tell anyone; Daddy's been worried about me ever since I've gotten lost in a forest that I wasn't too familiar with."

Crash and Coco Bandicoot could hardly keep themselves from laughing as they watched Nathan's face grimace upon Luna's statement. Aku-Aku, not seeing much of the humor, shouted at the group in a fatherly manner.

"Now is not the time for comedy, when the Wumpa Islands are in grave danger!"

"Danger!?" The Bandicoot siblings looked at the magical mask, who added, "Yes, the Elementals were imprisoned in hyperspace, but the only way to access to that part is through the islands."

"I see," Nathan processed the new information in his mind as he spoke, "they may believe that they're going to be imprisoned again."

"Or they don't want a reminder of their jailtime." Luna blantly added to the thought.

Coco voiced out her thoughts, stating, "Either way, they're powerful enough to destory the Wumpa Islands, and they're planning to do it too!"

Keeping her cool, Luna said, "No prob. Crash and I will get the relics, while you guys keep taps on things."

"And when we do," Crash decided to speak out, "we'll nail them, ending their reign of terror and leaving Cortex and Uka-Uka to deal with."

"That's a plan." Aku-Aku said, not sure about how whole their plans were.

A ring echoed from the screen, which was one of the ways of commuication on the three islands, and Nathan went to it and answered it by pressing a button.

"I'm here."

"Well," an all too familiar voice rang out as an all too familiar face appeared onto the screen, "that's more than I've expected."

"Nathan, turn that off now!" Luna shouted in a disgusted voice, "Someone's mooning us over the screen!"

This shout casued Crash, Coco, Nathan and even Aku-Aku to burst out laughing, while Cortex, whose face was on the screen and turning rogue with anger, shouted at the she-werewolf, "You'll pay for that!"

"I'm a little short right now, but I'll pay all of it a little later." Luna mocked the yellow-skinned man, who was nearly orange in his fury.

However, Neo Cortex managed to calm himself and redirect his sights onto the one being that he truly wanted to talk to.

"Crash Bandicoot, my old nemesis, how the heck are you?"

"Get off the pot, Cortex!" A crude shout flew off of an annoyed Luna's mouth, "You're here to boast about something, so drop the formalites, announce to us your latest device that is to destory us and maybe the world, and get your tail-sided face off of the screen!"

Then, something unexpected happened between the bickering sides.

"Well, Doctor Cortex, it sounds like that this Crash Bandicoot is a bit of an arrogant fool."

"Huh?" It was the only thing that flowed out of the mouth of the four allies, however Cortex just smiled cryptically.

"I've been working something more intriguing than defending the world and gathering silly power sources. Meet Crunch... my newest creation."

Then, a large mammal, which was covered with muscles and had a robotic arm, appeared from behind Cortex, who stepped aside. The creation's wolf-like head and maroon fur were noticable, but his forest-green eyes burned an odd flame of confidence as he spoke out an inquiry to the foursome plus Aku-Aku.

"Which of you is Crash Bandicoot?"

Realizing that this creature was after Crash's hide, all maintained a moment of silence. Crash refused to move a muscle, while Nathan, Aku-Aku and Coco stood their ground and kept their lips shut. Luna, however, was more forthcoming by walking to the wanted Bandicoot and pointed at him, which earned her the fury of the other four members of the present group.

"LUNA!" Coco, Nathan and Aku-Aku yelled at the wolf girl, while Crash turned to object of his outrage and expressing his displeasure of her actions by shouting, "Thanks, Luna! Now, I'm dead!"

"THAT is the creature, who keeps sabotaging your master plan, Doctor Cortex?!" Crunch expressed his disbelief; he could not conceive the possiblity of a creature, like Crash, could stop Cortex's machines and minions. Then, he scoffed at Crash, saying, "Ha! You've got to be kidding me! I could exterminate this fieldrat in no time!"

"Now, Crunch," Cortex spoke up to the larger marsupial, "your time with Crash will come soon enough..."

"Hurry it up..." Luna muttered under her breath, not liking what she has learned about this certain situation.

The mad doctor was calm and nonchalant as he spoke to Crash, "Isn't he brilliant? A testament to my true scientific genius; a real bandicoot warrior, unlike you, Crash. Oh well, we all make mistakes. Ta-ta for now!"

Then, the image of the yellow-skinned foe of the younger members of Wumpa Island vanished from the screen, leaving them with a new concern and a new enemy.

"This is disheartening!" Aku-Aku was the first to speak out; the contents of the statement was agreed by the Bandicoots, Nathan and Luna, who was also quick to try to cheer the group up.

"Don't worry, guys! We'll be able to stop them!"

The attempt did not go well; the four others glared at Luna, especially Crash, who was quick to confront her.

"Luna, why did you tell that over-sized guy who I was? He's going to kill me!"

Luna, an artful female and a powerful fighter, was showing a cunning curve on her lips as she responded to the confronting statement.

"As I recall from Nathan's stories of you and him fighting Neo Cortex and his plan to take over the planet, his tendency to understimate you and overstimate his own genius, if there's any in that hot air trap, is his greatest weakness."

"Huh?" Crash asked, confused by Luna's words.

"Let me explain," the werewolf mentally kicked herself for forgetting Crash's limited education, "Cortex thinks that you're really not a big enough threat to intervene with his plans, although he does try to get rid of you, but Cortex's lacking a few things in his head to see that you're a bigger obstacle on his way to global domination than he believes. Got it now?"

"Yeah!" Crash smiled as he realized that his chances of survival was stronger than he thought.

"Luna," Nathan went straight to the wolf girl, "now that's cleared up, we still have four Elementals that will try to destroy the Wumpa Islands, Uka-Uka, Neo Cortex and Crunch. How, pray tell, is Crash going to stop them?"

"As I've said earlier," Luna countered as she kept her grin, "you and Crash were fighting against Cortex; not just him."

"Oh, yeah." Nathan frowned upon realizing that Luna corrected him... again.

The mask came forward and spoke, "We still need a plan to stop the Elementals and Cortex's new superweapon."

"Yeah; don't think Crash's too fond with being destroyed in five different ways." Luna said, not realizing how thoughtless her words were.

"Luna!" The others scolded the werewolf, who replied, "What? We'll stick with the first plan and take care of Cortex and Uka-Uka, who's going to be aiding that Crunch Bandicoot, later."

"That's not exactly what I'm concerned about." Aku-Aku took command of the meeting from the wolf girl, "We need to know what to do and who should do that 'what.'"

"That's simple!" Coco finally spoke, becoming annoyed and tried of being left out of the conversation, "Luna would get the relics, and Crash will use them to destory the Elementals before they destory us!"

"While you and I maintain the function and power to the portal room." Nathan added on to the youngest Bandicoot's statement.

"That's settled!" Aku-Aku smiled sincerely, pleased to see the four allies coming to an agreement on the course of action, "Luna, you will retreive the relics, and I'll help you anyway I can."

"Thanks, Aku-Aku." Luna was happy to see a smiled on the old mask, "I've never tried to take the relics, so I don't know of the removal traps that may be there."

"That's just our luck." Nathan moaned sadly.

Aku-Aku paid no mind to Nathan's words as he turned to Crash, who was still a little worried about Crunch.

"Crash, I'll help you too. I know that you've had the problem of getting into trouble, so I'll do everything I can to help you out as well."

The older Bandicoot sighed in relief; from what he could understand, he thought he was going to face Crunch and the evil masks by himself.

"Just his luck." Coco rolled her green eyes, knowing that Crash was not as afraid as he was earlier.

Keeping her mouth shut, Luna looked at the computer screen and saw it show the words: "ISLAND ALERT!" However, Nathan saw it as well and went to it, hoping it was not his biologically uncle again.

"Nathan here."

The image that appeared on the screen was a more welcomed sight than Cortex and his lastest superweapon.

"Mario!" Coco smiled upon seeing the young potoroo's face.

Keeping himself remained of his job and his uncle's recent threat to his best friend, Nathan asked the younger brother of Pinstripe Potoroo, "Is everything okay?"

"Not quite." Mario answered, "Things are okay on Wumpa and N. Sanity Islands, but Gun Island's getting hit hard by earthquakes and aftershocks."

"We'll on the job, Mario." Nathan boldly announced, making sure that no one saw his fear.

"I hope so." The younger potoroo said with an uncertain tone of voice, "Things are all right now, but the buildings could only stand for much shaking."

The human male admitted, "It'll take some time, but we'll do it as quickly as we can."

"Hurry it up!" Mario said before his face faded from the screen.

Nathan turned to his friends and made his voice loud and strong as he gave his orders to them.

"Coco, rev up the portal, so Luna and Aku-Aku. Crash, you better get some rest if you're going to fight against Crunch and the Elementals. I'm going to call Doctor Brio, and he'll dispatch the task force."

"Right, Nathan," spoke the nonchalant werewolf, "but I'd look for Crash under the bed when I get back."

Coco giggled as she heard Luna's statement and looked at her older brother, who was shaking from the fear of the fact that he was going to die by Crunch Bandicoot.