Crash Bandicoot 4: The Wrath of Cortex

Retold by Mutitoon90

Chapter Four

Nathan paced back and forth, trying to contain his fury, but that was not easy for him, espeically since Luna had brought Crash along for the ride. The boy's face was purple-red with rage at the wily wolfgirl and his wild whims. She did this sort of thing where he aquired her assisance against his uncle's campaign to collect the power crystals, and she had done it again three years later!

"Darn it!" Roared the young genius, while Coco read her e-mails on her laptop, "That werewolf's going to be the death of me!"

"Calm down, Nathan." The younger sister of Crash Bandicoot replied to outraged lad without moving her eyes from the computer screen, "If Luna had any reason to bring Crash along with her and Aku-Aku, it'll be a good reason."

An animalistic growl slid through Nathan's teeth as he tried to maintain his fury from being unleashed onto the innocent bandicoot, even though he had a reason to be upset at her: Coco was right.

After a moment, Nathan regained a piece of his composure, which still was not enough to hide his anger, as he spoke once again.

"Luna's been a pain in the tail ever since I've met her!"

The statement perked Coco's curiosity along with her bandicoot ears; she always wanted to know how Nathan, the teen genius at the time, met with Luna and Sash, the werewolf duo. Turning from the laptop and closing it, she asked, "How did you meet Luna and Sash, anyway?"

"Don't ask." The young man moaned as his fury converted to misery, "Just don't ask."

All Nathan ever confessed about the first meeting with Luna and Sash was that it was the only time when he had ever seen Luna in a true rage, which was something he wished that he had never seen nor did he wish to witness ever again.

Then, the portal became active, and in its wake, Luna, Crash and Aku-Aku leaped from the blue aura.

"Hey, Nathan!" Luna's smile was wide and bright due to the conversation with her uncle as she twirled the staff of Saratahiko-Okami in her fingers.

"That's the relic?" Nathan pointed at the staff.

"It better be." Crash replied before Luna had a chance, "After Sash destorying that boulder and sending Tropy to somewhere that Luna said that I've been, it better be!"

Hearing this, Nathan knew what was going on: Uka-Uka knew that Luna knew that where the relics were hidden.

"This is not good."

"I know," the she-wolf said, sensing the ex-Cortex's distress, "but we've got a plan to stop this latest attempt of controlling the world by your uncle."

"I hope that's true." Nathan said. Then, his eyes narrowed to the female werewolf as he recalled one of her most recent actions of that day and said, "What were you thinking when you took Crash with you to Japan?"

"How else was I going to concentrate with Crash being targeted by those masks and that over-sized 'Arnold-coot?'"

Nathan sighed out as he realized that Coco was right once again about the same subject. Crash's safety was important, since over the years since Crash's first victory over Neo Cortex, Crash was being seen as a symbol of hope on the Wumpa Islands' residents, even his former enemies, like Pinstripe Potoroo.

"I hate it when you're right." The raven haired man sighed out at Luna's answer after a moment of thoughtful consideration.

"Only if it's about the bad things." Luna giggled, sensing the young man's frustration.

"We've got bigger problems." Coco announced as she noticed the screen's image change into the image of Mario Potoroo.

"What is it, Mario?" Nathan turned to the teenaged potoroo on the screen.

"The earthquakes are getting worse!" Mario announced as one of the quakes shook the young potoroo's headquarters.

The sight of the events on the screen aroused a concern in everyone that saw it, and Aku-Aku was the first to voice his worry.

"Things are getting worse."

"You can say that again." Luna folded her arms as she nodded her head in agreement.

Crash and Coco exchanged looks; Luna was usually the one who would shout out an happy-go-lucky approach to the situation. So, hearing that statement that flew out of Luna's lips was nothing short of surprising to them.

"Well," the werewolf returned to her normal behavior, "we've got our secret weapons."

"What do you mean?" Crash asked the wolf girl, whose reply was a bright smile.

"You have a good point." The dark haired boy grinned as Crash tried to figure what the two humans were talking about.

"What weapons?"

"You've forgotten already, Crash?" Luna eyed the male bandicoot.

"What are talking about, guys?" Crash asked again, still confused with Luna's and Nathan's words.

Annoyed with her brother's lack of understanding, Coco shouted at him with the following statement: "They're talking about you and the staff!"

"Me?" Crash asked her younger sister, "They want me to fight Crunch and the Elementals?"

"Not by yourself." Luna added, whirling the ancient staff in her hand.

"How are we going to do that?" The concerned Crash asked the werewolf in a fit of anger towards her.

"You might not like the part that you're gonna play as," The she-wolf expressed her own concern before allowing a smile to appear on her face, "but if this works, facing Cortex would be the worse part of the whole thing for you."

Crash sighed, defeated by Luna's abnormal logic and asked after a moment of hesitation, "What do I have to do?"

"I'll explain it." Luna coaxed the bandicoot to come closer to her. Once Crash was close enough, Luna started to talk to him about her plan.

On Gun Island, Crash and Aku-Aku hopped out of the wormhole before it vanished into thin air. The bandicoot, although he was still worried about Crunch and the Elementals, bravely went into the urbanized jungle that was the heart of the large island. The old mask was proud of Crash, but he was also hopeful that Luna would come through for the male bandicoot against the horrible masks.

In a moment's notice, a quake rumbled, causing Crash to lose his balance and fall onto his backside.

"Ow!" The bandicoot exclaimed in his pain, "What was that?"

"An earthquake..." Aku-Aku said, recalling the last time any earthquakes were detected on the Wumpa Islands, "This is Rok-Ko's doing."

"Rok-Ko?" The bandicoot asked the guardian of the three islands, "Who's that?"

"Rok-Ko is the Earth Elemental, and he has the personality of a bully." The old mask answered the question, "However, it does not mean that he is harmless by any means."

"Great..." Crash moaned out loud, more worried about his safety than before, "I just hope that Luna's plan's a good one."

"For your sake, I hope so too." Aku-Aku replied, just as concerned as the young bandicoot.

"Let's get going then!" Crash sighed out, "The sooner I get this over with, the sooner Luna can stop the masks, and I can avoid being crunched by Crunch."

"That's not gonna help ya out, Bandi-dork!" A gruff voice mocked the duo as the sound echoed throughout the metal jungle.

"Is that Rok-Ko?" The bandicoot asked the mask, who answered bluntly and informally, "Yep."

Then, the Earth Elemental appeared in front of the duo and started to taunt them, but mostly Crash.

"So, this is the twerp that Balloon-Head couldn't beat in a rigged fight? Don't look like much!"

Crash knew right away that the 'Balloon-Head' was Neo Cortex, but the bandicoot did not like being dismissed so quickly by anyone, even an enemy.


However, the bandicoot was ignored by the Elemental, who turned his insults to Aku-Aku.

"So, you're trying to fix things up again? Ha! Good luck with this loser!"

"Hey!" Crash confronted the evil mask; the bandicoot could handle being insulted and mocked, but he was not about to let anyone to bad mouth Aku-Aku, whether or not if anyone was good or evil. Then, he added, " You might be able to control the earth, but I won't allow you to make fun of Aku-Aku, even if it was him that messed up the last time!"

This was unexpected to the mentor mask; Crash was always so laidback and uninterested in things that were beyond wumpa fruit and napping. That defensive statement was proving that Crash was more than just a lucky guy when it came to saving the world.

"You want some this?" Shouted the bullying mask, get close to Crash's stern and expressionless face. Then, Rok-Ko mocked the bandicoot, "Ha! Wimp!"

"You don't scare me." Crash growled, showing his gritted teeth to the Elemental.

"Shocking." A voice rang out to the group.

Crash and Aku-Aku turned around and saw the one person that one of heroes of the Wumpa Islands was fearing to face: Crunch Bandicoot.

"Oh, boy..." The red-orange bandicoot exclaimed under his breath as the larger bandicoot advanced towards him.

"Look out, Fuzzhead," RoK-Ko barked out to the young Crash, "Me and Crunch is going to faltten you to a plup!"

Crash wanted to be with his friends at that point, but he knew his friends would be there soon to assist him in defeating Rok-Ko and Crunch, whom he believed to be extremely frightening to him.

"Ha," the larger bandicoot smirked darkly at Crash, "it looks like that Cortex had a reason to send me out here with the dumb mask; the rat's got one too."

The earth mask shouted in agreement, "That's right!" Then, he realized what the maroon bandicoot had said, causing Rok-Ko to shout at Crunch, "Hey, Musclebrain, I just what this stupid job to be over with too!"

"Job?" Aku-Aku asked out loud, and oddly enough, Crash was the one who provided the answer.

"They're here to kill us."

"You're smarter than you look." Crunch maintained the grim grin, "Too bad that I have to exterminate you."

"Oh, no..." Crash wimpered under his breath as he watched Rok-Ko fused himself and his earth-related powers to Crunch.

By having the Earth Elemental placed onto his face, Crunch's body changed in color and flesh. The bandicoot's fur was converted to an earthy shades of greens and yellows. The form of Crunch, which included the robotic right arm, became stone-like in texture.

Crash and Aku-Aku knew right away that they needed to be on their guard if they wanted to survive this fight.

Then, the transformed Crunch pounded his fist onto the ground, starting a powerful earthquake, which caused many tree to fall to the ground. Some of the falling flora nearly landed on the red-orange bandicoot and the colorful mask.

"Whoa!" Crash exclaimed after dodging one of the last of falling trees, "That's too close!"

"We may have evaded the hazard that surround the earth," Aku-Aku spoke in a worried tone of voice, "but they'll try something else."

"Of course." Moaned the semi-herioc Crash, "I've should have known."

Following the earthquake, the seemingly geokinetic being stomped the earth under his feet and summoned earth-made spikes, which came out in a fast speed and towards Crash!

The young bandicoot, sensing that his time had come, slammed his eyes shut as he waited for the impact that was going to take his life. However, the only impact that Crash felt was being hit in the stomach, which send him into the air from a few seconds before landing onto the ground. Opening his eyes, he saw Crunch's face, which was twisted with the same shock that Crash felt.

"Are you all right, Crash?" The guardian's voice rang into the bandicoot's ears.

Then, Crash realized what had happened: Aku-Aku had placed himself onto Crash's face, which prevented Crunch's earth-related attack from being fatal.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Crash sighed in relief, "Thanks."

"I would not start feeling grateful yet." Aku-Aku announced, frowning in a stern manner, "I do have a limit, when it comes to maintaining my protective shield."

"Oh, no..." The young bandicoot moaned once more before wishing out loud, "Where's Luna when I need her."

At that moment, another portal opened, and the staff that was taken from the shrine, which was guard and maybe owned by Sash's father, fell out of the portal and landed next to the Aku-Aku masked Crash.

"Maybe that's Luna's way of helping you." The colorful mask chuckled, recalling Luna's sense of humor.

Crash didn't care at that moment; he was about to be pummeled by a bandicoot that was larger and endowed with the powers of the earth.

"That mask and that stick weren't going to help you much." The Rok-Ko masked Crunch charged at the duo-made-one.

Crash, in a moment of panic, noticed something shining and sharp on the other end of the staff. Making a guess, Crash readied himself to aim the butt of the staff at Crunch. Once Crunch was close enough, the smaller bandicoot stabbed the bottom of the staff into Crunch's face.

Upon the impact, a bright yellow arua surrounded that staff and Crunch, and Rok-Ko freed an agonizing scream from his mouth before the earth Elemental exploded, which sent Crash and Aku-Aku to one direction and Crunch to another. A few seconds passed before the topaz arua, which covered the staff and larger of the bandicoot, dispersed from everyone's sight.

Sensing no more danger, Aku-Aku pulled himself from Crash's face and saw Crunch, who was returning to his feet by using the tree that he was sent to by the blast.

"Doesn't matter!" The brute bandicoot vented out his pain through his words and voice volume, "I can still beat that field rat in no time!"

However, he could not carry out his threat, or carry out his mission, due the untimely disappearence of the darker and larger bandicoot.

This was a sight for relief for Aku-Aku, who said, "Thank goodness for that."

"Whoa..." The moan from Crash grabbed the ancient mask's attention, "That's a ride I don't wanna ride again..."

"I honestly wish that it wouldn't happen again," Aku-Aku replied to the remaining bandicoot, "but as long as Cortex and Uka-Uka have the three remaining Elementals, we must expect similar situations, like the one we've managed escape this time."

Once Crash and Aku-Aku had returned to the "base" with the staff, they were greeted by their friends.

"Great job, guys!" Nathan's smiled brightly as he welcomed his oldest friends.

"I knew you guys could do it!" Coco jumped and leaped in her joy.

"Good use of the staff of Saratahiko-Okami." Luna gave the returning duo a thumbs-up, "The guy wouldn't done it better than himself."

"Thanks." The bandicoot blushed at the werewolf's comment.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that." Aku-Aku modestly replied.

The werewolf laughed with her mouth wide open before she stated, "Don't be so modest, Aku-Aku! Saratahiko-Okami is not coming here anytime soon!"

Crash wanted to grin, but he was not sure if he could.

"Well, guys," Coco spoke up, grabbing the attention of the room, "good news is that the earthquakes have stopped on Gun Island!"

"Yeah," Nathan added pessimisticly, "but floods are engulfing N. Sanity Island."

"What do you mean by that?" The red-headed bandicoot asked, scratching his head.

"What they mean is..." Luna started speaking, not exactly sure how to state the statement, "it's disappearing..."


"Wa-Wa is flooding the island, hoping to keep the remaining Elementals from being imprisoned again." Aku-Aku announced grimly.

"What!?" Coco shouted, "That's not right!"

"I agree you on that, Coco..." Nathan started to explain to the youngest bandicoot, and Luna finished by saying, "However, some people don't care if their actions hurt others."

This was disheartening to the little bandicoot, and Pura had sensed this before coming to Coco's side in an attempt to comfort her.

Looking at tiger cub, Coco said, "Thanks, Pura."

"Now, this is explained," the wolf girl broke the moment with her mouth, "I better get going to the next stop. I better dress warmly."

"Why do you need to dress warm?" Crash asked Luna, who replied, "I hate the cold."