Cooper held his gaze with Kendall for a minute. No one spoke a word, only the sound of heavy breathing filled the air. "Logan." Cooper addressed the nerd of the group, however held his stare at Kendall. "You're the smart one aren't you?"

"No." Kendall whispered, shaking his head back and forth, eyes desperately begging Cooper to leave them alone.

"I know what we are going to do today!" Cooper smiled, standing up and breaking his glare with Kendall. "We're going to play a game!" He made eye contact with Logan, "And you, Logan, are going to be the player. Kendall, James and Carlos, you'll be the prize. Before we get started, let's set up, shall we?"

Cooper smiled and turned around, walking towards one of the far walls. The four boys shared scared looks. Cooper pressed on a certain brick and with a loud screech, a secret door opened. "This, my boys, will be the playing board. James, I'll set you up first."

Cooper walked over to the oldest boy before stopping briefly. "Carlos, you dare move, escape or help your friends; I'll slaughter James in the most painful and slow way I can think of. Understand?" Carlos nodded his head fast, fear blasting through him. Cooper smiled and untied James' hands, grabbing his wrists tightly and pinning them in the small of his back. He forcibly led James through the secret door and into the darkness.

Navigating his way through a few short hallways, he pushed James into a medium sized room. "Don't fight me." He ordered strictly, "I know my way out of here. You do not. So I will beat you out, and I will kill Kendall and Logan." He leant in to whisper into James' ear, "And I will keep Carlos for myself."

James gasped, eyes wide. He turned his head over his shoulder, looking at Cooper with scared eyes, "You wouldn't?" His voice hitched in fear.

"Oh, I would."

"I-I won't fight." James promised, his hope of breaking free diminishing in the threat to his friends.

"Good." Cooper released James' hands and rotated his body so he stood 30cm away from a wall, facing away from it. Cooper, using his height to his advantage, brought James' hands above his head and handcuffed them to a rod running across the ceiling. James, being tall himself, was still able to have both feet planted on the ground, the pressure in his arms and wrists not too bad.

"I'll be back soon." Cooper laughed and left James, retreating back to the room where his other three hostages were held. James tested the rod and handcuffs for any leeway, but found none. He signed in fear, desperation and failure. He was screwed. They all were.


Cooper looked at his three scared captives, smiling.

"What did you do to James?" Logan yelled, fear stricken.

"Nothing, nothing. I wouldn't worry too much. Kendall will be joining him now." He proceeded to untie Kendall's wrists and restrain him the same way he had done so with James. "Carlos, same threat applies. Do not move."

Cooper then lead a struggling Kendall to where James was being held.

"James!" Kendall yelled out, noticing his friend, handcuffed to the roof.

"Kendall!" James sounded slightly relieved not to be alone and also scared now that Kendall could possibly be hurt too.

Kendall struggled harder, trying to escape. Frustration growing with his younger brother, Cooper let him go and smacked him over the head harshly. Kendall fell to the ground seeing stars.

While Kendall was down, Cooper quickly grabbed him and handcuffed him up beside James.

"No! Don't!" Kendall whined, kicking his legs out at his brother, but wincing in pain when it put unbelievable pressure on his arms. Kendall groaned in exertion as he tried to balance on his legs. However tall he was, he was still a bit shorter than James, and with his arms strung up so high, he was forced to balance on his toes.

"Get comfortable little brother, you'll be here till the game ends." Cooper smirked and watched as Kendall finally found balance. "Once again, I'll be back in a minute."

"What do you think he has planned?" James asked once Cooper left.

"I have no idea. I... I just hope it's not bad." Kendall near-whimpered.

"It'll be ok. We'll get through this." James tried to comfort his younger brother.

"I know. But who will we be when we get out?"


"Good to see you obeyed, Carlos. No more blood-shed than necessary today, then. Get up, you're next." Cooper announced as he walked in front of the two youngest band mates.

Carlos slowly stood up, shaking. "Don't worry Logan," Cooper started, as he roughly grabbed Carlos the same way he had with James and Kendall, "I haven't forgot about you. I'll be back for you in a minute."

He led Carlos quickly into the room holding the eldest two band mates.

"K-Kendall. J-James." Carlos weakly whispered, shrinking in on himself as he noticed their predicament.

Cooper let him go and shoved him in the direction of his friends, "Stand beside Kendall."

Carlos did as he was told, however cowered back when Cooper came forward. Cooper harshly grabbed his wrists and yanked them above his head.

"WAIT!" Kendall yelled out, halting Cooper in his actions.

"What is it now?" Cooper snapped.

"Y-you can't hook him up here." Kendall's voice quivered slightly.

"Why the hell not?" Cooper raised and eye brow angrily.

"I can barely touch the ground! He won't be able too!" Kendall explained.

"That's the gift of height. Sucks to be short." Cooper fake smiled.

"He's only 14! Seriously! You can't expect any 14-year-old to be James' height!" Kendall exclaimed.

"And I don't. But I'm a mean person and the more pain the better. I'd prefer you all to be Carlos' height, so I can hurt you all more."

Kendall couldn't respond to that. When had his brother turned so evil?

Cooper, with a grunt, hoisted Carlos into the air by his wrists, making quite work of handcuffing him. When he finished, he stepped back to admire his work.

Carlos whined pathetically as he swayed in the air, feet well above the ground. His wrists and shoulders held all his weight.

"Beautiful." Cooper whispered to himself, "Now that the game is mostly set up. I need the player."

Cooper left to grab Logan.

"Carlos? You alright?" James asked, leaning forward to watch Carlos, his young face screwed up in discomfort.

"Y-yeah." Carlos ground out, "Just a little uncomfortable."

Kendall didn't say anything, just stretched his hand in Carlos' direction, latching onto one small finger. Carlos signed; even that small gesture brought so much comfort.


"Lucky last!" Cooper hollered happily, untying Logan from his chair. "My most important boy too! The player."

He led the frightened nerd into the hidden room. The young teen gasped when he saw the state of his other three friends. "Worry not Logan, I won't be trying you up... Well, I won't be trying you up there."

"Logan!" James yelled, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah James, I'm fine." Logan assured the boys, while Cooper led him to a chair in the middle of the room.

"Sit." Cooper commanded. Logan saw the rope in his hands, this would be his only chance to escape.

In the few seconds it took for Logan to make up his mind to escape, Cooper was ready.

"Don't. Even. Think. About. It." Cooper growled out.

Logan whipped around to where Cooper now stood, knife to James' neck. "I won't. I-I'll sit. Please, just don't hurt him." Logan put his hands up in a gesture of surrendering. He slowly sat in the chair.

Cooper quickly and roughly tied his wrists to the chairs arms, followed by his feet to each chair leg.

"Now that you're all settled and in position, the rules." Cooper smiled, pacing around the room. "I will ask you, Logan, a question. You will answer it. It's as simple as that. We play until I am bored, or until playing can no longer take place."

The four boys looked to each other in confusion. Cooper's cryptic speech, confusing them.

"Let's begin!" Cooper stood in front of Logan, "Let's start easy. What is the square root of 9?"

"Three." Logan said cautiously, worried about what the outcome would be.

"Correct." Logan yelped in surprise as Cooper slapped him across the cheek harshly.

"Next question. What is 5 to the power of 3?"

"125." Logan said, closing his eyes as Cooper backhanded him, lip splitting open.

"Correct." Cooper smiled sweetly, "What is the planet closest to the sun?"

"M-Mercury." Logan stuttered.

"Correct." Cooper swung his fist back and buried it in Logan's stomach.

"Stop it! Stop hurting him!" Kendall yelled desperately, "Please!"

"Next question!" Cooper yelled above the other three's screams. "How many stars are there on the American flag?"

Logan stared Cooper hard in the eyes, thinking carefully. "7." He smiled.

"Wrong." Cooper signed. "You have finally figured it out, aye? You know you get hit when you get it correct. But what happens when you get it wrong? Let's see!" Cooper pulled a small device from his pocket. He walked behind Logan and leant over to whisper in his ear, "Now, you can watch your friends suffer."

"What?!" Logan gasped as Cooper pressed down on the button on the device.

An electric current was sent through the metal rod and travelled down the three pairs of handcuffs and into the three bodies attached. The three handcuffed boys screamed and convulsed as their bodies were tortured with electricity.

"Stop! STOP! Please!" Logan cried out desperately.

A second later Cooper released the button. The three boys sagged in there restraints, breathing heavily.

"Ready for the next question? Time to knock things up a notch." Cooper smiled, "What is 140 times 12?"

"I... Ummm..." Logan mumbled as he tried to calculate the sum in his head.

"Time is nearly up... four... three... two..."

"1680!" Logan gasped. He needed to get the questions right. He couldn't stand he friend being hurt any more.

"Correct." Cooper kneed Logan in the gut, the breath being pushed out of the boy.

"When was Captain James Cook born?" Cooper laughed, doubting the boy would get this.

"I know this, I know this... Ummm... 1728?" Logan asked, unsure.

"The exact date please." Cooper smirked.

"What! I... ahhh..." Logan had no idea.

"Time is up." Cooper pressed down on the button again, eliciting screams from the boys and they writhed in pain. "The answer was the 7th of November, 1728."

"Alright, alright! Stop hurting them!" Logan begged.

"Next question." Cooper said, not taking his finger off the button.

"But-but." Logan stumbled.

"Since bread is square, why is sandwich meat round?"

Logan just gaped at the question. How was he supposed to answer that?

"I'll stop when you get an answer correct." Cooper watched in pleasure as the boy was unable to answer the question. "Pass?"

"Pass!" Logan was desperate to get a question he was able to answer, to stop his friends from screaming in pain.

"Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

"W-what? This is unfair!" Logan screamed in panic. His friends' screams were weakening as they started to succumb to the pain.

"Answer correct and I'll stop."

"The chicken!"

"Then what did it hatch from?" Cooper laughed.

"Fine then! THE EGG!" Logan yelled angrily.

"But what laid it?"

"ARGH! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Logan cried, tears falling down his cheeks.


"Pass." Logan whimpered.

"Are Zebra's black with white strips or white with black strips?"

"I don't know..."

"If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?"

"I don't know."

"What is a question with no answer called?"

"I don't know!"

"Can you hear yourself think?"

"I don't know ok! I DON'T KNOW!" Logan burst out in frustrated tears.

"Not so smart now are you?" Cooper growled angrily, "See kid? You don't know everything! You try to make everyone believe that you do! So up yourself. Oh how little Logan Mitchell knows everything! We'll he doesn't! He doesn't even know enough to save his own friends!"

"Please, please. Stop."

"One last question. Answer correct and it stops. Do. You. Know. Everything. Smart ass?" Cooper punctuated the question with quick slaps to his reddened cheeks.

"No! No, no, no, no! I don't know everything! I don't!" He sagged in his cheek, crying.

"Correct." Cooper finally released the button. The three boys fell limp and silence flooded the room, only soft sobs being heard. "Wow. That game is one of my favourites."

"A-are they ok?" Logan whimpered eyes wide and fearful.

"I'll check." Cooper turned and looked at the boys. James was hanging limply in his restraints however his strength amazed Cooper. The boy was still conscious, only crying softly in pain. "Amazing." Cooper said out loud, "You sir, are quite a fighter." He walked up close to James, lifting his chin to make eye contact, "Don't worry, I'll break that out of you." James whimpered and let his chin sag onto his chest when released.

Cooper moved onto Kendall. His little brother was unconscious, hanging from his wrists with his toes scraping against the concrete floor. Cooper lightly tapped his pale cheek, waiting for a response. Kendall moaned in pain softly but did not awaken. "Alive." Cooper spoke to Logan, "Good thing too, I don't want him to die this early on."

Finally he moved onto his young favourite, Carlos. He sure hoped this little one wasn't dead. He lightly tapped his cheek but did not receive a response. Carlos was hanging limp and unconscious in his handcuffs, feet well above the ground. The wrists looked painful and swollen from all the pressure placed upon them. Cooper frowned, "Shit..." He quickly placed his fingers against Carlos' neck, hoping to find a pulse. He signed in relief when he finally felt one, however weak it was.

"I-Is he alive?" Logan asked softly, heart beating fast, "Is he alive!?"

"Barely, but yes." Cooper got out some keys from his pockets and released all three boys, letting them collapse on the ground. He went over to Logan and began to untie him, "I'll leave you four in here. I'll be back with food later, maybe. Don't try to escape, if you know what's best for you."

Logan stared at Cooper with hateful eyes and the second he was released he ran to his friends. Cooper made his way to the door to leave but turned back one last time, "Make sure the little one doesn't die. The blood will be on your hands." He then turned and left, leaving the boys along and hurt and scared.

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