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"He's coming to stay with us!" Mrs Knight exclaimed happily, a smiling Katie at her side.

"What!?" Kendall was anything but happy. Were they kidding him? Was this a joke?

"I know! Isn't it just wonderful! Cooper is actually coming to live with us again! You can have your brother back living with you."

"Why? Wasn't he married or something? Doesn't he have his own house?" Kendall felt near tears.

"Oh, darling, him and Jessica broke up a little while ago and with the recent storm, he lost everything, including his house. I invited him to stay with us and the boys until he is back on his feet." Jennifer explained to her youngest son.

"I can't believe this!" Kendall mumbled, "How long will he be staying? A week?"

"Oh no, much longer than that. He needs the time to recover, for insurance to re-build his house. He'll be living with us for a while. Which brings me on to our next topic: sleeping arrangements."

"He can sleep on the couch." Kendall growled.

"Kendall! He is your brother, and you will treat him like you treat James, Logan and Carlos. Since there is no room in my room with Katie bunking in there, he'll have to go in one of your boys' rooms. So which one?" Mrs Knight scolded lightly.

Kendall didn't want to choose. His older brother was a horrible person, there was a reason he hated him and because of that, Kendall didn't want him anywhere near his friends alone. So that ruled out Logan and James' room. However, he didn't want him near Carlos either, who shared rooms with Kendall. "Can James, Logan, Carlos and I share one room while Copper has the other?"

"No. Those rooms are much too small for 4 teenage boys."

"Fine! He can stay in Carlos and my room, but, we get the bunk and he is on the single!" Kendall stormed of angry, distressed and scared.

He hadn't seen Cooper in years, not since he was about 12. At that time, Cooper was 20 and was moving out with Jessica. Cooper had basically bullied Kendall when they were younger, and even became violent when Kendall hit double digits. None of his friends knew about what happened; actually, only Logan even knew Kendall had an older brother. As Cooper only came home at night (after work), Logan was the only one who would come to sleepovers, which is how they met one night. James was always at home getting his 8 hours of beauty sleep and Carlos was too young to come over.

"Hey Kendall!" James hollered from the orange couch where he was sitting with the two other member of Big Time Rush.

"Hey guys."

"What was that all about? We heard some yelling." Logan asked curious.

"Are you ok? Was someone hurt? You're not upset are you? I sorry if I made you upset!" Carlos started hyperventilating.

"Dude, relax, chill. You did nothing. I'm fine." Kendall laughed at his friends' hysterics and sat next to him, drooping an arm around his small shoulders. "It just... well my brother is coming to live with us."

"You have a brother?" James asked while Carlos looked up at him with a questioning glance.

"Yeah... Logan was the only one who met him. He worked late and Logan was the only one who could come for sleepovers."

"Not true! I could!" Carlos complained.

"Yeah, but not until you were 12. He left over a year before that." Kendall explained.

"So why do you seem so down? You get your big brother back!" James smiled.

"I don't like him." He said bluntly.

"How can you not like your brother? I like my older brothers." Carlos asked innocently.

"He wasn't very nice to me. He loved Katie, just not me." Kendall said lightly.

"I don't understand. Brothers like each other..." Carlos whined.

"No need to baby bro, don't worry about it." Kendall hugged the youngest boy to his chest.

"Well, tell us more about him." James asked carefully.

"His name is Cooper and he should be 24, I think. I can't remember his birthday... I think it was on February 14th? Um... he's tall I guess. Like me, but a bit taller. Maybe like an inch or so bigger than you, James. Brown hair, green eyes. That's about all I remember, I haven't seen him in 4 years. A lot could have changed." Kendall signed, "Let's watch some TV before he arrives! Oh and he'll be bunking in Carlos and my room."

"Kendall I have to go out to the shops. I need some more groceries to compensate for Cooper. Katie is coming with me. You boys behave and if Cooper comes, say I'll be back soon! Bye honey!" Mrs Knight called from the front door.

I was only 40 minutes later when the boys' heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!"Carlos chirped about to jump up from the couch.

"No! Uh- I'll get it. You just stay here, it's probably Cooper." Kendall took a deep breath in and made his way to the door. He didn't notice his three friends following.

He opened the door to be met with the unforgiving face of his older brother. "Hello, little brother. Long time no see." Cooper smiled evilly.

"Cooper." Kendall growled eyeing his older brother. He had grown a bit more and bulked out slightly. His hair was now black, short and spiky, his green eyes cold and unforgiving.

"And who are they?" Cooper laughed, nodding his head in the direction of Kendall's three band mates. They were standing slightly behind Kendall, eying Cooper with a mean, questioning glare.

"You don't need to know." Kendall said sternly. He didn't want his friends and his brother having anything to do with each other.

Cooper leaned in close to Kendall's ear and whispered, "I could always ask them later, while I'm along with them." He stood back up with a smug smile on his face, "So will you introduce me to your friends?"

"The tall one is James, you've already met Logan, and the other one is Carlos. They are my band mates." Kendall said reluctantly, scared of his brothers threat.

"Oh! Of course! Big Time Rush! You're the leader," he smiled at Kendall, "You're the faggot," he smirked at James, "You're the nerd," he eyed Logan, "and you're the refugee." He glared at Carlos.

James gasped at the rude name, Logan slumped his shoulders at the common insult and Carlos was taken aback by the racist comment.

"Fuck off! You don't get to say that about my friends! So, back off!" Kendall yelled, face red with anger.

"Grow some balls while I've been away Kenny? What are you going to do about it?" Cooper lost his smile, stepping towards his shorter brother.

"I'll make you regret it." Kendall threatened.

"We'll make you regret it!" James stepped forward.

"It's four against one, we will win." Logan stepped up beside James.

Carlos stood close to Logan and opened him mouth say his comment when he was rudely interrupted by Cooper.

"Say one thing, and I'll beat you within an inch of your life, shrimp!" Cooper threatened darkly.

"Hey!" Kendall yelled, stepping in front of his littlest brother who was now being held tightly to Logan's chest, facing away from the evil monster. "You leave Carlos alone. You leave us all alone." Kendall turned and pulled Logan and James away and to the couch, Logan still holding Carlos tightly.

"Kendall." Cooper laughed, "Mum said I was sleeping in one of the rooms. Who's?"

"Mine." Kendall said.

"She said I was sleeping with two others. You and...?" Cooper grinned.

"Carlos." Kendall whimpered lightly, eyes diverting to the floor.

"Excellent." Cooper pulled in his duffle bag, "my two favourites."

Kendall whipped his head up at his brother's words. Cooper just winked at him before heading of towards the bedrooms.

"Kendall, what did that mean?" James asked softly, fear in his voice.

"I don't know." Kendall's voiced hitched.

"Shhh... its ok Carlos. Now, now, don't worry. You're safe with us bro." Logan whispered encouraging words into Carlos' ear as he sobbed into Logan's chest. "He won't do that Carlos. It was an empty threat." He looked up to Kendall for confirmation, but when Kendall didn't say anything, just looked sadly into Logan's eyes, Logan new it was as good as threat as any.

"Give him to me." Kendall signed, sitting next to Logan, taking the little boy out of his arms and cradling him against his chest. He felt his shirt become wet as the 14-year-old cried quietly. Kendall stoked the short black tuffs of hair gently, the other hand rubbing comforting circles on the small back.

Carlos had always been the most sensitive of the group, being too innocent to understand why people do or say mean things. Being short and Hispanic didn't help, as he was bullied relentlessly during his time in Minnesota. He always would end up running to his friends in tears because some bullies had stolen his money or lunch, said something nasty, beat him up, locked him in a locker or gave him a swirly. He was too nice to fight back and too little and weak to run. Logan, James and Kendall were always protective of him. They fought off every bully he faced and anything mean or that could harm him. Carlos was their baby brother, and being over a year younger than Logan gave the older boys even more of a reason to protect him.

Later, after Carlos stopped crying and the other boys' nerves' had settled slightly, the all sat closely on the couch together watching movies until Mrs Knight got home.

What they didn't realise, was that Cooper had been watching everything for the past hour, taking notes.

Kendall Knight :

Leader. Second oldest (16). Protective (especially of Carlos).

Carlos Garcia:

Youngest (14). Littlest. Protected. Kendall's Favourite. Innocent. Weakest.

Logan Mitchell:

Second Youngest (16). Smart. Short-ish (but still strong).

James Diamond:

Oldest(17). Strong. Tall.

"I will make him pay. I'll make them all pay."

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